Pacific Coast Wrestling (PCW) Celebrates Its Inaugural Year

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Pacific Coast Wrestling (PCW) Celebrates
Its Inaugural Year
With “One Year Later” on June 7th, 2003!

Huntington Beach (CA) – In May 2002, Vance Hartman rounded
up SoCal talent for his Pacific Coast Wrestling venture. Beginning with
shows from a casino in infamous Compton, CA, PCW brought a unique brand
of sports entertainment and combinations of strong style, lucha, hardcore,
cruiserweight, and “old school” wrestling to the fans. Showcasing
SoCal mainstays from Shark Boy to Joey Ryan to Foob-Dogg to Samoa Joe, PCW
made its mark as more than just a “one-off” promotion and threw
its hat into the ring with the other great promotions that call Southern
California their home. Who knew that a year later, Vance Hartman’s wrestling
promotion would be the center of attention and handpicked for an invasion
by talent from Philadelphia?!

On Saturday, June 7th, 2002, at 2:00pm, from the Anaheim
Marketplace in Anaheim, CA – PCW presents “One Year Later.”. The
happenings leading up event to this have not just been shocking but entertaining
and spectacular!

The rivalry between Brawlin’ Bo Cooper and Foob Dogg has
caused both men matches and pints of blood. Beginning at January’s “Evolution
of an Empire” and culminating with PCW’s “The Art of War”
weekend (April 26 & 27), these two men absolutely despise each other.
Most recently, both have caused each other losses too The Philadelphia Connection’s
“Double Shot” Ian Knoxx. This set-up for an announcement of (forgive
the pun), superheavyweight proportions: The “Rude, Crude, and Tattooed”
Bo will face off with Foob Dogg in a sure-to-be-bloody Dog Collar Chain
match at “One Year Later!.”.

In January, at PCW’s “Evolution Of An Empire”,
“The Noticeable One” Aaron Proctor brought in The Philadelphia
Connection – featuring CZW World Champion (and later PCW Champion) The Messiah,
CZW Tag Team Champions (and later PCW Tag Team Champions) The Backseat Boyz,
B Boy, and SoCal turncoat Mace. At PCW’s “The Art Of War”, CZW
newcomer and SoCal mainstay Lil’ Cholo (along with the aforementioned Ian
Knoxx) made the group even stronger. Interfering in matches and always getting
the upper hand by the means of cheating or outside interference from their
make-up-wearing spokesperson, Evil-yet-valiant PCW Commissioner Vance Hartman
had an idea to rid his company of the 80’s New Wave-obsessed Aaron Proctor.
A No Disqualification, Falls Count Anywhere match at “One Year Later..”.
If Aaron Proctor loses, he must leave PCW. If Vance Hartman loses, Proctor
will control the entire company. Indeed, the fate of some (and employment
of others!) in PCW and the SoCal Indies are ridin!
g the coattails of this match.

The Philadelphia Connection-PCW feud spills over into the
Maximum Title championship match at “One Year Later..” Originally
slated for the Sunday show of “The Art Of War” on April 27th,
the championship match between TPC’s B-Boy and “The Technical Wizard”
Joey Ryan was cancelled due to a vicious attack on Ryan (& his tag team
partner, Scott Lost – whom he wrestled in the semi-finals of the tournament)
by The Philadelphia Connection. B Boy attempted to permanently cripple Joey
Ryan by giving him a sickening spike piledriver onto a steel chair! TPC
hold 2/3’s of PCW’s titles – will they make it a trifecta with a B Boy win
or will Joey Ryan (with Southern California strongly behind him) try to
lesser their control by becoming PCW’s first ever Maximum Champion? Joey
Ryan is definitely one of the most underrated indy wrestlers in the entire
nation and B Boy carries the title of this year’s CZW “Best Of The

Damage Inc. defeated crowd-favorites Off DA Hook (Shawn
Riddik & Supa Supa Supa Supa Badd) in a #1 contender-ship match for
the PCW Tag Team Titles. With their evil manager Jason Bennett by their
side, Damage Inc. will actually be the crowd favorite against PCW Tag Team
Champions, The Backseat Boyz. Will Preston Scott & Matrix upset Trent
Acid & Johnny Kashmere in their first clash together? Will Jason Bennett
make sure “The Noticeable One” isn’t close by? Whatever the result,
the winners might not have much time to celebrate at “One Year Later”
– as it has just been announced by Vance Hartman that there will also be
a #1 Contender-ship tag match on June 7th (With the winner facing whomever
the PCW Tag Team Champions will be at the following month’s show). It’s
a Southern California dream triple threat match as PCW, World Power Wrestling
(WPW), and Revolution Pro-Wrestling will all be represented. A fight to
the finish between Team WPW (Infernal & Silver Tyger), the X-F!
oundation (Scott Lost & “Funky” Billy Kim), and Team Rev-Pro
(Quiksilver & Scorpio Sky)!

And, finally, in the Main Event of “One Year Later”,
The Philly Connection’s Messiah will defend the PCW gold against none other
than Hardkore Kidd. It’s a battle against a CZW invader and a WWE prospect
and definitely a battle for pride in SoCal. Messiah turned his back on everyone
in Southern California by joining the Philly Connection but has proved himself
as a legit champion. At “The Art Of War” shows in April, he defeated
Frankie “The Future” Kazarian (in a ladder match) and Super Dragon
the very next night. PCW Commissioner Vance Hartman feels that Hardkore
Kidd is the rightful one to take the PCW championship back to Southern California.

Always, the aforementioned matches will feature some of
the best combinations of West and East Coast talent ever seen on an independent
wrestling show. There’s also going to be a very special Pay Day Battle Royal
– in which the winner will be the only person to get paid for the whole
night! There will surely be a lot of hungry and competitive up-and-comers
(as well as SoCal legends) in this match to prove himself or herself to
PCW and to the rest of the world! So far announced for this proving ground
are Sexy Chino, Obi Matt, King Faviano, The Stepfather, The Red Headed Step
Child, Tsunami, The Unholy, and Steve Pain! And this just in – The Philly
Connection’s Lil’ Cholo will do battle with The UK Kid while TPC’s Mace
takes on the insane Canadian, “North Star” Mike Vega in a special
challenge match.

It’s been on year since PCW made its mark on the wrestling
industry and “One Year Later”, PCW is going to prove itself to
Southern California and the entire world wrestling community that they are
a legitimate force, not to be overlooked. The battle between The Philadelphia
Connection and PCW continues and, no matter what side you’re cheering for,
we want each and every one of you to be a part of it! PCW “One Year
Later” will certainly be the catalyst in the fight for Indy wrestling
superiority! Who will control it?! Find out at PCW’s “One Year Later”
on June 7th, 2002 at 2:00pm! This card is stacked, and that’s a fact, Cactus

Catch “One Year Later” live on Saturday, June
7th at 2pm from the Anaheim Marketplace in Anaheim, CA! The Marketplace
is located at 1440 S. Anaheim Blvd. Tickets are just $15 for adults and
$10 for kids under 12. For those of you who aren’t in Southern California,
you can catch the great action on video by e-mailing

Whatever you do – don’t miss PCW’s “One Year Later”
– an event 365 days in the making!

(c) 2003 Pacific Coast Wrestling Entertainment,

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