3PW – 20 July 2019 – Results

Jordan Clearwater defeated Sledge in the Finals of a tournament to win the vacant 3PW Championship in the main event of 3PW’s July 20th show. Click for full results.

Power Precision Pro Wrestling
July 20, 2019
American Legion Post Post 496
Long Beach, CA

Sledge over Jimi Mayhem.

Jordan Clearwater over Mike Gotch.

Terex over Sgt. Major.

Ultimo Shamu over Cordova.

Drew Masters over Lord Ateu and Bulletproof in a triple threat.

Jordan Clearwater over Ultimo Shamu.

Sledge over Terex.

Kitana Vera over Mariah Moreno to win the 3PW Women’s Championship.

Jordan Clearwater over Sledge to win the vacant 3PW Heavyweight Championship.

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