Vendetta Pro: Midget Mania – 25 March 2017 – Quick Results

J-Mazing won a battle royal in the main event of Vendetta Pro’s Midget Mania show in Ramona. Click for full results.

Vendetta Pro: Midget Mania
March 25, 2017
Ramona Main Stage
Ramona, CA

Lil Chola over Lil Homie

Ashley Grace over Tab Jackson

Lobito over Tsuky

Richie Slade over J-Mazing

J-Mazing won a Battle Royal when he pinned Richie Slade. Eliminations included pinfalls, submissions, being thrown under the ropes or through the ropes and out as well as over the top rope. Battle Royal also included Tsuky, Lobito, Lil Chola, Ashley Grace, and Tab Jackson

Results credit Chris Duncan

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