[RESULTS] UEW “All Out Violence” April 23rd 2016

Underground Empire WrestlingUEW 4-23-16 flyer
All Out Violence
April 23rd 2016
East Los Angeles, CA
Underground Empire Wrestling’s “All Out Violence” 2016 Results:

1. Crescenzo defeated Guy Cool. After the match Jimmi Mayhem of Urban Discipline made his return to UEW and obliterated Crescenzo then took his attention to Cool who he beat down, knocked out, carried off to the back.

21. Sage Sin Supreme defeated Heidi. The moment the bell sounded Marriah Moreno attacked Sage and both women had to be separated by security. The President of UEW Michael Rummans would announce that at Night 1 of Pledge Your Allegiance we will see The Pumpkin Queen go one on one with the Blood Thirsty Vixen inside a steel cage!

3. H.A.T.E’s Ray Rosas defeated Keegan Breetle

4. “Jungle Boy” Nate Coy defeated “HFS” Steven Andrews and picked up his first win ever

5. Max X defeated Impact Johnson. After the match Bobby Hollywood would make his return to UEW and challenge Max to match at Mayhem Brigade. Max wanted to fight right then and there so Hollywood pulled a pair of scissors out of his pocket and proceeded to stab Max in the face repeatedly and chopped off Max’s hair while he lied bloody and defenseless. It was announced that Max X would go one on one with Bobby Hollywood at Pledge Your Allegiance in a Death Match

6. Daniel Torch defeated Airon Skye and David Rage in a Triple Threat Match

7. The Human Tornado defeated Corey Jackson to retain the Underground Internet Television Championship

8. Mike Rayne retained the Underground Empire Wrestling Eastern Pacific Championship against Che Cabrera after the match was thrown out when BC Killer attacked Rayne and busted him open. BC would then turn his attention to Ref Guido slicing him up, then Ref Danielle and security! This would force the president to come out again and negotiate with the Killer. At Pledge Your Allegiance Mike Rayne will put UEW Eastern Pacific Championship on the line against BC Killer in a Death Match

9. H.A.T.E’s “Bad Dudes” Tito Escondido & Rico Dinamita defeated The HEAVY Hitters (Tony Raze & Biggie Biggz) to become your NEW UEW Heavyweight Tag-Team Champions in an “Underground Rules” Match. At the final moments of the match The Hitters were about to finally put H.A.T.E away when the lights went out. When the where brought back on Tyler Bateman and the “Emo Behemoth” Pinky stood in the ring with H.A.T.E’s colors on and beat down the Hitters allowing the Bad Dudes to be draped over for the victory.

UEW returns on May 14th in Los Angeles for “Mayhem Brigade” 2016!!!

Credit: UEW’s Kyle Wylde