Championship Wrestling from Hollywood episode 291 review

This week Championship Wrestling from Hollywood aired their 291st episode. That ties them with The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show and Dragon Ball Z in total number of episodes. Only five episodes away from equally Beverly Hills 90210’s run. Look out Brenda Walsh!

This week’s episode features a main event that is the culmination of the feud between Yuma and Jarek 120 that apparently included attempted murder at one point. They are scheduled to meet in a non-sanctioned match. I heard good things about this match so I’m looking forward to it.

The show started with SCU alumni Hideki Shibata interviewing Yuma. This was to hype up the main event and I thought Yuma did a good job of getting across the importance of the match.

The first match was Dan Joseph versus Jace Battle. This was my first time seeing Jace, who I understand wrestles out of Vegas, and I thought he did looked good. He controlled the offense early and had some nice sequences and was pretty crisp at transitioning. He seemed to show a lot of personality too. Dan Joseph is part of Pac 3 so Dicky Maier and Coach Flexo were at ringside too. Jace had control until Coach Flexo got on the apron and distracted him, allowing Joseph to hit a missile drop kick. Joseph got a little offense in, nothing spectacular but nothing bad. Jace regained the advantage but eventually Dicky Maier distracted the ref and Coach Flexo hit Jace over the head with a clipboard that broke and Joseph was able to get the pin. I think a wrestler getting knocked out by a flimsy clipboard is pretty silly after they just took a bunch of shots that didn’t take them out. Those things just don’t scream devastating weapon. Anyway, this was a pretty decent opener.

Hideki Shibata is interviewing Scorpio Sky next. Sky is still gunning for Tyler Bateman’s TV title. He hypes up his match later in the episode with Suede Thompson. Sky has a ton of charisma and had a really good promo.

After a commercial break Hideki Shibata is with Bad Dude Tito Escondido. He will get a rematch against “Pretty” Peter Avalon coming up. Tito does a good job here.

Scorpio Sky and Suede Thompson are up now. This should be good. In the first 10 seconds of the match Scorpio Sky flips out of a wrist lock. The opening sequence has them both countering each other and even both men countering out of a fireman’s carry. There was a lot of really nice stuff in this match. Suede Thompson hits a double stomp on Scorpio while he is hanging upside down in the corner but Scorpio kicks out. Scorpio hit a really nice fisherman brainbuster in this. Oddly, even though there was a “this is awesome” chant before the match started, I don’t remember one during the match, despite the match being in fact, awesome. I may have missed it though. Scorpio hits a high knee and then the Ace of Spades to get the win. This was a really good match.

Grant Baciocco is with Ray Lyn. She cuts a really good promo on Ashley Grace. Ray Lyn has been having some really good matches locally and seems like she will be a great addition to CWFH. Good stuff here.

The main event between Yuma and Jarek is up. The mention this is a non-sanctioned fight, meaning Championship Wrestling from Hollywood is not liable for any injuries. Let’s see that hold up in court! Yuma attacks Jarek right off the bat and takes him out of the ring. He gets the advantage and handcuffs Jarek to the ropes. Yuma starts pulling stuff from under the ring. He has an Amazon box that had a pipe in it. Yuma attacks Jarek with the pipe. Then he pulls cookie sheets from under the ring. The weirdest stuff is always stored under wrestling rings. Yuma was then filling the ring with chairs and Jarek uses his magician skills to get out of the handcuffs. I thought incorporating the magician stuff was a nice touch. Jarek attacks Yuma and gains the upper hand, but then for some reason sits in a chair rather than continuing to attack. I guess it was to give Yuma time to blade. Up to this point there was too much inaction in this match. Jarek goes for a springboard from outside the ring and slips but Yuma made a nice save by quickly throwing a chair at Jarek to cover. When Jarek regains control he starts using all of Vermin’s finishers on Yuma and does the Vermin “V” to toy with Yuma. There was crowd noise being piped in during the match that really came across as awkward any time they showed the crowd and it was clear it wasn’t coming from there. I wish CWFH would move away from doing that. Jarek empties a sack of Legos into the ring, but then he is the one who ends up taking a bump into them. Yuma hits a Samoan drop from the top rope into a pile of chairs but isn’t able to get the pin. Yuma eventually hits the Sex Factor for the win.

I thought the first part of the match was a little slow but it picked up once they got in the ring. I really liked the story they were telling in the match with Jarek taunting Yuma throughout with the use of Vermin’s moves and I thought Yuma showed really good emotion in the match. Overall it was an OK match but a pretty good blow off to their feud.

Overall the episode was pretty enjoyable. Scorpio Sky and Suede Thompson had a really good match that’s worth checking out and the other two matches were entertaining. I thought all the promos were once again well done, especially Scorpio Sky and Ray Lyn. It seems like the show is really picking up steam as it heads towards it’s 300th episode.

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