[RECAP] Santino Bros March 7th 2014

This is Draven UnScripted with a full recap of the Santino santino 3-7-14 flyerBros show on Friday, March 7th 2014.

Santino Bros GM Rico Dynamite along with Jezabel comes out to address the crowd & announces in 2 weeks, Santino Bros will have qualifing matches for a tournament to crown The New Santino Bros Submission Champion…only way to win is to make someone tap out in every match.

Hoss Hogg def Dan Joseph with a Lariat

Fern Owens def Mr. Tanaka via Fisherman Suplex pin (Hard fought victory)

“The Butcher” Tyler Bateman & Bobby Rios def Eli Everfly & Ali Hussen when Rios hits a “GTS” on Everfly for the victory. All men showed sportsmanship after the match (Very Good Match)

Tito Escondido def Jacob Diez via Armbar Submission (Very Good match)

NY Knockout Nikki def Sage Sin via pinfall

Willie Mack def BC Killer (Ustream feed cut out)

Famous B def Rocky Romero via pinfall after Romero executed a superplex

Santino Bros Championship:
Che Cabrera (w/Chaz) def Pinky when Chaz handed Cabrera the championship & he hit Pinky while the ref was distracted to get the pinfall & retain the championship. Afterwards, Robby Phoenix comes out & issues a challenge to Cabera at the next show for the championship which he agreed.

Main event for The Control of Santino Bros:
Sgt Major Alexander Paul def Rico Dynamite to gain control of Santino Bros. (Due to Ustream feed, wasn’t able to see final result but my friend who was at event messaged me on who won)



Tonight’s show has been ok at best. Reason I’m not giving it a great review is the fact that the Ustream feed cut a few times this evening & thus not allowing me to enjoy the show as I usually do. In this case, I feel that maybe Santino Bros ran too long this evening or just plan problems with Ustream but in the end, not happy with tonight’s show due to feed problems.

As to my MOTN, it is based on matches I was able to see & some which did well just missed something but these matches had a great spark, generating some classic wrestling & overall solid performances:

Match of the Night:

Eli Everfly & Ali Hussen vs Tyler Bateman & Bobby Rios: All 4 men complemented eachother very well in this match. All showed great wrestling action, fortitude & got the crowd really into the match. Would love to see these 4 guys tangle in the ring again.

Tito Escondido vs Jacob Diez: Total hard fought match between the two. Lots of Power moves & multiple 2 counts which kept the fans on their feet in this match. Very good match between these two & hope to see a rematch in the near future.

Famous B vs Rocky Romero: Just really damn good, great chemistry, back & fourth action, what could you say about this match. Despite the Ustream problems, match was overall very well done.

Be sure to check out Santino Bros next show in 2 weeks back in Bell gardens, Ca. Qualifying matches for the Submission Championship tournament, Robby Phoenix vs Che Cabera for the Santino Bros Championship & what will Sgt Major Alexander Paul have in store for Santino Bros??

Until next time, this is Mike Draven…signing off.