Sabotage Wrestling: “She’s Crafty” Recap – Austin, TX

By Joseph Montana; Courtesy Heel/Face Wrestling

On Saturday, May 13th, Austin, Texas played host to Sabotage Wrestling’s She’s Crafty show. Sabotage is priding itself on being the premier promotion for women’s wrestling and they are proving to be. This past show was only their third ever and the first in Texas, the previous two were in California. These ladies brought their “A” game and gave the Weird City a night to remember.

Arrow Club vs. Machiko San & Honor Society

The opening match was a six man intergender tag match featuring The Arrow Club going against Honor Society w/Machiko San. This match started us off with Desi Derata taking a beating from Drake Frost. Desi showed that she has the heart of a warrior by not giving up and ultimately getting the tag from Kyote. This match was speed versus power with the Arrow Club using their quickness to stay a few steps ahead of the Honor Society. Desi Derata and Machiko San showed they are tough and can bring the fight to anybody. In the end, Arrow Club would prevail by getting the pinfall victory.

Shotzi Blackheart vs. Kat Green

Up next, the fans were treated to a title match. Shotzi Blackheart would put her Gold Rush Lady Luck Championship on the line against Texas’ own Kat Green. Like all great heels, Shotzi cut a promo letting the crowd know how she felt about Austin and Texas, saying the city and state sucked. She really got the crowd against her when she chose to slander the beloved institution known as WhataBurger. Kat Green would be tasked with not only trying to win the title but also defending the honor of the state. The “Ballsy Badass” would weather the initial onslaught of Green and turn the tides of the battle. Kat showed why she is considered one of the up and coming wrestlers by holding her own and keeping the “Ballsy Badass” (I like typing that) on her toes. Shozti would get the victory and retain, but she would have to use a feigned injury to lure Green into a vulnerable spot.

Rob Love vs. Scoot Robertson vs. Mr. B

In a match with so much bad blood between two competitors, it’s no wonder we saw some blood in this match. Rob Love and Mr. B brought their mutual hatred for one another to the Sabotage ring in the only all male match of the night. Scoot Robertson was thrown into the mix of what inevitably turned into a Chicago Street Fight. Chi-Town’s Finest and Love would focus on each other with Scoot, wisely, staying out of the fray until the time was right. This was a brutal match which saw the fans in the middle of the action as it spilled over into the crowd. Mr. B would attack Love with a beer, a kendo stick, a chair and a crutch. Scoot would show he was not to be overlooked by attempting and unfortunately failing to land a frog splash from the sound booth into the ring. Scoot would pick up the win and after the match, Mr. B took the opportunity to turn out Love’s lights.

Twisted Sisterz vs. Extra Talent-ed

Returning from a brief intermission, the match that got the show rolling again was for the newly minted Sabotage World Tag Team Titles. Extra Talent-ed, Aaron Solow and Ricky Starks, had stolen the belts from the Heel/Face Wrestling Crew and had declared themselves the rightful champions. Thunder Rosa and Holidead, The Twisted Sisterz, had something to say about that. This match keep the crowd on its feet from the bell. Both teams would wage war on the opposite gender. Ricky showed his gentlemanly qualities by refraining from striking the Sisterz at first, but the constant barrage of battery and insults would set him off. Showing that wrestling knows no gender this match gave the crowd a view of inter-gender wrestling that Texas isn’t fully accustomed too. The match gained both teams a ton of new fans and helped broaden the acceptance of inter-gender wrestling as a whole in the minds of the people. From hip toss to chops, powerbombs, and superkicks, this match brought the house down with the Twisted Sisterz standing tall in the end as the legitimate first ever Sabotage Wrestling World Tag Team Champions.

Heather Monroe vs. Ray Lyn

The match that followed was a match requested by the two wrestlers themselves. Ray Lyn and Heather Monroe have both become known for twerking, but Ray Lyn claimed that Heather had stolen her gimmick. This would be a loser leaves twerk match with the loser no longer able to twerk. While the match started off as it should, with both ladies showing the crowd why they are known for their twerk, it quickly became an action fueled wrestling match. Both ladies were determined to make the twerk their own with neither showing an ounce of quit. Ray Lyn was accompanied to the ring by her Raze Cray tag partner, Ruby Raze, and this would prove the difference. With Raze providing support both offensively and morally, Ray Lyn would get the win and retain the right to twerk. The crowd would chant for Monroe to twerk one last time but she would decline simply stating “I can’t anymore”.

Weird City Warfare

Weird City Warfare would follow and words cannot do this match justice. This match was everywhere and had everything. It featured 9 awesome women and was action packed. Allie Kat would get the “Spot of the Night” with her dive off the balcony into the sea of ladies. Christi Jaynes would show that she can bring it with a moon sault off the sound booth. This match spilled out into the crowd several times. Featuring 9 ladies, many of whom fans were seeing for the first time, the only way to really give this match its props is to just say to watch it when the show comes out on demand because it was amazing. The winner and new number one contender for the Sabotage Women’s World Title is now Ruby Raze.

Sabotage World Championship
Delilah Doom vs. Erica Torres

The main event of the evening was Delilah Doom vs. Erica Torres. Accompanying his “Dark Queen” to the ring would be the self-titled “World’s Best Looking GM” Donovan Troi. Troi has been on a mission to destroy Doom and get the title off of her. Erica Torres was his handpicked challenger and in the beginning, it looked like the team would be too much for the Queen of Aerobic Style to overcome. This “Falls Count Anywhere” match would live up to its name with both ladies using the entire building as their war zone. From bouncing each other off of the building supports to slamming each other on the concrete floor, these two fierce wrestlers showed the desire to be the champion. Delilah showed she can dig deep and would face the odds head on. Troi would let Austin see jus how far he would go to dethrone Doom and in the end, he would end up on the receiving end of a couple of flying clotheslines. Doom would get the submission victory by hooking Torres on a chair and using an unconventional maneuver that would make Richard Simmons shout!

It was a fun night of wrestling and fans are clamoring to have Sabotage back in Texas. The stream of the show should be dropping soon and I encourage all to check it out. Sabotage’s next show will be on August 5 in Imperial Beach, California. Will Sabotage return to Texas? Only time with tell.

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