[Recap] Chaos Column of Santino Bros. show on August 6, 2016

8/6/16 – The Return of the Santino Bros. Wrestling Academy Showcase at the SBWA Dojo, Bell Gardens

* Standing-room only crowd saw the return of the SBWA Showcase.  They moved the commentary table to the back end of the dojo, keeping all of the fans on the front end.  Also, all of the available seats were taken by those who had purchased their tickets in advance, so that should be a lesson for fans planning to go to their next show.  Finally, I do not know any details into the kind of stuff that went on among those who watched the online video stream, but it should provide motivation for people to actually go out and see the shows live.

1 – Douglas James/Brian Kendrick
A very strong opener, capped with Brian putting what looked like a Headlock or Crossface Submission on Douglas for the tapout win.

2 – Koto Hiro/Guy Cool/Eli Everfly
A great display of talent by all three.  Koto Hiro showed some great moves in his debut, even though he ended up eating Eli’s Code Red and got pinned.

3 – Jake Atlas/Robbie Phoenix
Jake showed what he could do with his background in gymnastics, and that may have pissed off Robbie to the point, where he struck him twice with a steel chair, causing a DQ.  A lot of the guys had to pull him away from Jake.

4 – Submission Championship:  B.C. Killer/Tyler Bateman
B.C. had to overcome getting his left hand and arm picked apart by Tyler, and out brawl the (CWFH) UWN TV Champ to knock him out, with his own barrage of Elbow Strikes.

SM – Los Luchas (Phoenix Star & Zokre)/Study Buddies (Darwin Finch & Chaz Herrera)
Darwin & Chaz stepped up their game to make this match very even.  In the end, it was Los Luchas that hit their Tandem 619 on Chaz, then their Backstabber/450 Splash combo on Darwin for the team pin.

M – Heavyweight Championship:  Joey Kaos (w/ Jezabel)/Famous B
Very even, technical match, where fans could see the result of years of training and work that Kaos & B have done together.  In the end, Referee Jeremy Marcus ruled that Kaos’s shoulders were completely down at the 3-count, when B did a reversal cover, and gave the title-clinching pin to Famous B.

Look for Famous B & Kaos to have their rematch at an upcoming show, after capping off a big return of the school’s showcase event at their dojo.  Out of the two talents that made their wrestling debut, I felt Jake Atlas had the better showing.  He has the size and a good mix of moves, and can have the potential to make a big impact on the So Cal wrestling scene, with continuous training.  I would like to see if Koto Hiro can incorporate a better mix of lucha & puroresu into his arsenal of moves, which would allow him to overcome his small body frame.  In the end, all the wrestlers on the card killed it that night, and the fans couldn’t be any happier.

1 – Los Luchas/Study Buddies
2 – Kaos/Famous B
3 – Eli/Guy Cool/Koto Hiro


Photos:  https://www.facebook.com/SimplicioPhotography/photos/?tab=album&album_id=532289890296504


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