Amped Up – 20 April 2018 – Quick Results

Sean Black, Human Tornado and Dmarco Wilson defeated Chaz Herrera, Koto Hiro and Robby Phoenix the main event for the benefit show for Mr. Impact. Click for full results.

Amped Up Wrestling
Mr. Impact Benefit
April 20, 2018
Los Angeles, CA

The Feelyons (Osiris Mittens and Senior Buttons) & The American Oni overLouie 54, Bobby Rios & Anthony Rose

Ace Dalton, Aguilera & Super Green over Biagio Crescenzo, Azrael & Ruben Igelsias

BC Killer won the Mr. Impact Memorial Battle Royal last eliminating Oso Loco
-Participants: Biggie Biggs, Human Tornado, American Oni, Jay Rich. B-Minus, Osiris Mittens, Tony Raze, Koto Hiro, The Hellkid, Tony Boy Fury, Oso Loco, and BC Killer

Heavy Hitters (Biggie Biggs & Tony Raze) over Divine Intervention (Lord Ateu & Freddy Hellmuth) and King Favi & Voodoo Master

Mariah Moreno over Sage Sin.

Sean Black, Human Tornado & Dmarco Wilson over Chaz Herrera, Koto Hiro & Robby Phoenix

Credit: Mike Draven

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