Final Judgment preview and venue change

Final Judgment moved their location this week to the House of Grace Church in Whittier. This location was the spot of their last show, which was a fun experience. Set on November 4th at 5pm, this show is a bit earlier than others so it might be possible to double up if you are so inclined. This show has a couple of fun matches and some wrestlers debuting in Southern California.

Ruben Iglesias vs. Richie Slade 

This should be an interesting match, I’ve only seen Richie Slade a few times in Alpha Omega Wrestling (AOW), but he’s wrestled elsewhere. Richie’s a high flyer with some technical skill, and Ruben should have his hands full here. Not sure where this match is going to be on the card.

Dirty Ron McDonald vs. Ricky Mandel

Dirty Ron has been building himself quite the fan-base in the last year, and has been seen at several promotions recently. Dirty Ron’s one of the more entertaining wrestlers in SoCal.  Ricky has been working out of the area lately so his return to a SoCal Indy show that isn’t on TV is nice. Ricky really works a heel style, and gets underneath the skin of the audience. It’s pretty entertaining to watch.

Friend Zone vs. The Ballard Brothers vs. Perfect Alliance
Triple Threat Tag Team Match

Friend Zone is Ivy Quinn (aka Buggy Nova) and Chazz Herrera, a fresh team that I haven’t seen live before. Ballard Brothers are a legendary tag team that have been wrestling here forever, and have held belts in every company in the area. Perfect Alliance is DA shade and Shaggy McLovin, (making his SoCal debut).The promotion they usually work out of is Big Valley Wrestling from Vegas, where they have been rivals.

The Vegan Superman vs. Eli Everfly

This is one of my favorite matchups on the card. Both of these wrestlers are well known and wrestle everywhere. They’ve matched up in other locations but I think this may their first one-on-one match of the year. I try to catch both of these guys wherever they wrestle as it’s usually one of the faster paced, action filled matches on the card. Vegan loves to tell everyone his lifestyle, and has some innovative moves. Eli is fearless and does things that have to be seen to be believed.

Tito Escondido vs. SoCal Crazy

Tito has been basically winning every title of promotions he goes into. His wrestling has hit another level this year.  He’s a legit top 3 heavyweight in the local area and does things guys his size usually isn’t able to do. Watching SoCal Crazy try to handle the power and athleticism of Tito will be his biggest challenge so far this year. I expect a total clash of styles with these two. Hopefully Tito doesn’t kill SoCal, especially at a church.

Final Judgment will be served on Saturday November 4th. This is a good place to take your kids and see a few debuts of wrestlers that usually don’t work in the area. Ruben has used some local favorites, but I do notice he will bring in people that are different, or not mainstays in SoCal, which makes for some nice variety. Food is cooked fresh to order and there’s something for everyone at most of these shows.

Tickets are 10 dollars, and the new location address is:

12222 Philadelphia St, Whittier CA, 90601