Lucha Underground Season 4, Episode 20: Seven to Survive

This week Lucha Underground was only listing one match for the show, so either we are getting am episode heavy in storyline or an episode long match. Well, it is the later. Tonight we have seven luchadors doing battle in a Seven to Survive Elimination Match for the Gift of the Gods Championship.

The show starts off with a recap of past episodes as pretty much always. After the recap, the announcers mention that the main event of night one of Ultima Lucha 4 will be Killshot versus Son of Havoc, and that tonight’s main event is also the first match.

The seven wrestlers in the Seven to Survive match are King Cuerno, Big Bad Steve, Hernandez, Aerostar, PJ Black, Jake Strong, and Dante Fox. So basically six wrestlers that the show doesn’t really have anything for, and Jake Strong.

Hernandez was the first wrestler to eliminated, with Fox pinning him with a backslide.

Famous B is managing Big Bad Steve, and gives him a wrench, allowing him to control the match for a bit. PJ Black then took control after going low on Famous B and Big Bad Steve. Strong then took out Black with an ankle lock. After Black tapped Strong broke his ankle.

As everyone was brawling, Drago shows up with a forklift (and a safety vest and hard hat). Aerostar gets on the forklift and Drago raises it as high as it goes. Aerostar then hits a crossbody onto Big Bad Steve and King Cuerno. He is able to pin Steve, but he was damaged enough from the dive that Strong took advantage. Strong puts the ankle lock on Aerostar, and Aerostar taps. King Cuerno saved Aerostar before Strong could break his ankle, however.

The three remaining wrestlers battle and Fox hits a pretty crazy senton from the upper level of the building. The editing in this match wasn’t the best, as there were some continuity errors at times showing some things were filmed out of order. After some time Fox eliminates Cuerno with the Fox Catcher.

With only Fox and Strong left, Strong was able to get Fox in an ankle lock. Fox tried to fight it off, but eventually tapped. Strong is the new Gift of the Gods Champion. The audience was chanting “this is bullshit” at the result. Strong then breaks Fox’s ankle for good measure.

The match had a few cool spots but was mostly average. Most of the people in the match are treated like secondary (or worse) characters, so there’s not a lot of reason for people to be invested. I don’t think a lot of Lucha Underground fans like the Jake Strong push either.

After the credits there is a scene with Johnny Mundo training on the roof for his Ultima Lucha match with Matanza Cueto. Aerostar shows up and offers to help. Mundo scoffs at the offer, but then Drago shows up with the gauntlet Cage had been wearing earlier in the series. Mundo puts it on and there is lightning all around. Mundo now has the power of a god.

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