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UEW “Savage Salvation” in East Los Angeles, Ca

Saturday, June 13th Underground Empire Wrestling presents “Savage Salvation” live from the UEW 6-13-15 flyerUnderground Auditorium!

Matches announced:

Underground Main Event:
BC Killer vs Homeless Jimmy

The VERMIN infest the Underground!!!

“Mat Scientist” Kevin Martenson( w/Yuma) vs Daniel Tourch

Sadistic Six Way Match in the UEW I-TV Championship Tournament (Winner goes on to Triple Threat for the Championship):
Hoss Hogg vs Seville the Thrill vs The Insaniac vs Red Bat vs Johnny Saovi vs JD Horror

plus more matches!!!!

Creature Feature Web Show’s “One WYLD Night” in Los Angeles, ca

Join  Creature Feature Web Show’s, sponsered by UEW on Saturday June 6th, for a truly special evening put together by UEW’s own, Kyle Wylde, UEW 6-6-15as we raise money to support our guest of honor, Ali Ungor, who was diagnosed with cervical cancer for a third time back in January which has now spread and needs our help continuing to fight.

Underground Empire Wrestling & Creature Feature Web Show bring you several spectacular professional wrestling matches, musical performances and more Hosted by “Dangerous D” Darin Malfi!!!

Featuring: “The Human Horror Film” Supreme, “Vandal” Andre Verdun, PPRAY, OGPlayboy, “Hatebreed” Ricky Barrera, Sledge, “The Pumpkin Queen” Sage Sin Supreme, Pinky, Tyler Bateman, BC Killer, Sean Black, Ruby Raze, Carnage, Jacob “The Riot” Diez, JD Horror, PPRAY (Ray Rosas and Peter Avalon) and many more!!! Match Card and Bands TBA!!!

Pre-sale Tickets available this Saturday at UEW’s “Mayhem Brigade” and available soon on www.UEWwrestling.com!!!

Donations are also being accepted through www.gofundme.com/ms3yl8

Matches so far announced:

“The Pumpkin Queen” Sage Sin Supreme & Raze vs PPRAY (“Pretty” Peter Avalon & Ray Rosas)

Triple Threat Elimination Match:
“The New Age Punisher” B-Boy vs “The Urban Juggernaut” Sean Black vs Jacob “The Riot” Diez

Over the Top Battle Royal where the winner faces “The Human Horror Film” Supreme in the Main Event

“The Butcher” Tyler Bateman & Former WWE Star Sinn Bohdi
Creepshow (UEW Heavyweight Champion Sledge & JD Horror)

Ladder Match for the UEW Eastern Pacific Championship:
Mike Rayne (c) vs Wiseguy

Special Musical Performance by The Rhythm Coffin

[RESULTS] UEW “Explicit Endeavors” on May 23rd 2015

Underground Empire Wrestling Explicit Endeavors UEW Arena May 23rd 2015 East Los Angeles, Ca “Charming” Biagio Crescenzo def “The High Flying Sensation” Steven Andrews Red Bat def Alexander G. Bernard “Axe Murderer” Bobby Hart def Daniel torch The Insaniac (w/Danny “Monchichi” Rameriez) def “Kamikaze” Max X Kendo Stick Match: “Blackhart” Fern Owens def “Chiver” Freddy […]

UEW “Explicit Endeavors” in Los Angeles, Ca

Join the Mayhem & Fun of the Underground Empire as they return to the UEW Arena on Saturday, UEW 5-23-15.png 3May 23rd for Explicit Endeavors!!

UEW Heavyweight Championship:
“The Metal Head Maniac” Sledge (c) vs “The Urban Juggernaut” Sean Black

Kendo Stick Match:
Freddy Havoc vs “Black Hart” Fern Owens

Underground’s Rules Match:
Homeless Jimmy vs JD Horror

Non-Title Match:
UEW Eastern Pacific Champion Mike Rayne vs “Hatebreed” Ricky Barerra
(If Barerra loses, he can no longer receive championship matches vs Mike Rayne)

“Charming” Biagio Crescenzo vs “The High Flying Sensation” Steven Andrews

UEW 6-6-15 8

Creature Feature Web Show presents “One Wylde Night” Fundraiser Event on June 6th 2015

Join Creature Feature on Saturday June 6th, for a truly special evening as we attempt to raise money to help support the guest of honor, Ali Ungor, who was diagnosed with cervical cancer that can not be removed or cured. It has now spread and she needs our help continuing to fight! Creature Feature Web […]

[RESULTS] UEW “Mayhem Brigade” on May 2nd 2015

Underground Empire Wrestling Mayhem Brigade UEW Arena May 2nd 2015 East Los Angeles, Ca Triple Threat Match: “The Urban Juggernaut” Sean Black def Markus Riot (w/Ryan Rage) and Sunami Daniel Torch def “Kamikaze” Max X “Charming” Biagio Crescenzo def Human Tornado (w/Captain Comic Con) Kyle Wylde Interviewed Freddy Havoc in the ring and the “Chiver” […]

Underground Empire Wrestling Presents “Passage 2 Pain”in Los Angeles, ca

Underground Empire Wrestling returns to East LA at the UEW 3-21-15 FlyerUnderground Auditorium Saturday, March 21st, 2015 with “PASSAGE 2 PAIN”!!!

Matches announced:

*Underground Main Event: JD Horror vs BC Killer in a NO ROPE… BARBED WIRE… TAIPEI… DEATH MATCH!!!

* Underground Empire Wrestling Heavyweight Championship match: “The Metalhead Maniac” Sledge w/ Dino Winwood vs “The King of NO Rules” Gabriel Gallo

* Underground Empire Wrestling Eastern Pacific Championship match: “The Longest Reigning Champion of the Modern Era” Mike Rayne vs “The Urban Juggernaut” Sean Black

Plus More!!!!!!

Front Row $15

Gen Ad $12

UEW “F the World” in Los Angeles

Underground Empire Wrestling “UEW” will be having their 1st UEW 2-21-15 flyer 2show at their new UEW Arena on Saturday Feb 21st at 7p

UEW Tag Team Championship:
“Hip Hop” Harry Henderson & Christian Saint (c)
Urban Discipline (Max Ammo & Jimi Mayhem w/Diskord)

Triple Threat Match for the UEW Eastern Pacific Championship:
Mike Rayne (c) vs “Hatebreed” Ricky Barerra vs “The Urban Juggernaut” Sean Black

4 Corners Death Match:
“The Vandal” Andre Verdun vs BC Killer vs Insaniac vs JD Horror

Sage Sin Supreme Vs ????

Daniel Torch vs Kris Kadillak

You can purchase tixs at: http://www.uewwrestling.com/