Championship Wrestling From Hollywood Episode 278+The Episode 277 H.A.T.E Special!

I’ve got a special treat for everyone. In addition to the usual Championship Wrestling From Hollywood review, I’m gonna do a special mini-review of H.A.T.E’s “You Can’t Sit With Us..” from September 10th, 2016! Golly, it must be your birthday!

Since episode 277 of Championship Wrestling From Hollywood isn’t on the FITE app and 278 is, I’ll just do a recap of the only things I saws. Yes, I said saws. Raze and Heather Monroe had a good match, Raze won. To be honest, I’m not a big fan of women’s wrestling (fucking sue me), but I enjoyed the match. Evan Daniels v.s Ju Dizz was alright. Daniels is pretty impressive from what I’ve seen. Fake-Russian Sasha Darevko vs. Johnny Yuma. This match sucked. The angle after it where someone stalked Johnny Yuma, his kid, and his wife in the park and supermarket also sucked. I stopped watching the show at this point because my DVR (which is my back up source for CWFH when FITE TV isn’t updated properly) sucks ass. So instead of rambling, I’m gonna do a special mini-review of H.A.T.E’s “You Can’t Sit With Us” from September 10th, 2016 in East Los Angeles, CA a the Underground Auditorium!

H.A.T.E – You Can’t Sit With Us..

Click below for the playlist of this event, and be sure to check out FanDeLucha’s Youtube Channel for more SoCal wrestling and Lucha Libre videos.

The show started off with special guest host and M.C. for the evening Mondo Vega coming out to cut a promo about the show. He talked about the common bitterness he and the members of H.A.T.E had towards the Southern California wrestling scene. From low pay, promoters booking undeserving workers who are their friends as top stars, workers having to pay to be on shows, and other things that they believed was wrong with the SoCal scene. After that, the show was underway. Che Cabrera vs. Mike Camden was the first match on the show .Camden came out to generic AC/DC song #442, but in the middle of the match, a miracle happened. Camden developed some personality by getting in the face of SoCal Wrestling Hipster Ed Alexander, calling him a pussy and yelling at him. That’s what you need, Mike! You need more of that shit with your character! The match was enjoyable. I feel like Che’s matches would be better if he were a shit talking asshole like Kevin Steen was during his independent wrestling run as Che sorta reminds me of Kevin. Douglas James v. Rico Dynamite (w/ Damien Arsenick) was a fun match. Rico talked some shit on Douglas’ school for heat. The finish with Rico kicking Douglas James in the face while applying an armbar was a good finish.

Then there was a fatal-four way featuring Max X. vs. Ju Dizz vs. BC Killer vs. Human Tornado. Tornado and BC Killer had a legitimately hilarious sequence after Tornado tried to bitch slap him. The match itself was ok. SoCal Wrestling Hipster Ed Alexander made fun of the finsih when Max X hit a front flip onto of BC Killer after he hit a Vader Bomb on Ju Dizz. Ed kept exclaiming “HE TRIPPED! THAT WASN’T A SWANTON! OR A SENTON! HE TRIPPED” I legitimately laughed hard at this. The next match was Nate Coy vs. Tyler Bateman. Bateman pretty much killed Nate Coy, and Jungle Boy hit some good spots. Nate Coy also sold Bateman’s lariat like a champ. Good stuff here. Tito Escondido vs. Ryan Kidd was a pretty good match. It had a good mix of some good chain wrestling to start, some Lucha shit, Tito tossing Ryan Kidd around, and Kidd doing some cool spots that Tito based for really well. I honestly thought this match was a good match, and better than the Adam Cole vs. Brian Cage match from the last PWG show, or anything Sami Callihan has done. Really good match here. The Quesadora into a Dragon Suplex spot was awesome. Good match.

The next match featured a really good tag team match with Pretty In Pink (Peter Avalon & Pinky) (w/Damien Arsenick) vs. B-Boy & D’Marco Wilson. This was a really fun match with some pretty cool spots. I recommend checking this match out, as it’s one of the top 3 matches on this show. The advertised main event of the show was Ray Rosas vs. Mariachi Loco. This was pretty good. There was a really cool spot where Ray Rosas countered a springboard arm drag attempt by Mariachi Loco by catching his waist and then hitting a German Suplex on him. The UEW wrestlers, led by UEW Heavyweight Champion Fern Owens, made their way to the ring, caused a huge scene and cost Ray the match. This was a pretty good match. After the advertised main event, Fern Owens got on the mic and they did an angle that resulted in them in having an impromptu match featuring Ray Rosas vs. Fern Owens (c)  for the UEW Heavyweight Championship, which Ray would win. The match itself wasn’t anything worth writing about, but the angle to end the show as really cool.

Final Thoughts on H.A.T.E’s You Can’t Sit With Us

Overall, H.A.T.E’s “You Can’t Sit With Us” was a solid show and a good showcase of some of the upcoming talent in the SoCal scene. Whether this was a one-off show or the start of something new remains to be seen, but it’d be nice to see if H.A.T.E could put on more shows in the future as this group seems to know how to run a fun show.

Championship Wrestling From Hollywood Episode 278

The show starts off with Joshua Shibata interviewing Tito Escondido. Him and Peter are doing “Pick Your Poison” matches. That’s really all that there is to say about this. After the introduction, we see Peter Avalon at ringside with the commentary dorks. Tito enters the ring, and Peter Avalon announced his opponent, Adam Thornstowe.

Tito Escondido vs. Adam Thornstowe

This was an alright match. There was some good chain wrestling to start, and Tito hit a nice Dragon Suplex. After that, the match featured a lot of basic strikes at a slower pace. There were a bunch of production fuck ups after the commercial break, as whoever edited the show seemed to insert graphic transitions in places they’re not needed. Like I said, this match was alright. Tito hit some cool shit, but I really feel like both these guys could’ve produced a more exciting match with a hotter crowd for the finishing stretch. Tito got the win.

Johnny Yuma vs. Guy Cool

Fucking Guy Cool didn’t even get an entrance, making it obvious the bookerman was going over. The commentators kept talking about Yuma’s stalker. The crowd didn’t give a shit about the match, and rightfully so. It was obvious who was going over. This was just a waste of him.

Post match shenanigans: Josh Shibata tries to interview Yuma, and Johnny Yuma cuts a terrible promo. He’s got the acting ability of an 8th grade drama student. He had video footage of him being followed by a guy on a motorcycle. Very irresponsible of him to be driving while operating a video camera. He could’ve caused an accident. Fucking idiot. So Yuma grabbed the stalkers camera. Turned out the guy stalking him was Jarek 1:20. I really don’t even give a shit why. This angle fucking sucks. After a commercial, Josh Shibata interviews Peter Avalon in the back. It was a promo about his match later in the night. Nothing much to write about. Just, blah.

Styker vs. DJ Hyde

The man who was buried by John Zandig in his parents backyard, the DEEJ, DJ Hyde, is back from suspension. He squashes Styker. This was awful aside from Styker’s selling of DEEJ’s lariat. Not much else to write about here. This was really just a waste of time just to get to the post match angle. Speaking of which…

Post match shenanigans: DEEJ is about to be interviewed by Joshua Shibata, but is attacked by Big Duke. There are more misplaced transition graphics during this segment. Oh boy, all the production fuck ups on this show are hilarious. After a commercial, Tito Escondido came out to ringside and said Peter’s opponent is Ricky Mandel.

Peter Avalon vs. Ricky Mandel

This match was slow and not very interesting. Bunch of restholds, there was fake crowd noise that sounded awful, and a bunch of basic shit. Peter Avalon got the win with his Double Knees move. Show over. Nothing really worth writing about aside from it didn’t suck. It was just boring.

Final Thoughts: on Championship Wrestling From Hollywood Episode 278

This was a really boring episode full of nothing. Shit’s not even worth trying to trash. Well, actually, the fact that the booker’s wife and kid are getting more TV time lately than guys like Douglas James and Mike Camden is bullshit and worth writing this little blurb about, but I digress. Watch the H.A.T.E show. Stay tuned this week or next for a review from Steve & I as we look at PWG’s “Thirteen.”

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