Championship Wrestling from Hollywood Episode 350 Review

The show starts with Royce Isaacs and Andy Brown being interviewed. Andy mentioned he does what he does, he steals the show. Royce disses the interviewers outfit. Apparently they are wrestling each other and we go to the opening credits.

NI with (ICHI) vs. Ray Rosas 

Announcers give NI zero chance. They really pump up Ray, saying he’s at the pinnacle. NI started things off with a headlock and shoulder tackle. Ray got in a nice combination move and then went for the top. ICHI got the distraction, but Ray got him twice from the top. A Three Amigos on both guys got this one for Ray. It was a quick match to open the show, as Ray breezed through 1 and 2 (ICHI and NI).

Scorpio Sky vs.  Rocketboy D’Marco Wilson  in a non-title match

The SKY BOX Scorpio went through his shtick and introduced Chris Bey and the Onion Pizza band? He did an interview with D’Marco and asked him why he had his skateboard and called him a jabroni Tony Hawk. He mentioned if you want to beat him, you gotta get higher than the referee’s pants. He then told D’Marco he should roll away on his skateboard or he’ll “get this” then attacked him.

The bell rang. Fans were booing Scorpio pretty hard.  Rocketboy was on fire to start the match, but Scorpio nailed Rocketboy with a low dropkick on the apron, taking him out. Sky then did his leg drop on the apron.  A sky high backbreaker into a bow and Arrow by Sky slows things down. The commentators were also confused on Bey joining up with Scorpio. Rocketboy had a great looking powerslam to springboard senton set for a two count. This was followed by a hat trick of suplexes. Scorpio rolled through a cross body and got a pop up cutter to his roundhouse kick for the win.

Both guys looked great in this match. Scorpio came out the winner, and got a ton of boos from the crowd. Scorpio grabbed the mic and then said, “Say it loud, say it proud, Scorpio is the best, the best, the BEST!”  Then they went to commercial.

Interview Segment 

Bateman was being interviewed, and Bateman asked Denise if anyone had ever stolen from her before. He mentioned Dicky had stolen from him, and that you can steal from the Devil once in a while, but Dicky’s in a man’s world and he’s going to show him that.

Kevin Condron vs. Spirit and the Star

Spirit and the Star have a target on their backs and mentioned the Rancheros could strike at any time. Astro and Richie star off and Astro was in charge until he got double teamed. Espiritu hit a smooth basement dropkick.  Slade got out of there and tagged Condron, but Espiritu just kept the momentum going until Conron got an Irish whip into a stomp by Slade. Slade then nailed a tilt a whirl backbreaker on Espiritu.  The announcers wondered how Condron can wear the scarves into the ring. The double teaming by Condron and Slade was effective for a while until a Hurricanrana got a hot tag to Astro.  The house was cleaned until the Star hit double crash and burn to the outside, with Condron pulling his social media manager in the way to take the hit. Espiritu hit his ECD and then Astro hit his running shooting star for the 3 count.

This match had some good double team action in a couple of spots that was fun to see.

American Thunder Dicky Mayer vs. Bateman 

Bateman had made his intentions clear. He wanted revenge on Dicky, plain and simple. The match started off with some heavy tie ups, with Dicky going right for a hammerlock. Bateman got out and Dicky reverses, a real technical show. Bateman used his length and then opened with a heavy right and a heavier chop. Bateman went to work for a while with varied strikes. Dicky got out of the corner and hit a dropkick off the top. Bateman countered with stiff strikes uppercuts, knees, and punches. Dicky fought back but Bateman was all over this. Dicky bridged out but then took some shoot kicks to the chest. Dicky finally fought back, threw his elbow pad and nailed a german. A discus forearm and Death From Above took this match.

This one went a little quicker than I was expecting, but Bateman nailed his finisher. Definitely a statement match by Bateman. This was probably the best technical old school match on the show. This looked like a great rivalry that I can’t wait to see more of.

Interview Segment 

Condron vaped his way into the interview booth, blowing Denise right off the stage. He spent too much time he says, he’s spent a year here and calls Nico out with a bag of chips in his hand. Condron mentioned he’s a star and he needs a shot. Nico said, Why not? Condron asked him if he’s sure, he said sure! Condron’s so blown away by this that he handed the mic to Nico and then left.

Nico was then asked by Denise on who the next person to wrestle Bad Dude Tito.

Tito will have to be ready for an Olympian next week, because he’s traveled around the world, scouting and, um, other things.  Tito will face Jeff Cobb.

Andy Brown vs. Royce Isaacs in a PP3 Cup semi-final 

I expected this would be a good matchup as Andy Brown is so underrated and Royce is solid as well. The matchup started technical. They mentioned Ryan Taylor winning the first one, and the opportunities to cash in with the Cup. In other words, if you win the Cup, you get a title shot, which makes for some interesting cash-ins. Andy looked really good here, smooth and crisp at the same time. The announcers also noticed how powerful Andy is. Royce hadn’t really taken control much yet in the match. Andy went like he’s going to top, but then went outside and cartwheeled over the apron and nailed a kick on Royce. This was short lived though, because Royce grabbed Andy and smashed him into the stairs. We then went to commercial.

We came back from the break and Royce was still in control, stretching Andy out, but a crowd chant was getting Andy fired up to get out.  However, Royce regained control with a full nelson. Andy nailed a butterfly back breaker for two. Royce countered with a clubbing lariat to the back of the neck. Royce climbed the turnbuckle and nailed Andy with an elbow from the middle rope, but couldn’t get the 3 count. A deadlift suplex got another two for Royce. Andy finally got some respite when he nailed Royce with a right hand when Royce went to the top again, which isn’t his usual game. Andy got his second wind as he rushed on Royce to a spinebuster to superkick for a two count. This match was really going back and forth. Royce tried for Sleepy Eyes of Death, but Andy slipped out, nailed a superkick and a running forearm, but still couldn’t get the three. Isaacs attempted a tight grab in the middle. Andy tried to get his rolling cutter COD, but Royce fish hooked Andy and nailed the X wing German suplex for three to take it. The ref never caught the fish hook, so Isaacs made the finals. We aren’t sure who he’s facing, but that should be known next week.

Final Thoughts 

These were solid matches, and the episode went by fast. I was loving the interview segments because they had focus. I’m kept up to date on upcoming matches on the show. Bateman has been really using that to his advantage, really moving his feud along with Dicky nicely. Even the first match went by quickly, making Ray look strong and dynamic. Scorpio was really showing well and had the crowd hating him at every minute. Royce Isaacs had looked good so far, so it’ll be interesting to see if he faces Suede or not in the finals. Things feel like they are building well towards the PP3 final.

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