Scorpio Sky Interview Part 3

Not pulling any punches in the 2nd portion of the interview, Scorpio Sky talked about his work with the WWE and TNA, The F-Word and how Outsports handled it as well as his decision to take his Wrestling School to El Pappy’s Gym.  In this, the conclusion we talk about The CWF Hollywood Training School, his involvement in the Nerd Wrestling Federation, and Some Name Association. 

Outside the cage with Saul after winning his first MMA fight! 8/28/11J: I think that’s fair. Going in a bit different direction, talking about school, so lets talk about your students. First of all, is the name of the school still CWFHollywood or do you have a name yet? Or is it The Experience Training Center? What is the name of the school, and if someone was interested, how can they contact you to train with you?

S: We’ve bounced around with the names tons of times. Originally it was Championship Wrestling from Hollywood Wrestling Academy. Dave Marquez actually came to me and it was his idea to do this. He said, “I want you to be the guy to run this school” and I thought that was an interesting challenge. I hadn’t had too many hands in training too many people since Peter Avalon in Charles Mercury’s Venus Fighting Essence School. But I loved doing what I could there and helping out the guys there. Obviously Peter Avalon turned out being one of the best workers out here. He’s one of my favorite guys, in and out of the ring. He’s so much more talented than, I think, even he knows. He’s athletic. He’s one of those guys who, I know this sounds cocky, but he reminded me of myself when I watched him train because he did everything right and if he didn’t do it right, he made it right. He came back next time and he did it right. He took it very serious and he was very hungry to find out what he could do to get better. Now we have our school which, like I said, we’ve bounced around with names, but it is still the CWFH School. You can go to and you can see under Training Facility or Coaching Facility, there’s an entire breakdown of what we cover in Championship Wrestling 101. You can email me at and you can speak to me directly for details in joining the school. I am very excited! We’ve got 10-12 really good guys, and we’ve got people joining almost every week, my goal is to fill this area. I feel like my days in the ring are coming to an end. I don’t think I’m going to be doing this too much longer. My mind could change, but that’s just how I feel. I don’t know if it’s going to be a couple more months or it could be a year, depends. I’m only human; I could change my mind tomorrow. But the way I’ve felt since summer, and the way I still feel now, I feel like my days are coming to an end. If I can have a hand in flooding the area with more talent that will run the area for the next 5-10 years, that’s exactly what I’d like to do. Back in 2002-2004 when the Rev Pro School was out, in the area was there would be 10, 15, 20 guys all out of the Rev Pro School and everyone knew they would be good because they were out of the Rev Pro School. That’s the type of *long silence* I got kicked in the head really hard today. *laughs* that’s the type of reputation I want to create. So, I have a couple of guys that worked tonight and they are going to start working. We’re going to take it really slow, and we’re doing practice matches all the time and we’re working on making them really solid and covering them from every aspect form in the brain to physically to in the ring. We want to make them complete packages. That’s the goal. Eventually, to get guys to run this area and beyond. 5-10 years from now there will be a bunch of guys trained by Scorpio Sky and my assistant trainer, Jerek Matthews, I have to give him a lot of credit, he’s been awesome. They will be running this area and main-eventing, I promise you.

J: Now, we’ve heard about the Nerd Wrestling Federation. The show happened not too long ago, and it was kind of surprising. A lot of people didn’t know what it was, who was behind it, what was going on with it. The speculation was that these were a lot of your students and a lot of the guys came from your school. What is the Nerd Wrestling Federation and what is your part in it?

S:Most of the people Scorpio Skyon the show were my students; I’d say 80-90%. It was actually a TV pilot; I wish I could have more details for you. One of my students has some sort of connection to a pretty popular; I don’t know if it’s an online show or a TV show. Jerek Matthews would know a lot more about this; I wish he was next to me. My part was just training the guys and getting them ready to do it. I thought they did a good job, I was very impressed. My next goal is April 19th, which will be the first official student show we’re putting on. I’m having a huge role in that. I told the guys when we announced the show, “Nobody is booked for this show. The only people booked for the show are Willie Mack and Peter Avalon. You have to earn your shot.” We’ve been pushing them really, really hard in training. You can just step into the class … it’s not about time. A lot of times, these guys train at these school and they put in 6 months and the trainer just feels, well, we have to put them into shows, they’ve been here long enough. I’m not about that. I don’t care if you’ve been here 3 years or 3 weeks, when you’re ready, you’re ready. A lot of the guys are showing they’re ready. But we’ll see on April 19th, who makes the cut. I hope everyone comes out and supports. We’re going to have some stars from CWFH on it and these students. I’m really excited about it. Some of these guys are really showing a lot of potential. They’re going to be really good.

J: Well, I thank you for your time this evening. I want to close our interview with an old So Cal Uncensored interview closer that has been used for years, and that’s: I’m going to say a wrestler’s name or a promoter’s name. I want you to just tell me the first thing that comes to your mind. The first one I’m going to use is Ron Rivera.

S: He gave me everything. When I had no money, I was just out of high school, I was in college, I was broke, and I wanted to train so bad. He told me, “Look, if you can’t pay me, that’s fine. Just show up, set up chairs, set up the ring, tear down, and I’ll train you.” And he basically trained me for free, because I was supposed to be doing that anyway. I didn’t know that until later. He gave me everything and I owe him so much. I’ll always have a place in my heart, and I hope he’s very happy with whatever he’s doing now.

J: How about Wrestling Society X?

S: It could’ve been great. I thought it had a lot of potential.

Angelo: I have the DVD set!

J: Can I borrow it?!

A: Absolutely!

S: I thought it had a lot of potential; it had a lot of great matches. I think the producers from MTV who didn’t know a lot about wrestling are the ones who, kind of, shot everybody in the foot in that situation.

J: How about Bart & AWS?

S: Love Bart. Bart is fun. He always wants everyone to have a good time. You love working for people like that. It’s not just the people who want to use you like a race horse, and just get all they can out of you and have you move on. Bart wants people to have a good time. He doesn’t just want you to just show up and put on a good show & a good match, he wants you to have a good time doing it. I absolutely have to tip my hat to him. I don’t think people realize how much he’s actually done for the area, he’s been great.

J: David Marquez?

S: I love Dave. I love working for Dave. He has a big, big heart for this area and for wrestling in general. He’s really smart. I love talking to him, and I love listening to him talk. He’s come to my school and has talked to my students a few times. I hope they absorb everything he’s teaching, because I’m still learning from him. He’s another guy, I don’t think people appreciate him as much as they should. Dave is the real deal, and he’s doing really good things. He’s working his ass off for this area and for all of us, and I thank him so much.
J: How about Chris Bosh?

S: Chris Bosh, for many years, was the closest thing … I have a real brother, but he was much, much closer to me than my real brother. We have a bond that will last forever. He’s married now and retired and loving life and I wish him the best.

J: With that, Quick Silver.

S: Another brother. His mom calls me her second son, and my mom calls him her second son. We’re family. I haven’t seen him in a couple years since his wedding. We’re the type of people who can not see each other for 10 years and we’ll get together and it’ll be like we hung out everyday. So, again, special place in my heart for him.

J: Super Dragon.

S: That’s a tough one. He and I have butted heads, more often than not over the years. In the beginning, we were really close. We would talk every single day, we had a great relationship. I looked up to him and I loved him. I don’t know what happened. Somewhere along the lines we just grew apart. We’re still cordial, but we’re definitely far from friends and it’s sad to say we probably never will be friends.

J: TJ Perkins.

S: TJ is great, him and I … we love to butt heads over Mayweather and Pacquiao. We love it. We have a great time. People think we legitimately get mad and want to fight each other, unless they see it in person. When they see it in text messages or on Twitter, people are like, “These guys are really going at it! They really don’t like each other!” But, if you see us in person, we’re joking around about the whole thing. He’s really talented as far as in ring goes. He’s an amazing athlete. He may be the most crisp wrestler I’ve seen in the business, and that’s saying a lot. The guy is so crisp in everything he does. He’s so fast, and he’s so talented. Why he doesn’t have a contract is just … It’s stuff like that that’s wrong with the business.

J: How about Willie Mack?

S: I absolutely love Willie Mack. You know, there’s a backstage thing I think it was a fan that originally said it, my feud with him last year, they called us the modern day Flair and Dusty. Once I heard that, I thought that was the absolute biggest compliment I could’ve ever gotten. I thought that was so cool, for someone to give us that nod. But Willie Mack is unbelievably talented. He’s another guy that deserves a contract, I hope he gets everything good coming to him. When he won the championship from me it was an emotional moment for everyone. I was nearly in tears; it was a really big moment. He deserves so much.

J: How about Christian Cole Maldanado?

S: Love Christian Cole, man. We didn’t really know each other that well when all of this Experience thing came, but I picked him because I though he’d be perfect and he exceeded my expectations. He was more than perfect and the legitimacy that he’s given this character and this story that we’ve done. We’ve gotten so close since, that’s all I can say. We’ve gotten so close since, he’s a brother now.

J: With that, Big Duke.

S: Love Big Duke, Big Duke is still really new. He’s still learning and he’s getting better every time and you can see he’s getting better. And he wants to get better, that’s another thing, he’s not satisfied. He always wants to get better, always wants advice, and he’s going to keep getting better. I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw him in the WWE one day. He’s got great size, a great look, he’s really good in the ring, and he’s getting better. He’s really talented.

J: What about the LA Wrestling League?

S: LOVE IT! A lot of people don’t know this, but this is like another Rev Pro. The guys starting it are old Rev Pro guys. What they’re trying to do now is awesome. They’re putting out really good shows. I don’t know if you’ve been to them, but they’re great. The Luchas have a big part in it, and I think the luchas are as good as you can possibly get. Those guys are ridiculous. Why they’re not all over the country is… They should have the hype that guys like Kevin Steen and Davey have, and not to knock those guys at all. They’re good and they have a lot of hype, but man, why they aren’t all over the country being praised is beyond me. Those guys are ridiculously good.

J: What about Ring of Honor?

S: I only worked there a few times when Adam Pearce was involved in it. I probably watched less than 10 ROH shows my entire life. Most of them were back when Punk and Samoa Joe were there, so it‘s been a long time. I don’t really watch the indies. I don’t really watch my own matches usually, sometimes if I want to critique myself but I’m not a big fan of the indies. But obviously they’re doing something right because everybody knows about them.

J: And lastly, what about your thoughts on the Southern California wresting scene?

S: A lot of people knock it and say that it’s not good right now, I’ve heard people say that. But gosh, look at the talent that has come out of this area, man. So much talent. Christopher Daniels and Kazarian are two guys that I look up to and I have taken so much advice from them. They’ve helped me tremendously and I need to give them a lot of credit. Even thought that’s off subject, those two guys have been very helpful to me in my career. And AJ Styles as well, they’ve always been there to give me encouraging words and great advice and every single match I use things I’ve learned from those guys. And as far as the Southern California wrestling scene, I think it’s great. I honestly think it’s great. Peter Avalon, Willie Mack, Ray Rosas, there’s so many names. Ryan Taylor, who I think is going to go far in this business because he has a tremendous look and he’s really good in the ring. There’s so many guys and there’s going to be a lot of guys coming up, I’m telling you. You’ll want to keep an eye on my school, my school’s going to be legit, it’s going to be the one.

J: That’s normally where we’d end the interview, but something popped into my head that I didn’t ask previously. I think it’s important because you were someone who was impacted by this man. I want to know your thoughts on Paul T. He passed away recently and it really caught a lot of people by surprise. Although he had stepped away from the scene for more than a few years his impact still resonates in the area. I would just like to know from someone who was directly impacted what he did for you, what he meant to you, and what other thoughts you have on him.

S: You know, we weren’t close because he was on his end days in the wrestling scene and my beginning days. He did give me great advice and he was very helpful and instrumental in me going to Japan to work for Osaka Pro. He didn’t know this, but he helped give me a lot of confidence that I could do it, because he was obviously really tight with the Japanese wrestlers. When I was kind of up for grabs and maybe going to get that spot, it was him that stood and said, “Oh yeah, you can defiantly do that. You’re really good.” And that’s what gave me the nod, like, wow, ok, he really knows his stuff, maybe I can do it. So I went and did it. And I had a great time. That’s what I think of when I think of him. He was a really big part when I came into wrestling he was a staple. Paul T was one of thee guys in Rev Pro an then PWG. So I hope he rests in peace and I pray for his family and I hope everyone is doing really well