[RECAP] AOW “Genesis” on August 9th 2015

Alpha Omega Wrestling
Hilton Garden Inn Convention Center
August 9th 2015
Victorville, Ca

Good evening Socaluncensored faithfuls…Mike Draven here to recap the action packed AOW “Genesis” event which took place on Sunday Night, August 9th from Victorville, Ca. Always a pleasure to return to Alpha Omega Wrestling as yours truly is the official ring announcer for the amazing event.

Preshow-Triple Threat Ladies Match:Richard Strickland AOW 8-9-15 4
“The Equal Opportunity Ass Kicker” RAZE def Mystique & Ashley Grace (w/”The High Flying Sensation” Steven Andrews) as Raze executed her “Soul Eater” Spear on Mystique for the victory in this hard hitting match.

Prior to the official start of the event, the entire AOW roster would circle around the ring as “Stepdaddy” Roscoe P. Tucker would deliver a speech & conduct a 10 bell salute to a Wrestling Legend..the late “Rowdy” Roddy Piper.

At the start of the event, Former WWE Superstar Carlito Colon would come to the ring for a special Carlito’s Cabana interview as he would introduce AOW Owner Christian Rosenberg to the fans. Rosenberg who is never for a lost of words would talk about this evening’s event but mostly talk about the success of his faction, “The Regime” as they have a NEW AOW Desert Champion in Ryan J. Morals who defeated Former Champion Dexter Milhouse a few weeks ago in 29 Palms, Ca. The former champion would come out to interupt Rosenberg & Carlito to demanded to face Morals for another chance to win the Desert Championship. Rosenberg mentioned that none of the regime are in the building as they’re are celebrating in Vegas but Rosenberg being a “Fair” boss told Dexter that he’ll face Carlito in a one on one match. If Dexter can defeat Carlito, he’ll be granted another AOW Desert Championship match but if Carlito defeats Dexter, he must retire which Dexter Milhouse agreed.

Tag Team Match:
Rated 2G (NWA Pacfic Northwest Champion Badd Blood & Former CZW Heavyweight Champion “The King of Philly” Blk Jeez) def The Munsters (“The Definition of Pain” Terex & Killa Gorilla) as Badd Blood pinned Terex after he missed his Standing Moonsault Finisher on Blk Jeez.

After the match, Rated 2G would talk about how they rightfully defeated the #1 Contenders for the AOW Tag Team Championship & said they deserve their championship match this evening & since the champions Los Bandidos (“Bad Dude” Tito Escondido & “Raunchy” Rico Dynamite) are not here, Rated 2G vowed to make victims of the AOW roster this evening.

Fatal 4 Way match:Rchard Stickland AOW 8-9-15
LTP def “The Veteran” Rudy Luna, Former WWE Superstar Ricardo Rodriguez & The American Oni (w/Pris) as LTP hit a Reverse Piledriver pin on Oni for the victory. Rodriguez would congratulate LTP after the match.

AOW Womens Championship:
“The Wounded Owl Ronin” Lufisto def Nicole Savoy with a Reverse Death Valley Driver to retain the AOW Womens Championship. As Lufisto was celebrating in the ring, Raze would try to attack her from behind but Lufisto was able to exit the ring before Raze can unleash some harm on the champion. As Lufisto made her way back into the ring, Raze would exit, dropping the championship & screamed at her that she is next when Raze is ready.

Tag Team Match:
Team Hi Def (“”The High Flying Sensation” Steven Andrews & “Golden Heart” Drake Fortune w/Ashley Grace) def Former TNA Superstar The Amazing Red & Brian XL with a Double Team Neckbreaker/Swanton Splash on Red for the win. After the match, Team HD would also comment about not getting their opportunity at the AOW Tag Team Championship as Rated 2G would attack Team HD as well as Powerbombing Ashley Grace from the top rope as Rated 2G made good on their promise of leaving “Victims” of the AOW Roster.

Tag Team Match:
PPRAY (“Pretty” Peter Avalon & Ray Rosas) def Sickhouse (“Miracle” Mike James & Kruger) with “Drop Dead Gorgeous” on James for the victory. PPRAY would also get on the mic saying that they too deserve another shot at the AOW Tag Team Championships until Rated 2G would attack PPRAY but Team Hi Def would come in as all three teams would brawl in the ring until Christian Rosenberg would have the officials come out to break them apart. Rosenberg who is tired of everyone’s claim to be the #1 Chad AOW 8-9-15 3contenders made an official announcement that at AOW’s biggest event of the year “Unleashed V” it will be a Los Bandidos defending the Tag Team Championships verses Rated 2G, Team Hi Def & PPRAY in a Fatal 4 Way TLC Match.

Former TNA Superstar Mike Knux def “Big Nasty” Eric Watts (w/Pris) with his “Spinning Face Driver” (Sister Abigail) Finisher

AOW Desert Championship shot vs Career:
Former WWE Superstar Carlito Colon (w/Christian Rosenberg) def Dexter Milhouse with some assistance from Christian Rosenberg as he pushed Milhouse off the top rope allowing Carlito to hit 2 “Backstabbers” Backbreakers on Dexter Milhouse for the win. After the match, Rosenberg ordered Carlito to bite into his apple & spit it at Dexter but Carlito would not agree to it as the match is over & he didn’t want to humiliate Milhouse anymore. Rosenberg would take offense to Carlito not doing what he was paid to do & as it was looking like Milhouse was going to get spit on, Christian Rosenberg was on the receiving end of a spit shot by Carlito as fans taunted Rosenberg & rejoice as Dexter was given a well deserve ovation as he said goodbye to his wrestling career.

Main Event-AOW Heavyweight Championship:
Ron Kilbourn def “The One” Blake Grayson by DQ while the referee was unconscious, Kilbourn would grab a dry erase board from the back to use on Grayson only to have the champion stop him & use it on Kilbourn as referee Theo Love would see him use it. Grayson, furious by the decision would deliver his “Memory Loss” Double Arm DDT on Kilbourn as he would leave him in the ring & with the championship in hand as we end the night.

This event from Alpha Omega Wrestling had a very good size & hot crowd in Victorville, Ca that evening as the entire roster brought out the very best in each other giving the fans some great matches to talk about the next day. As for my matches of the night, it was an extremely hard decision as I felt every brought something to the table & gave everyone a great show. So my picks in no particular order:

Lufisto vs Nicole Savoy:
These two ladies really had a great battle with each other with plenty of hard shots & technical wrestling Richard Strickland AOW 8-9-15 3as both ladies would try to use submission holds on each other to gain the victory. Lufisto would capitalize on a mistake by Savoy to allow her to be on a receiving end of a Reverse DVD for the win. Plus adding Raze to the mix as she would try sneak attack Lufisto as these two ladies have history with each other. Will we see Lufisto vs Raze for the AOW Women Championship?? Only time will tell.

Team Hi Def vs Amazing Red/Brian XL:
Very good fast pace, high impact match up between these 4 wrestlers. We saw some great high spots from Red & Andrews that got the fans going in the match. In the end, both teams would display some sportsmanship as the fans chanted “This is Awesome” in the match. Congrats on an excellent tag match!

Eric Watts vs Mike Knux:
These 2 Big Men went toe to toe with each other as this feud has been going on for months. With both men causing the other to lose in matches against different opponents, we knew once this match was signed it was going to be a battle. Both men would execute hard hitting shots as well as brawling on the outside. But the veteran Knux would say goodnight to Watts delivering his Spinning Facedriver finisher or to you newer fans you would know it as “Sister Abigail” by Bray Wyatt minus the kiss. This was pretty much Richard Strickland AOW 8-9-15 2War between the two giants but will this be the last of these two or was this only the beginning?

Raze vs Mystique vs Ashley Grace:
The preshow match that kicked off that evenings wrestling gave the fans a great match to get them going for the night. The smaller Ashley Grace was able to handle herself well with the stronger competitors in Mystique & Raze. Both ladies would show their might against one another as well as Ashley grace but she would use her quickness & her high flying maneuvers to stop Raze & Mystique. But in the end, the power of Raze was too much for the other ladies as Mystique would end up getting a “Soul Eater” Spear by Raze in another solid match by these ladies. Raze will have gold around her waist soon enough as she’s becoming a dominate force in the So Cal Indy scene.

Honorable Mention-Ron Kilbourn vs Blake Grayson:
Even though it didn’t make the MOTN, I felt these two wrestlers gave a good showing the the fans of AOW. Ron Kilbourn over the last year has become someone to keep your eye on as he displayed some ruthless aggression on anyone he’s in the ring with. But with his win at the Pride of the Ring a few months ago, Kilbourn has become unstoppable as he is becoming the biggest test for the champion. Grayson has had some terrific matches defending his championship in the past but with the unpredictable style of Kilbourn & after this match on Sunday, do we see a different side to the champion? The question now is, what will Blake Grayson need to do to stop Ron Kilbourn? With his DQ victory, we can only assume Kilbourn will go to the AOW Owner Christian Rosenberg to demand another shot at the champion but will boss grant his request & will we see Rosenberg make a “fair” match between these two?

Before I end my recap, on behalf of myself I would like to say “Thank You” to Dexter Milhouse for yourChad AOW 8-9-15 4 hard work & dedication to your wrestling career. As much as we’ll miss see you giving it your all in the ring & see you perform “The Bookworm” among other moves, you definitely left a lasting impression on heart of Alpha Omega Wrestling & the fans of So Cal. I am honored to have introduced you to the ring many times in AOW and Lucha Society of America earlier this year as well as proud of you getting to show your talents in other promotions like OCCW, CWFH & Vendetta Pro. As we know you’re stepping away from the ring, I know this won’t be the last we see of the “Former Champion of Women”, Former AOW Desert Champion & only 2x Cash in the case winner…Until we meet again my friend.

In case you fans what to get to know Dexter Milhouse, you can click on the link for an interview I conducted with him last year: http://socaluncensored.com/2014/09/26/interview-with-dexter-milhouse/

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Photo Credit: Richard P. Strickland & Socaluncensored.com’s Chad Simplicio