This is Draven UnScripted with a recap of the Santino Bros showsantino 5-16-14 flyer 3 on Friday, May 16th from Bell Gardens, ca.

Sgt Major Alexander Paul & and the army of truth comes out to the ring, puts over Famous B & says he’ll strip Che Cabrera of the Santino Bros title since he hasn’t been here in 2 weeks but Chaz comes out to say that in his contract, he has up to 90 days to defend & can’t be strip. Robby Phoenix comes out but Sgt Major says he can give him a title shot if he joins them. Robby says Sgt screwed him time & time again & says he wants his title shot & there’s nothing Sgt or Chaz can do. Sgt Major announces that since he’s facing Kaos & Phoenix his partner will be Chaz.

Triple Threat Match:
Ali Hussein def Biagio Crezenzo & Seville the Thrill

#1 Contender Gauntlet match for the Submission Championship:
Jacob “The Riot” Diez outlasted everyone to become the new #1 contender for the Santino Bros Submission Championship
Order of eliminations:
Eli Everfly def Ryan Kidd
Fern Owens def Eli Everfly
BC Killer def Fern Owens
Jacob Diez def BC Killer by DQ (due to using a close fist)
Jacob Diez def Hoss Hogg

Pinky def Renee Bustemante

Santino Bros Submission Championship:
Famous B (w/Jezabel) def Brian Kendrick with a distraction from Sgt Major Alexader Paul to retain the championship

Afterwards, Sgt was proud of Famous B & gave him the rest of the night off. Since he’s in the ring, he calls out for his partner Chaz so we go into the main event of the evening.

Main Event Tag Team Match:
The main event was thrown out due to Robby Phoenix double crossing on Kaos & The Army of Truth came out to attack him 4 on 1. Sgt Major screams out that he runs Santino & welcomes their newest memeber Robby Phoenix to The Army of Truth as Kaos is left laying out in the ring as the show ends.

Tonight was a solid show brought to you by Santinos with a good crowd in attendance. As to my Match of the Night, this is my picks for my MOTN:

Famous B vs Brian Kendrick
Ali Hussein vs Biagio Crezenzo vs Seville the Thrill

Next events coming to Santino bros will be on:
Thursday, May 29th with Brian Kendrick’s Wrestling Pro Wrestling
Friday, May 30th for Santino Bros Independent Wrestling Event

Until next time, this is Mike Draven…signing off.