FIST Combat June 9, 2017 – review

It doesn’t matter how long you watch pro-wrestling, occasionally you see something different. This past Friday at FIST Combat was certainly something different.

FIST Combat is geared towards an adult audience and incorporates a lot of comedy with some pretty good (although limited by the low ceiling) wrestling. On June 9th they had what they were calling their biggest show to date, with Joey Ryan, Kikutaro, and Delirious all on the card. Things got crazy.

Styker wins a battle royal [6’51]

There was a seminar with Delirious earlier in the day and the show started with a battle royal featuring some of the wrestlers that took part in the seminar.  The participants were Guy Cool, Alexander G. Bernard, KC Douglas, Chaz Herrera, Azrael, Karl Fredricks, Alonzo Alvarez, Officer Chip, and Styker. Once there were only four wrestlers left, the rules changed and first one to get a pin would win. Luckily Styker explained this for the audience.

The show began with Joey Ryan coming out to cut a promo. He stated that he was facing B-Boy for the FIST Championship later, as stars of his and B-Boy’s stature don’t open the show. He went on to say he wants B-Boy to defend the title under 24/7 rules for the night, meaning a title change can happen at any time. B-Boy comes out and accepts, and Joey asks him to “shake his dick” to seal the deal. As B-Boy reaches down to I guess shake his dick, Joey schoolboys him and wins the title.

Eli Everfly over Rocketboy D’Marco Wilson [11’59]

Before the match starts the crowd chants “shake his dick.” This would now be chanted before every match. Both of these wrestlers have done a great job of adapting their styles to the limitations of FIST’s venue. Even though they are both known as high flyers, they managed to have a really good match without really being able to use the top rope. They also have been incorporating more crowd brawling here, as it plays more into the wildness of the atmosphere. This was really good and as far as technical wrestling goes, was the match of the night.

Jacob Diez over SoCal Crazy to retain the FCW XRT title [14’52]

The Vegan Superman was defending his FCW XRT title here. Over the last 6 months or so Diez has flipped a switch somewhere and has become one of the most hated heels in Southern California by taking his vegan gimmick to 11. There was even talk in the audience of people bringing raw steaks to throw at him. To top it off he has new pink gear with a ton of tassels that looks like it was made by the same person who makes Bayley’s gear. I thought he and SoCal Crzy worked pretty well together and they had a pretty fun match. The finish saw Diez rip Crazy’s mask off, and while that is normally a DQ, there are no DQs in FIST so Diez pinned the maskless Crazy while he was trying to cover his face with a towel.

B-Boy over Joey Ryan to win the FIST Championship [14’19]

When Joey Ryan was in the midst of his year plus long reign as PWG World Champion, his biggest feud was with B-Boy. These two have probably faced each other hundreds of times over the years. This was mostly a comedy match. Joey oiled himself up like normal, and when they went to lock up B-Boy slipped off him and then slipped on the floor too. At one point B-Boy sodomized Joey with a lollipop. Joey did a running YouPorn Plex and flipped B-Boy into the corner. B-Boy reversed a small package to get the win and his title back. Hopefully we see more of Joey in FIST.

Immediately after the match Joey grabs the title, hits B-Boy with it, pins him, and wins the title back.

During intermission a really drunk guy got in the ring and took his shirt off for some reason.

Human Tornado over Kikutaro [11’31]

First Joey Ryan versus B-Boy and now Human Tornado versus Kikutaro. It is like a mid-200s PWG show. Officer Chip Law came out to give out tickets to both wrestlers. Kikutaro seemed pretty distraught over getting the ticket, and Human Tornado’s ticket was higher because he is black. The match itself was OK, but not as funny as Joey Ryan and B-Boy’s match earlier. After the match they beat on Officer Chip law some.

True Grit (Jesse James & Hoss Hogg) over Classic Connection (Levi Shapiro & Buddy Royal) [12’34]

It seemed like the story early was Classic Connection trying to show they were the better technical wrestlers while True Grit showed off more power. Eventually the match devolved into a straight brawl and all four wrestlers were brawling in the crowd. They actually brawled through doors to the outside and True Grit was announced as the winners, but I’m not certain why.

Dirty Ron McDonald over Delirious in an ‘I Quit’ match to retain the Get FIST’d TV title [12’11]

Dirty Ron cuts a promo before the match and mentions he’s taken two strips of acid and that he will get Delirious to quit by “fucking his mind.” As the both wrestlers were in the ring Classic Connection and True Grit brawled back into the crowd. The ‘I Quit’ match starts with Dirty Ron singing a song about fucking Delirious’ mind. After the song he asks Delirious if he wants to quit and Delirious says “I kind of do.” Delirious grabs the mic and then does some mumble rapping. Next Dirty Ron brings out Kikutaro and he starts giving Delirious a lap dance. Then Joey Ryan comes out and starts a strip tease, but B-Boy sneaks out and surprise pins Ryan to regain the FIST Championship. Officer Chip Law has seen enough and comes out to the ring. He pulls out a gun and Dirty Ron manages to take it from him. Ron then puts the gun to Delirious’ head, getting Delirious to quit the match and end the show.

This show was crazy and a lot of fun. I think this will go down as one of those shows people are talking about for a long time just due to how nuts it was. The promotion has stated they’ll be posting this show for free on their YouTube channel soon, so it is definitely worth checking out, especially for the main event.

I personally like the way FIST has embraced it’s craziness since moving to the San Diego area. The shows have become nothing short of insane, and as I stated earlier, like nothing else in the area. It certainly isn’t for everyone. If you don’t like raunchy comedy and insane stories with your wrestling, you probably won’t like FIST. If you want to see something completely different and wild, give it a try.

Apparently it isn’t for the Don Diego VFW either, as they kicked FIST out after the show. This forces FIST to move their July 7th show to the American Legion in Chula Vista.

Their next show is July 7th in Chula Vista and it is Dirty Ron’s birthday bash. Also announced is B-Boy versus Ruby Raze.

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