Baja Stars USA April 16, 2016 – Review

Recently there have been four promotions running regularly in the San Diego area, and inexplicably it seems like two shows are always running on the same night. On April 16th I had to make a choice between SoCal Pro’s huge 9th anniversary show and Baja Star’s show. While SoCal Pro looked to have the better overall card, I ended up heading south to Baja Stars USA.

Bell time was scheduled for 6:30, and when I arrived at 6:00 I had heard that all general admission and front row seating was gone, and only second row remained. I was a little surprised to hear that, as it seemed like their last show had a bigger draw for the main with Heredero Rey Misterio and some version of Psicosis, while this show’s big draw was Extreme Tiger who started out in nearby Tijuana. When I got in it looked like they actually had less seating this time around. The place filled up and the crowd was easily over 300.

All matches were two out of three falls.

Demontor & Veinom over Motros & Kid Tornado

At the last Baja Stars show they had some issues with the ropes early on which seemed to really hurt the opening match. This time I saw the crew double checking the ropes right before the match. Also on the last show Veinom and Kid Tornado were on a team together, and this time they were opposing each other. If any explanation was given, I didn’t get it. I thought this was a pretty decent opener. I really like Veinom and could see him getting popular if given the opportunity. There was one point in the match where he went for a tope suicida on Motros and caught his foot on the rope and came close to wiping out but luckily Motros was still able to catch him. Motros moved pretty well for his size. Dementor and Kid Tornado looked fine as well. There was a point where Dementor got slammed on the floor and may have been legit knocked out. He was down for a while and security was attending to him and gave him water. When he got up he looked like he wasn’t all there, yet they still had him get back into the ring and it was really sloppy as they couldn’t pull off any moves. He still managed a senton though… Motros and Kid Tornado won the first fall at 3 minutes and 46 seconds, Dementor and Veinom won the second by submission at 6 minutes and 44 seconds, and the third at 11 minutes and 57 seconds.

Efekto & Legacy over Super Boy Jr. & Principe Indu Jr.

This match made me feel old seeing Super Boy Jr. and Principe Indu Jr. It doesn’t seem that long ago watching Super Boy wrestle on virtually every lucha show in Southern California and Tijuana. Now I’m sitting there watching his sons. Super Boy Jr. and Principe Indu Jr. were the rudos in the match and they did a good job getting the crowd against them. This was a pretty fun match though it did get slow at times, mostly because the rudos kept making threats to leave and head to the back. Efekto and Legacy won in 17 minutes and 20 seconds by winning the first and third fall.

Scorpio 2000, Nightmare Azteca, & Felino Salvaje over “Rocketboy” Dmarco Wilson, Veinom, & Keegan Brettle

This was a really good fun match. Nightmare Azteca was on an opposite team from Scorpio 2000 and Felino Salvaje last show, but this time he was teamed with them.  Dmarco Wilson was really the star of this match. I think he is another guy that should be listed with all the up and comers in the area like Douglas James, Mike Camden, Danny Limelight, etc. He was really quick in his movements, crisp, and the way he sells he makes his opponents look like a million dollars. As I mentioned earlier, Veinom is pretty good, however he again caught his foot on a tope suicida and almost wiped out. Keegan Brettle is a wrestler from Australia, who I can’t really say much about as he had virtually no offense in the match aside from a little bit during the third fall. When he was in the ring he was mainly taking a beating. Scorpio 2000, Nightmare Azteca, and Felino Salvaje are all pretty good as well. Once again, a fun, quick paced match. The team of Scorpio 2000, Nightmare Azteca, and Felion Salvaje won the second and third fall.

Enigma, TJ Boy, Zarco, & Black Danger over H.A.T.E (Tito Escondido, Rico Dinamita, Che Cabrera) & Douglas James

Douglas James came out and started towards the ring, then H.A.T.E came out and stopped him and made poor Douglas walk behind them. H.A.T.E got a ton of heat again, and the crowd was not a fan of them mistreating poor Douglas. One thing that really helps make Douglas a crowd favorite, is he is out signing autographs and taking pictures with fans prior to the show which already gives the audience a connection with him. During the match James wouldn’t participate in any of H.A.T.E’s dirty tactics either. They wanted him to hit someone with a chair, but he refused. H.A.T.E dominated the first fall and won in 4 minutes and 10 seconds. After that there was a lot of brawling on the outside. After H.A.T.E lost the second fall at 10 minutes and 11 seconds, they tried to leave the ring. Douglas James refused to leave though. At one point they threw James into the ring with the four technicos, but they refused to attack him and let him leave the ring unharmed. The technicos won the third fall at 14 minutes and 38 seconds, and Douglas James celebrated in the ring with them afterwards. The H.A.T.E angle has been pretty good in Baja Stars and they get so much heat I would love to see them in Tijuana in front of a much bigger crowd.

Extreme Tiger & Star Boy over Shamu Jr. & Misterioso Jr.

Misterioso came to the ring in a long sleeve shirt and cargo pants. I suspect he was on his way to paintball when he got the call for this match and happened to have his boots and mask in the car, I know they use the best paintball gun in every game. Misterioso drew a ton of heat by singing the Puerto Rican anthem then cutting a promo where he mentioned it was good to be in “San Francisco.” When the crowd got on him he said “Am in Los Angeles?” drawing even more heat. Extreme Tiger is from nearby Tijuana so he is the local guy who made it big. I had never seen Star Boy with a mask before, but he was wearing one to start the match. Early on Shamu Jr. ripped the mask off and threw it out of the ring. The match was OK. Extreme Tiger looked good in his spots, but he didn’t do too much. The third fall was decided when Shamu Jr. hit a low blow on Star Boy.

Overall it was a fun show, with the third and fourth matches being the best matches on the show. Their next show is scheduled for May 14th, with a main event of Teddy hart and Enigma versus Steve Pain and Bestia 666 in the main, which is sure to draw a big crowd. Sadly it doesn’t appear if H.A.T.E, Douglas James, or Dmarco Wilson are on the show.

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