Brave Immortal Combat 6/4 preview

Brave Immortal Combat is running their debut show in San Diego this Sunday the 4th. This show is bringing in some talent that hasn’t been seen in the area with a good mix of local talent thrown in for good measure. Let’s take a look at this card, shall we?

Mike Camden vs. Corey Jackson 

Mike Camden has been wrestling mostly for SoCal Pro and held the title for the company for quite some time. He’s a solid wrestler with a great look, abilities, and according to him: “Great hair”. Corey Jackson, who came out of SoCal Pro and has recently been honing his skills at Battle U, will look to take his explosive skills against a top competitor in Camden. This should be a fun opener.

Reservoir Dogs Match: Shane Strickland vs. Scorpio Sky vs. Oraculo vs. Serpentico 

I’m still unsure on what a Reservoir Dogs match is, but this should be a exciting four way match between some of the hottest wrestlers in the area. Shane Strickland (also known as KillShot in Lucha Underground) is a versatile high flyer that has wrestled all over the country. Scorpio Sky is a local favorite and considered one of the best pure wrestlers in the area with experience in TNA, PWG, and Wrestle Circus recently. You can also catch him locally on TV in Championship Wrestling from Hollywood.

Oraculo and Serpentico are two eye opening luchadores that have wrestled with success as singles wrestlers and as a tag team. Oraculo, aka Jay Rios has wrestled everywhere, most recently with The Crash and PCW, along with several other local promotions. Serpentico has similar experience, but has been doing a ton of shows on the East Coast to start the year, especially in Florida. Both are extreme high flyers and have a lot to offer in this match.

Sean Maluta vs. SoCal Crazy 

Sean Maluta was recently seen competing in the Cruiserweight Classic and 205 Live. Another big claim to fame for him is the Samoan Dynasty/Legacy he is in. Most of the work I’ve seen from him has been on NXT and his work in Florida. Solid worker with a good look, Maluta can also fly like most of the cruiserweights.

SoCal Crazy has been a mainstay here locally for quite some time, and can still go in the ring. He’s been a champion of several promotions in the area so he has experience, ability and also a knack for getting people out of their seats. He’s wrestled most recently here in the area, but has also wrestled in Japan and Oregon this year as well.

This should be an intriguing matchup and also gives people a chance to see Maluta wrestle which is a rarity on the West Coast.

Keith Lee vs. Dezmond Xavier 

Keith Lee is a powerful, crazy athletic big man that will surprise you with just about everything he does in the ring. Power, finesse, athleticism, this man has it all. You’ve not experienced life until you’ve seen Keith Lee flying over the top rope to the floor. Keith is just starting to get exposure here on the West Coast after a brief run with ROH where he wasn’t used correctly. He is really starting to catch promotion’s attention.

Dezmond Xavier is a talented performer in his own right, recently showing up on TV with Impact Wrestling. Dezmond is home based in the Midwest, but recently has wrestled in the UK, Florida, and Mexico. He’s a true high flyer with some innovative moves. Keith Lee outweighs Desmond by at least 100 lbs. This might be one of the sneaky great matches on the card.

B-Boy vs. The Vegan Superman vs. Rocketboy Wilson 

This match is going to be good. A triple threat with some of the area’s well known wrestlers. B-Boy is a legend in the area and has the resume to prove it. He also is the head trainer for a local school in San Diego called Battle U. B-Boy doesn’t take shit from anyone and has wrestled everywhere. He’s wrestled everywhere locally, had a run on Lucha Underground, PWG, and also has wrestled up and down the coast this year, even up in Washington, wrestling for 321 Battle in Seattle.

The Vegan Superman has been making a good run of things since coming back from injury earlier this year. I also think that recently this has been some of his better work in the ring and with his interactions with fans. He’s a sneaky good performer with a chip on his shoulder. He’s also got some of the stiffest strikes on the West Coast.

Rocketboy has been wrestling all over the area and in the surrounding states and has a dedicated following. He’s a versatile competitor that can adapt to most styles. This guy is just at the edge of busting out and really making a name for himself. He came in second during the most recent FCW Proving Grounds tournament and has made great strides in the last year or so. He’s a charismatic performer that is tougher than he looks. This matchup will be exciting and probably really painful for anyone in the ring.

Jeff Cobb vs. Brody King 

This match was a late addition to the card, and it was a good surprise. This match pits two of the hottest heavyweights on the West Coast against each other in what I believe is a first time match-up for these two. Jeff Cobb has won many accolades, and also has wrestled everywhere in the area, notably PWG, Lucha Underground, and PCW. He wrestled last week in the UK. He is a heavyweight with an Olympic background, but also is one of the more talented heavyweights that I’ve seen in quite some time.

Brody King has been on the rise as a young competitor, working with a host of local promotions and recently earning his way onto the next Wrestle Circus show. He has notably shown here locally on shows such as AWS, PCW, FCW, and many more. He recently won the Young Lions Cup up north and has recently been working further and further away from his home territory. He’s also another talented heavyweight that can also do lucha libre moves, which are impressive, considering how big he is. He comes off as such a strong, intimidating presence. This match was added late, but it’s a welcome addition to the card.

Marshe Rockett and Jorel Nelson vs. Crime Time 

Marshe Rockett is another performer we haven’t seen wrestle in the area. Most recently he’s been seen on Impact wrestling, challenging for the X division title. He’s also wrestled for Chikara, and recently CSW out of Illinois. He’s an agile big man, to a level where he can compete in the X Division and not look out of place. The underrated part of his game is his power.

Jorel Nelson has been wrestling all over the area lately, mainly out of EWF. I had the pleasure of watching his match against Chris Strong (who is also on the card) at Maverick Pro and was impressed with his work. He’s an agile, powerful guy with a lot of muscle packed on.

Crime Time is well known for their WWE run (both of them) and have returned to the independent scene recently in the last few years. They had a run of a couple of years, and have wrestled a few matches on the East Coast, most recently against the Headbangers. I haven’t seen these guys on the independents other than the Headbangers match, but they looked good there. Both of them still can wrestle and so this is going to be a treat to see these guys because they just aren’t here on this coast and wrestle infrequently.

Eli Everfly vs. Lio Rush for the HOG championship 

Eli “The Fly” Everfly is an exciting talent here in the area, with some of the most impressive offense seen since Rey Mysterio. He’s an up and comer, and in some promotions, he’s already arrived. Recently he’s worked at FCW, AWS, and earned his way onto the PCW show this weekend. The one thing you know is that you won’t see him take a match off even if it’s just a birthday party show. He’s been having a breakthrough first half of his year and he’s wrestling a new star in Lio Rush.

Lio Rush has been a breakout wrestler for the last few years, showing his face in first in ROH and recently in the area at PWG with some outstanding performances. He’s been all over the place recently, and for good reason. He’s an exciting match, no matter who he wrestles with. He’s also shown some versatility and fearlessness by wrestling anyone, no matter what their size. This match between these two has a chance to blow the doors off this place.

Elijah Burke vs. Chris Strong for the Immortal Championship

Elijah Burke, or “The Pope” as he is known by at Impact Wrestling, is someone I have never seen live. He’s done some recent work for FEW in Florida, and of course most people recognize him by his commentary work now, has had extensive runs in WWE, TNA, and also on the independent circuit. But he hasn’t really wrestled over here, which makes this matchup more intriguing. From the tape I’ve seen, he’s still got plenty left in the tank.

Chris Strong is someone that is really taking off as a wrestler recently. I had the chance to see him wrestle against Jorel Nelson at Maverick Pro last month and was impressed. This match also was ranked #5 for SoCal matches of the month for May. The guy is talented and hungry and he’s coming for this title. Seeing if Burke can keep up with Strong will be one of the focal points in this match for me personally.

Thoughts: A strong overall card with great last minute additions of Cobb and Brody. There’s a lot of talent here that is rarely seen on the West Coast and some wrestlers making their debuts on the coast. The local talent should show good against this group and I’m excited for this debut. The reasons above should be enough to go if you are on the fence for this.

The Jacobs Center is located at 404 Euclid Ave., San Diego, CA.

Tickets are $50 for Front Row, $40 for rows 2&3, $30 for rows 4&5, $15 for General Admission for adults, and $10 General Admission for kids.

Tickets available online at

For more information, visit

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