[Results] UEW “Onslaught” on August 13th 2016

Underground Empire Wrestling
August 13th 2016
East Los Angeles, CA

Underground Empire Wrestling presents “Onslaught” 2016 Results

Match 1. “Charming” Biagio Crescenzo defeated “Jungle Boy” Nate Coy in a controversial ending in which it appeared Crescenzo tapped out via submission at the same time Coy’s shoulders were pinned down on the mat for a 3 count.

Match 2. The “Blood Thirsty Vampire Vixen” Marriah Moreno defeated Laberinto

Match 3. Casey Albright defeated Astro Dorado via K.O. in an “Underground Catch Combat” Match

Match 4. Andre “The Vandal” Verdun & Carnage defeated “Miracle” Mike James & Ryan J. Morals to retain the Underground Empire Wrestling Heavyweight Tag-Team Championship belts.

After the match H.A.T.E’s Ray Rosas would come to the ring with a reluctant President of UEW, Michael Rummans and it was revealed that when Rosas went one on one with “Rocket Boy” Wilson at Pledge Your Allegiance”, Wilson signed a contract that stated should he lose the match H.A.T.E would gain 50% control of the Underground Auditorium!!!!

Rosas also announced the 1st H.A.T.E event at the “HATEitorium” would be called “You Can’t Sit With Us” LIVE on September 10th, 2016!!!

Match 5. Fern Owens defeated The Insaniac to retain the Underground Empire Wrestling Heavyweight Championship!!!

After the match Insaniac and Danny Ramirez would lose their minds in rage after nearly capturing the title! Insaniac and Ramirez took turns beating Ryan Clark, Fern Owens, Ref Marc and various security guards with steel chairs sending a message that this was far from over!!!

Main Event:

The Hollywood Horrors 666 (JD Horror & Bobby Hollywood) defeated BC-X (BC Killer and Max X) in the 1st ever “Tanky’s Twisted Tool Shed” Tag-Team Death Match!!!

After the match Horror & Hollywood challenged Verdun & Carnage to a UEW Tag-Team Championship Death Match at UEW’s next event “Sinful Things” on September 17th 2016 at the Underground Auditorium in Los Angeles!!!!

Credit courtesy of UEW’S Kyle Wylde