[RECAP] UEW “Passage 2 Pain” on March 21st 2015

Underground Empire WrestlingUEW 3-21-15 Flyer
Passage 2 Pain
UEW Arena
March 21st 2015
East Los Angeles, Ca

Good evening to everyone, I am Mike Draven back for another Draven UnScripted as I recap UEW’s “Passage 2 Pain” Event from the Underground Arena in East LA. “The Voice of UEW” Kyle Wyld welcomed everyone to the event & talked about how the wrestling world lost two great wrestlers in Cincinnati Red & Hijo de Perro Aguayo as we toll the bell 10 times in their honor.

As the tribute concluded, Kyle Wyld went over some of the matches for this evening including the Eastern Pacific Championship is on the line as “Hatebreed” Ricky Barerra made his way to ringside still showing that he is wearing his should brace as he trash talked to Kyle & all the fans in the arena as he still insists that Eastern Pacific Champion Mike Rayne still hasn’t defeat Barerra. And to make matters worse, Barerra states that he’ll be joining Kyle Wyld at the commentating table for the entire event which got the fans hot as they booed him.

6 Person Elimination Match:
We kicked off with a great match up featuring UEW’s favorites & one new star making his debut this evening as Max X was introduced to the Fiend’s of the Arena followed by Zero, “Blackhart” Fern Owens, Freddy Havoc, The Red Bat & Sage Sin Supreme.

Max X was eliminated first by Fern Owens as he picked up the pinfall after Freddy Havoc executed his “Chiver Bomb”/Lung Blower Finisher.

Zero was eliminated by Sage Sin Supreme after she pinned him UEW 3-21-15 pic 1with a Flipping Powerbomb.

Sage Sin would be eliminated by The Red Bat after she was involved in an altercation from Rob Black & Homeless Jimmy distracting her enough to be eliminated but she would fight both men around ringside before taken to the dressing room.

The Red Bat was eliminated by Freddy Havoc via pinfall after Fern Owens hit a Flying Headbutt from the top rope & Havoc covered him.

Freddy Havoc would go on to win the match pinning “Blackhart” Fern Owens after Havoc used a Death Valley Driver to get the win. Afterwards an upset Owens would use a chair to attack Havoc focusing on his right arm & doing some significant damage to him.

“Charming” Biagio Crescenzo def Johnny Saovi with a “Charming” Single Foot Dropkick for the victory in this great action packed match up.

The Insaniac (w/Danny “Monchichi” Ramierez) def “Big Dick” Hoss Hogg with a Giant Bodyslam after “Monchichi” would destract the ref in what I would consider a Slobber Knocker match between these two.

1/2 of the UEW Tag Team Champions Tony Raze would come out for the next contest as he faces a member of Urban Discipline. It looks like it was going to be decided by Rock, Paper, Scissors but Max Ammo would attack Raze to start the matchup.

Urban Dicipline’s Max Ammo (w/Jimi Mayhem & Diskord) def UEW Tag Team Champion Tony Raze as Diskord would distract the ref, Mayhem would attack Raze’s leg with a bat allowing Ammo to get the victory. After the match, all 3 memebers of U.D. would attack Raze leaving him battered & bruised. Diskord would state that they took out Biggie Biggs in the back & the next time they see them, they’ll be going for the UEW Tag Team Championship.

The next match is for the Eastern Pacific Championship as “Hatebreed” Ricky Barerra would continue to jaw jack both men throughout the contest. As Sean Black is in the ring, Eastern Pacific Champion Mike Rayne would focus more of his attention on Barerra until Black couldn’t take much more of it & attacked Rayne to start the match.

UEW Eastern Pacific Championship:
Mike Rayne def “The Urban Juggernaut” Sean Black with a Pumphandle Package Piledriver to successfully retain the championship. Black would present the title to Rayne & shake hands in sportsmanship until Barerra hits the ring, again claiming that he still has not been beaten by Raynes. Mike Rayne would say that even though he has some respect for him, he UEW 3-21-15 pic 2continues to disrespect everyone in the back & the championship itself with all of his talking.

Rayne would end by saying for Barerra to heal up so he can break his arm again & once he turned his back, Ricky Barerra would remove is shoulder brace & attack Rayne with the championship. Barerra would continue to attack Mike Rayne repeatedly using the championship & would end up showing everyone that he vows to stop Rayne’s almost 10 year championship reign in the UEW.

UEW Heavyweight Championship:
“The Metal Head Maniac” Sledge along with his manager Dino Winwood would come out first & is ready for his championship defense until his opponent Gabriel Gallo would come out with his tag team partner Dom “The Bomb” Vitalli collectively known as “The Keepers of the Faith”. Gallo would say the reason they’re called that is to keep the purity of Pro Wrestling alive & not this underground wrestling style of wrestling & they vow to take away the championship away from these so called “Fiends” thus announcing that this match is now a Triple Threat match as Sledge vs Gabriel Gallo vs Dom Vitalli.

Essentially this was going to be a handicap match as we saw Gallo & Vitalli work together hitting successful double team maneuvers on Sledge but both men would interrupt each others attempt at a pinfall against the champion which would ultimately result in both men fighting each other.

Triple Threat Match for the UEW Heavyweight Championship:
“The Metal Head Maniac” Sledge (w/Dino Winwood) def Gabriel Gallo & Dom “The Bomb” Vitalli with a Spinning Sidewalk Slam on Vitalli to successfully retain the championship. And upset Gabriel Gallo would try to attack Sledge only to be on the receiving end of a Spinning Sidewalk Slam of his own as Sledge & Dino Winwood would celebrate his victory.

Main Event No Rope, Barb Wire, Taipei Death Match:UEW 3-21-15 pic 3
BC Killer def JD Horror after Insaniac & Danny “Monchichi” Rameriez would get involved as Insaniac would Body Slam JD Horror onto a Barb Wire Bat allowing BC Killer to drape his arm over JD Horror for the victory in this extremely Bloody, Hardcore Match as we end the evening’s event.

This event drew an amazing amount of fans for UEW’s 2nd event at their new facility. Aside from some audio problems which dragged the show a bit, from top to bottom the entire card was solid & fun. A lot of the matches did fight on the outside scattering the fans all around the arena but UEW gave the fans this evening something to talk about & to give them wanting more on their next event taking place at the UEW Arena in East LA on April 11th entitled “Malicious Intent”.

As to my Matches of the Night, I give the nod to:
JD Horror vs BC Killer
Sean Black vs Mike Rayne
Sledge vs Gabriel Gallo vs Dom Vitalli
Johnny Saovi vs Biagio Crescenzo

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