Interview with Prince Raccid Najjar

This is a special Draven Unscripted interview as today I have Raccid Najjar 1the pleasure of interviewing an individual who the last couple of years has made it his mission to lead the Triangle of Freedom to the promise land in the Empire Wrestling Federation. Here’s your opportunity to get to know the man that is Prince Raccid Najjar.

1. Hello all mighty Prince Raccid Najjar, how are you doing this evening?

RN: ” Muhahaa Yees Mr. Draven I am well Masha Allah. Shoo Heade is it that I may have the pleasure in come in today?”

2. Please tell me about your earliest wrestling memory, do you remember who was wrestling when you first saw a pro wrestling match?

RN: The greatest memories of Pro Wrestling as a child are also the my inspirations. Macho Man, Ultimate Warrior, Chris Jericho, Triple H. These are guys I model myself after. Both in Insides The Ring & even deeper Political Art Work of Wrestling.

3. So these Legends of the ring inspired you to give pro wrestling a go?

RN: Most Defiantly. But it’s more so the idea that I Love and enjoy Fitness & Athleticism. As well as Being a Thespian I dedicated 4 years to Theater. There is Nothing in this World that means met to Me then My Passion, Determination, & Dedication

4. As fans know or if they don’t know, you train with Legend Jesse Hernandez. Was EWF your 1st choice or did you pursue your dream somewhere else before EWF?

RN: I Prefer a swift kick in the ass from time to time. Jesse Hernandez & The School Of Hard Knocks is the only place I found that would teach that Older School Mentality to give Me the right Tools & Foundation I needed to Survive in this Industry.

5. How long have you’ve been in the wrestling business now?Raccid Najjar 6

RN: Besides the 3 years of Collegial Wrestling, 4 years of Freestyle, 2 seasons of Greco-Roman, 2years of Sumo. In November 2014 will be 4 years of Pro Wrestling

6. It seems you wanted to be an all around “wrestlers” wrestler learning these many styles. Do you still compete in these styles of wrestling or just been focus on Pro wrestling?

RN: I will be in competition for Sumo Wrestling again at Mr. Olympia 2014 in Las Vegas. As Well as furthering my Pro Wrestling Horizon here in So Cal & outside of the States

7. Have you had the opportunity to wrestle outside So Cal?

RN: Yes I have. I worked with Billy Blade & Vendetta Pro, In Portland OR. with Jeff Manning & The West Coast Wrestling Connection, Cauliflower Alley Club in Las Vegas, & with William Ignacio in Mexico.

8. Other than Mexico, are you looking to go international like Europe or Japan?

RN: Mexico, Europe, then Japan… And World Wrestling Entrainment.

9. Speaking of WWE, have you had the opportunity to try out for them or have you had the chance to work a Raw/Smackdown in any extra roles?

RN: I have not Yet had a “Try Out” with WWE. But the Opportunity is Realistic and at My grasp.

10. What about other promotions like Ring of Honor, TNA & So Cal’s own PWG? Are you looking for a chance to work with any of them or is there anyone you would like to work with besides the ones you mentioned earlier?

RN: In My Opinion these are all Promotions that One must conquer. In Order to Climb the Ladder. Two personal Goals of Mind are Pro Wrestling Guerrilla & Lucha Va Voom.

11. How influential has Jesse Hernandez & everyone at EWF have been to you?

RN: Extremely! And I would be nothing if it wasn’t for Jesse Hernandez or for that even that matter the entire EWF Roster. These are Men and Women that have helped shaped My very well Being.

12. How long did you train before you had your 1st official wrestling match?

RN: 8months..Believe it or not; with my prior Wrestling experience help me tremendously. But I still Train to today.

13. who was your 1st opponent?

RN: Eric Batmen & JP Emerald Vs. Dillon Devine & Chameleon (Myself) at Set Free Church in San Bernardino CA

14. Let’s talk about the many faces of mention Chameleon. How did this persona came about?

RN: Chameleon was My 1st. Haha. HEEL who can adapt to his Opponent.

15. The persona i first saw you as was Stryder..I liked this character because it looked like you had a Crow or Kiss feel to it. Was this your influence for this persona?

RN: STRYDER is essential Myself Ricky Najjar turned up to 11. ” Anything You can do… STRYDER can do BETTER!” The influence as far as image is Norwegian Black Metal.

STRYDER is also the Official Representative of Hard Style Music in Pro Wrestling.

16. So does this mean that Stryder will return some day?

RN: Most Defiantly! Perhaps not in PG Rated Promotions though..LOL,

17. We now come to Prince Raccid Najjar, Leader of the Triangle of Terror. He is a star the fans love to hate, Do you take pleasure in destroying the heroes of EWF?

RN: “First of All Mr. SoCalUncensored. It is Prince Raccid Mohammad Abdula Walihiem Najjar, and Yes I am the Leader of The Triangle Of Freedom! It is the people like yourself and of this country that call Us ‘Terror.’ And Destroying the ‘HEROES’ of EWF Uday Ukleja, Abu the Terrorable, & Myself take all the Pleasure.”

18. What is the goal for yourself & the Triangle of Freedom in Raccid Najjar 3EWF? Will we see your faction invade other promotions in So Cal?

RN: The Triangle Of Freedom is EWF Exclusive for now.

19. You had some success in capturing the EWF American Championship, How did it feel becoming the champion even if it was for a short period?

RN: “Capturing the EWF Lebanese-American Championship was a Message from My People to Your, Yes. But not nearly enough as the Message The Triangle sent to Mike Maze when We TOOK Control of EWF Championship it’s self Masha Allah!

20. In this business, keeping in tip top shape is key, what do you do to keep yourself in best physical shape?

RN: Well if You are a Fan or Follower of Mine you’d know that I am a Fitness Competitor, Personal Trainer as well as Pro Wrestler. That being said My Training at SOHK, & Consistent Gym sessions would do it. That’s unless I’m near a Comp. Diet is most important. But HARD WORK pays off over all.

My favorite style of Training over all is My Own Twist of Isometrics Weight Training & High intense Circuit Intervals.

21. I’ll say an EWF star & what’s the 1st thought comes to mind…We’ll start with your Mentor Jesse Hernandez:

RN: Genius and in JBL’s words “A WRESTLING GOD!!” And without a dought One of the biggest influences in My Life.

“Handsome” Johnny Starr

RN: You mean Ricky Starr, He’s a big influence for both of us.

“Ironman” Mike Maze

RN: Damn Him! Always cuttings me off from the EWF Championship.. lol. Buff, Military guy. Haha

Friar Juan Roman

RN: A Huge friend of Mine that we and him have gone through similar struggles in life. Taking the bus for 3 hours from Montclair to San Bernardino just to train at SOHK and 3 more back.

Brandon GatsonRaccid Najjar 4

RN: I consider Myself to be Brandon Gatson’s Young Boy in a sense. He is the guy I go to for All My Wrestling Advice. He’s reminds me of Myself, oozing with talent.

The Fallen Empire (Mondo Vega & Ryan Taylor)

RN: Conqueror’s they are. Demolishing everything in their path. That’s until they face The Triangle of Freedom this Coming September 5, 2014 in Covina.

EWF American Champion Richie Slade

RN: Extremely Promising.

Uday Ukleja & Abu the Terrible

RB: Uday & Abu (no comment)

22. Do you have a facebook, twitter, instagram you want to let the fans know about so they can follow you?

RN: Yes Please LIKE or FOLLOW Me on Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter @RickyStryderNajjar

23. And finally, do you have anything to say to all the fans of EWF & of Southern California?

RN: At Heart I am a Performer. It’s who I am. It’s what I do. But I could not do it alone nor with any of the Fans it’s True. But let’s Face it. . . I’ve only just scraped the surface. And this Message isn’t just for My Home of Southern California, it’s for The World.

I would like to take this time to thank Prince Raccid Najjar for the opportunity for all of Southern California to get to know the man behind Prince Raccid. If want to follow him as he participates in the Bodybuilding world, you can catch him at the Lauren Powers Beach Classic next’s a flyer of the event.Bodybuilding event 10-2014

You can also catch Prince Raccid Najjar & the Triangle of Terror..I mean Triangle of Freedom next Friday, September 5th as Empire Wrestling Federation returns to Covina, Ca. Please click on the Socaluncensored event calender for event link for info:

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Until next time, this is Mike Draven & I’ll see you at ringside!

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