SoCal News & Notes 05/10/2018

in today’s SoCal News & Notes we have updates on Heroes of Lucha Libre, AOW, EWF, Lucha VaVoom, Vendetta Pro, Chris Jericho and Noelle Foley, and a listing of this week’s Southern California pro-wrestling events. Click for today’s update.

Rey Mysterio Jr. has been added to the June 2 Heroes of Lucha Libre show at the Galen Center in Los Angeles. The promotion had been in talks with him for some time, and the plan was originally to have him on an event at a later date. After realizing they needed to do something to boost ticket sales for their first event at the Galen Center, they were able to make arrangements to bring Mysterio in for June.

Originally Heroes of Lucha Libre had announced they were going to try and draw 10,000 fans to the June 2 event, but then scaled the seating back to where attendance would top out at around 7,000. Their first two events in Ontario drew about 2,500 fans each.

Alpha Omega Wrestling and House of Glory, a New York based promotion run by Amazing Red, are going to be doing talent exchanges between the two promotions. No talent announcements have been made. It is not exactly clear what the talent exchange will consist of, as neither promotion has wrestlers under contract and there would be nothing stopping either promotion from booking whoever they want from the other without an agreement.

Alpha Omega Wrestling will be running May 27 in Twentynine Palms and August 12 in Victorville.

Chris Jericho and Noelle Foley will be signing at Frank and Sons on June 30, 2018 courtesy of Gemini Sports Cards. Foley will be appearing from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and it will cost $20.00 for an autograph or a photo op. Jericho will be there from 12:30 p.m. and it is $50.00 for an autograph or photo op. There are VIP packages available as well. For more info e-mail

Willie Mack will be unable to make his scheduled Empire Wrestling Federation match against Andy Brown for the EWF Heavyweight title on June 1. He will be replaced by Watts.

Lucha VaVoom will be holding their annual summer show on July 26 at the Mayan in Downtown Los Angeles. CMLL’s Diamante Azul will be wrestling at the event. Lil’ Cholo will also be defending the Lucha Underground title in the promotion’s annual Battle for the Belt.

Lucha VaVoom will also have a segment on the May 11 Ellen Show featuring Caristico, Magno, and Dama Fina (Laura james).

Sean Casey and Cody Hawk won the Vendetta Pro International Tag-Team titles at the promotion’s Casino Royale show in Las Vegas. The event was part of the 53rd Cauliflower Alley Club Reunion.

This week’s events:


Millennium Pro Wrestling in Moorpark, CA

FIST Combat in San Diego, CA


Fantastic Lucha Libre in Santa Ana, CA

Underground Empire Wrestling in Sun Valley, CA

Pro-Wrestling in Whittier, CA

Baja Stars USA in San Diego, CA

Rey Mysterio’s Lucha Libre Mayhem in El Cajon, CA


Championship Wrestling From Hollywood TV Taping in Pt. Hueneme, CA (Free Event)

HWP in Oxnard, CA

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