[RECAP] Lucha VaVoom “Psychedelic Cinco” Night 1 on May 4th 2015

Good morning So Cal & Happy Cinco de Mayo.. this is Socaluncensored’s Mike Draven here to recap Night 1 of Lucha VaVoom’s “Psychedelic lucha vavoom 5-4-15 flyer 2Cinco” on Monday, May 4th 2015 at The Mayan in Downtown Los Angeles.

The show kicked off with video of lowriders cruising to The Mayan theater as “Lowrider” is playing in the background. The people were then treated to a few songs by a Mariachi group on stage to get the night’s festivities rolling which would then follow by the evening’s first burlesque performance as the performer danced to a “Psychedelic” Alice in Wonderland themed performance.

Your host Blane welcomed everyone & introduce his special guest Comedian Jeff Davis (as seen on Whose Line is it Anyway) as they got the crowd going for the event. Legendary CMLL referee El Platanito would be the referee in charge of the night’s matches.

Los Caballeros def Mariachi Loco & “El Chocolate Caliente” Willie Mack as one of the Caballeros hit Mariachi Loco with a mini guitar for the win.

The people in The Mayan Theater would next be entertained by a Folklorico performance followed by another burlesque performance. As soon as this performance was over, the crew was trying to clean up including So Cal’s own Biggie Biggz who would end up in the middle of another “unique” performance as the burlesque dancers gave him some “hallucination” drugs to get him in the mood as we go into the next match.

Los Crazy Chickens & Pinataita def Dirty Sanchez, Little Dirty Sanchez & Little Cholo as Los Crazy Chickens hit a Swanton Splash & another Splash on Little Dirty Sanchez for the win.Lucha VaVoom 5-4-15 pic 3

We would see a performance “non burlesque” by someone on High Heel Rollerskates as she tried to hit a pinata & then “The Little Homies” would take the stage to dance for the people in attendance followed by another burlesque performance.

Cassandro & El Bombero def Dr. Maldad & Puma King as El Paliteno counted both men shoulders with El Bombero delivered a 450 splash from the top rope on Dr. Maldad & Cassandro hit a Sunset flip from the top rope on Puma King for the win. After, Cassandro would take the mic to thank everyone as he said that he may be ending his 27 year career soon but was happy to perform for everyone this evening.

We would end the evening festivities with one final burlesque performance followed by a special performance from a Aztec Dancing group.

This was my 1st time attending a Lucha VaVoom event & I must say it was a fun show. The Mayan theater was packed as fans who were lucky enough to get in early were able to choose where they would like to see the show. I was fortunate enough to have won a ticket to the event & was placed on the guest list so when I arrived I was able to sit right on stage literally inches away from the ring.Lucha VaVoom 5-4-15 pic 1

But I can see why Lucha VaVoom is such a popular show since it does cater to more adult themes, performances & adding the fact its “Cinco de Mayo” week, Lucha VaVoom would have the Mexican culture in the show with Mariachi’s, Folkloricos, etc. (Again, since I’ve haven’t attended prior, I can’t compare to previous Lucha VaVoom shows like their Valentines or Halloween events).

As you read, only 3 matches on the show but they were fun, entertaining & colorful as when there was a break for a second in the match, the DJ would turn on that wrestler’s theme music & they would dance or taunt to get the fans going as well as using black light effects in one of the matches to give it a different feel. Fan’s got to see Mariachi Loco dance as only he can dance & why Dirty Sanchez is called Dirty Sanchez as he would expose his backside in front of the crowd & unfortunately Little Cholo got the “Butt End” of the joke in his match. Cassandro would entertain everyone with dancing & we would see him do a death defying leap off some speakers on stage onto everyone down below and who doesn’t love “Mini’s” as Pinataita & Little Dirty Sanchez were fun to watch. Adding Blane & Jeff Davis on commentary was fun as they cracked jokes on everyone in the ring.

As to the matches of the night goes like this:

Cassandro/El Bombero vs Puma King/Dr. MaldadLucha VaVoom 5-4-15 pic 4

Mariachi Loco/Willie Mack vs Los Caballeros

Los Crazy Chickens/Pinataita vs Little Cholo/Dirty Sanchez/Little Dirty Sanchez

Lucha VaVoom returns tonight back at The Mayan Theater in Downtown Los Angeles but I believe they may be sold out. I would suggest you contact Lucha VaVoom or The Mayan Theater to see if they’re tickets available. You can visit Lucha VaVoom’s website for info: http://luchavavoom.com/

For info as well, you can see the post on our event calendar: http://socaluncensored.com/event/lucah-vavoom-psychedelic-cinco-2-day-event-in-los-angeles-ca/

I would like to thank Lucha VaVoom for having me there to witness the event, very grateful on winning a ticket…again thank you.

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Until next time this is Mike Draven and I’ll see you at ringside.