[Results] UEW “Sinful Things” on September 17th 2016

Underground Empire Wrestling
“Sinful Things”
UEW Arena
September 17th 2016
East Los Angeles, CA

The Undead Robins (Daniel Torch & Airon Skye) def Urban Discipline (G.C. Bayhl & Jimmi Mayhem)

Casey Albright def Louie Louie in less than 2 minutes in an Underground Catch Combat Match

Before the 3rd match took place H.A.T.E’s Ray Rosas would come out to the ring with the Underground Empire Wrestling Heavyweight Championship he had obtained at H.A.T.E’s inaugural event “You Can’t Sit With Us” in a controversial, impromptu championship match which saw thr UEW Heavyweight title change hands at a non UEW event and all while Fern Owens foot was placed on the ring ropes!

Rosas celebration would be cut short by general manager of day to day operations and president of UEW, Michael Rummans.

Mr. Rummans would address the situation regarding the controversy surrounding the title match and would explain that since the referee did not see Owens foot on the ropes the pinfall decision stood and Rosas could not and would not be stripped of the title for it.

However, UEW title matches can only be officiated but UEW sanctioned referee’s therefore Ray Rosas was NEVER UEW Heavyweight Champion and the title still belongs to Fern Owens!!!

Rosas would swallow the bitter pill but demanded he be added to the title match set for the evening between Biggie Biggz and Fern Owens making it a Triple Threat match to which Mr.Rumman agreed and made the match official!

UEW I-TV Championship:
“The Urban Juggernaut” Black and The Human Tornado was called a draw due to time exceeding the limit

Bobby Hollywood def Michael Krueger in a Death Match

“Hardcore Kamikaze” Max X def “Miracle” Mike James

“Charming” Biagio Crescenzo def The Insaniac due to outside interference by Michael Krueger

Big Dick Hoss Hog def BC Killer

During the match Hoss would use the killers own sick weapons against him including bashing BC over the top of the head with a steel chair covered in thumbtacks leaving rows of tacks sticking out of BC’s skull.

Enraged by the sight of his own blood, BC would call out the “Big Dick” to prove his balls were just as big and demanded Hoss meet him in a Death Match!!!

Main Event:
“Blakhart” Fern Owens def Biggie Biggz and Ray Rosas to retain the Underground Empire Wrestling Heavyweight Championship

After the match Ray Rosas would continue to taunt Fern Owens by pointing out the fact that Owens has still yet to gain a pinfall over Rosas. Ray challenged Owens to one more match for the Heavyweight title at UEW’s biggest event of the year “Hellbound”!!!

Owens accepted under the condition that the match be contested inside a steel cage! Rosas not only agreed but added to the stipulation by demanding the cage be roofed and wrapped in barbed wired!!!

Underground Empire Wrestling is officially on the “Highway To HELLbound”!!! Join us October 1st as we make our last stop before our final UEW event of the season, “Another Violent Reaction”!!!

Tickets are just $20 Ringside and just $15 for General Admission! Tickets are available NOW via www.UEWwrestling.com

Results Credit courtesy of UEW