[RECAP] Freakshow Wrestling “Alien Invasion” on April 16th 2015

Freakshow WrestlingFreakshow 4-16-15 flyer
Alien Invasion
The Domain
April 16th 2015
Sun Valley, Ca

Ladies & Gentlemen, Boys & Girls it is I, Socaluncenosred’s Mike Draven back at you with a full recap as Former WWE Superstar Sinn Bohdi presents Freakshow Wrestling “Alien Invasion” at Knokx Pro Domain in Sun Valley, Ca on Thursday April 16th 2015.

Prior to the start of the event, Sinn Bohdi & AWS Promoter Bart Kapitzke would pay their respect so So Cal Legend Cincinnati Red as they talked about the upcoming AWS Memorial show for Red as proceeds will go to his funeral costs & family. They would toll the bell in Red’s honor as the stars took the stage to pay their respects including Honored guest in attendance WWE Hall of Famer Jake “The Snake” Roberts & NWA Hall of Famer “The Taskmaster” Kevin Sullivan among others.

The show would kick off in usual Freakshow style as we would watch on the screen The Amazing Johnathan doing some Magic/Comedy preceded by the Freakshow cavalcade parading around the ring as your host Sister Mary & Popo Chan welcomed everyone & get the fired up for this evening’s event. We would kick off with one of the all time standing feuds that’s lasted for nearly 3 decades.

Battle of Greyskull Match:OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Yes, you’re reading this correctly as the evil overlord of Snake Mountain Skeletor would again face his greatest adversary, the protector of Eternia…”HE-Man” Hammerstone. Both super beings would fight back & forth, tooth & nail to gain the power of this bout. In the end, Good triumphs over Evil as “He-Man” Hammerstone would execute a “Greyskull” TKO Crusher on Skeletor for the victory & to insure that Eternia is safe once again…until the next time. (Insert Evil Skeletor Laugh).

Nerd vs Nerd in a Michael Jackson Knife Fight:
Darwin Finch who was scheduled to partake in the continuation with his rival Chaz Hererra unfortunately suffered a “Calculator” accident & is unable to fight Chaz but found a suitable replace in Abdullah the Clutcher (Knokx Pro’s Otto Von Clutch) in the showdown as Darwin would be ok to be the special guest referee. Darwin would tape up both men at the wrist & present them with actual, sharpen machetes to use as both men try to out move the other & saw sparks fly which would make Darwin remove the machete’s in the match. Eventually the tape is broken & we see a hard fought match between these two that would end up seeing Chaz Hererra deliver a Headbutt from the top rope to gain the victory over Abdullah the Clutcher.

Chaz Hererra def Abdullah the Clutcher (Otto Von Clutch) via Headbutt from Top Rope for the win.

This would turn into the “Battle of Andrea’s” as we see the team of Former TNA star Andrea (FKA Rosie Lottalove) & “The Golden Boy” Dylan Drake face Former TNA X Division Champion Johnny Devine & Andrea the Giant.
Andrea & Drake would argue back & forth in the beginning of the match as who would face Devine who seemed a little bit “Excited” as he would try to show “The Golden Boy” & Andrea that Devine has “Lottalove” to give in the match..(pretty much humping everything that was in his general direction). After the shannigans end, both teams would exchange blows (no pun intended) on another as we would see both Andrea’s go at each other.

Later on in the match as it seemed Andrea the Giant didn’t know what to do & her animal instincts came on and carried Johnny Devine to the top rope to save his as a Dylan Drake & Andrea would unleash a Fleet of Paper Airplanes to attack “The Giant” ultimately taking her down. (Yes, we had a King Kong Moment on Freakshow..very entertaining). In the end, Devine would take out Andrea to the outside & Andrea the Giant would chokeslam “The Golden Boy” for the victory as The Giant & Johnny Devine celebrated in the ring.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Former TNA star Johnny Devine & Andrea the Giant def “The Golden Boy” Dylan Drake & Former TNA star Andrea (FKA Rosie Lottalove)

We would be entertained by Skewel (forgive me if I got the name wrong) from Sideshow Shennanigans as he performed for the fans as he would bend bars with his teeth, shove a nail through his nose & use a grinder to send sparks fly in the air & he would lift a cinder block attached to hooks using his eye sockets. Hoodslam’s Pooh Jack would come from the back with a cookie tray & spill thumbtacks on it for one final performance as Skewel would sit, bare butt on the tacks as Pooh Jack would break the Cinder Block with a Sledge Hammer over his “Lower Region”.

Inter Demon Match:
Special Referee for this match is NWA Hall of Famer “The Taskmaster” Kevin Sullivan as he awaits the two opponents as “Demon” Sinn Bohdi faces Former WWE Star Sinn Bohdi.

(Yes, if you’ve been following Freakshow, Sinn Bohdi has Inter Demon Lookalike who attacked him in previous Freakshow events & they would come to a head in this match. For the sake for you not to get confused, WWE Sinn is what I’ll use to separate the two for you).

WWE Sinn would talk about how much he respects Kevin Sullivan & mentioned it was WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes who coined WWE Sinn as the 2nd coming of Kevin Sullivan but he would issue a warning that if Sullivan would get himself involved in there match aside from being a referee, he’ll show him why he is better than he ever was. Both Sinn Bohdi’s, mirrorOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA images of each other in appearances & in wrestling style would go back & forth with each other unleashing their inner hatred for one another. WWE Sinn would bring out a Cinder Block & crush Sinn’s “Lower Region” with a Sledge Hammer.

“Demon” Sinn would return the favor later on using another Cinder Block on WWE Sinn but instead of a Sledge Hammer, he used a bowling ball to add more damage. “Demon” Sinn would bring in a child’s wooden horse covered in long nails to make WWE Sinn go for a ride but WWE Sinn would turn the tables & make his “Demon” self go for the ride himself. WWE Sinn would bring out a metal folding chair with nails covering it to give his “Demon” brother a seat but both men would end up avoiding the use of the chair. Scorch the clown would make his presence known as WWE Sinn called to him to bring his Bazooka which ended up backfiring on the “Warlord of Weird” getting a super punch to the gut.

WWE Sinn Bohdi def “Demon” Sinn Bohdi with a Double Arm DDT for the win.

After the match, The Mysterious Leatherface would come out from the back & Kevin Sullivan would attack WWE Sinn Bohdi along side Leatherface. After the attack & both Sullivan/Leatherface left the ring, WWE Sinn Bohdi would grab the mic after the beatdown & issues a challenge to face Leatherface at the next Freakshow event in a “Fan’s Bring the Weapon’s Match”.

Freakshow’s Chick Match w/Special Guest Referee “The Ghost of Whitney Houston”:
As The Ghost of Whitney Houston awaits in the ring but asking fan’s around ringside if anyone might have “a little baggy”, Reptillia would make her way crab walking down the entry way & into the ring as she faces the individual she’s been attacking for the last couple of month in “The Pumpkin Queen” Sage Sin Supreme. Both chicks would deliver hard hitting shots trying to damage the other as Ghost of Whitney would occasionally call out for Bobby or break into song.

“The Pumpkin Queen” Sage Sin Supreme def Reptillia via Flipping Powerbomb Pin for the win.

Sage would leave the ring as Reptillia would “Crab walk” out of the ring to the back to a nice cheer from the fans & we saw The Ghost of Whitney scoring “Some Candy” from someone in the audience. (If you’re reading this, I think you can understand what I’m implying as to the “Baggy” or “Candy”).

Freakshow Championship:OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
Hoodslam’s Pooh Jack is your special guest referee as Former TNA star & So Cal’s own “Hollywood Own” Joey Ryan accompanied by his manager of the night “Remindo & The Legion of Womb” made their way with Joey to face the reigning Freakshow champion Funnybone…(The Legion of Womb consist of “The Fallen Flower” Kikyo Nakamura & Terra Calaway but if you’re someone who knows your history, Remindo “reminded” us as a Masked Grand Wizard with his outfit).

Early on in the match, Remindo & The Legion of Womb would attack Funnybone to essentially give Joey Ryan the match but perseverance from the champion would show as he was able to take down everyone & deliver a Double Foot stomp from the top rope onto Joey Ryan for the win & retaining the championship.

Funnybone def “Hollywood’s Own” Joey Ryan with a Double Foot Stomp to the back for the win & retaining the championship. After the match, Remindo & The Legion of Womb would use weapons to attack Funnybone until Sage Sin SupremeOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA came out & Pooh Jack help take out everyone as Joey Ryan didn’t want any part of it & watch the mayhem unfold on the stage. The exclamation point in this post beatdown as Remindo was in the Tree of Woe, Pooh Jack & Sage put a trashcan over him & Funnybone hit his Double Foot Stomp on Remindo. Funnybone would then issue a 6 man match to take place at the next event as Freakshow champion Funnybone, Pooh Jack & Sage Sin Supreme face Remindo & The Legion of Womb.

We were treated to a special Snake Pit with WWE Hall of Famer Jake “The Snake” Roberts as he got a great ovation from the crowd. Roberts would give the fans some “Road Stories” from his career in particularly about his feud with the Legendary Andre the Giant that put smiles on all the faces in attendance. But then “The Coach with the Most” Mike Jones & Scorch the clown would come to ringside & said that thanks to DDP Yoga, he’s losing some weight & figures he’s young enough & healthy enough to take on Jake Roberts in a DDP Yoga Challenge.

As we would go to the screen to see DDP explain about a particular strength exercise, Scorch would not finish the move & Roberts became the winner. Coach Mike Jones would attack Roberts only to be on the receiving end of the DDT & in true Jake Roberts fashion, the python snake was dumped on the unconscious body of Coach Mike Jones. Scorch would have his own “Pet” to take Roberts out as he reveals a squirrel who ended up taking Scorch out as Roberts again receive a great ovation from the fans.

Main Event 5 on 5 “Alien Invasion” Match w/Special Referee GWAR’s Techno Destructo:
Led to ringside by Marvin the Martian were 5 unique Aliens OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAranging in different size as they took out a Space Fleet member in a Red Shirt (So Cal’s Sexy Chino). Team Earth lead to the ring by Former WWE Star D’Lo Brown along with his team of Leroy Wolfgang (w/Baby Carlos), “Flash” Hammerstone, “The Tokyo Monster” Kahagas & The Ghost of Lenord Nimoy.

The Ghost of Lenord Nimoy would show these Aliens that the power of Volcan would be no match for them as he delivered several “Vulcan Death Grips” to take the entire team out & giving one to Marvin the Martian. Later on in the match, Kahagas would continue the attack on these Aliens until he finally met his match as “The Dark Lord of the Sith” Darth Vader would emerge from the back & using his Sith Lord abilities would take out the entire Team Earth leaving Kahagas alone with him. Vader would stop Kahagas in his tracks & as it would seem all hope is loss, Kahagas got a Lightsaber & we had a Lightsaber battle between Lord Vader & “The Tokyo Monster” Kahagas ultimately killing Vader.

The Aliens would take this opportunity to attack Kahagas & the OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERArest of Team Earth but in the end, D’Lo Brown would hit “LowDown” on one of the aliens for the win & saving Earth from an invasion as Team Earth celebrates in the ring & the show concludes.

From the unique mind of Sinn Bohdi, Freakshow wrestling is a fun, alternative show that you may not be accustomed to. As you’ve been reading, all the matches had a twist & a story you wouldn’t think a wrestling show would put on. Freakshow goes above & beyond that to give those in attendance an entertaining show you’ll remember. The best way to describe Freakshow Wrestling is Lucha VaVoom mix with the circus…Over the top matches, unique characters & never before seen stories which may draw the attention of a nation wide audience. (example, back in january at a Freakshow event, TMZ caught wind of the Sage Sin Supreme vs Ghost of Whitney Houston match & aired a clip of it on TMZ online & on Tv).

Not only showcasing some of our great talent portraying different characters or themselves like:
The Ghost of Whitney Houston (Knokx Pro’s Holiday Holidead)
Abdullah the Clutcher (Knokx Pro’s Otto Von Clutch)
The Legion of Womb (Terra Calaway & Kikyo Nakamura)
Joey Ryan
Chaz Hererra
just to name a few but Freakshow gave us fans in So Cal an opportunity to see wrestlers we haven’t had the privilege in seeing before or in a long time like:
“The Tokyo Monster” Kahagas
Former TNA Stars Johnny Devine & Andrea
“The Golden Boy” Dylan Drake
Former WWE Star D’Lo Brown
Alexander Hammerstone (He-Man & Flash)
plus having Legends like Jake Roberts, Kevin Sullivan & Mike Jones was an honor in itself.

And since this event was held at the domain, Knokx Pro Trainer & WWE Hall of Famer Rikishi was in attendance overseeing everything & meeting everyone in attendance too.

Overall, fun event from Sinn Bohdi & everyone at Freakshow wrestling not to mention a packed house for a Thursday Night Event in So Cal. I recommend for you to try Freakshow Wrestling at least once to see what your take on it (if its entertaining for you to enjoy or if the entertainment level is not to your liking..as long as you give it a chance).

As to my Matches of the night, aside for the humor parts in the matches, we did see some good ring work & these matches get the nod:

Funnybone vs Joey Ryan
Sage Sin Supreme vs Reptillia
He-Man Hammerstone vs Skeletor
5 on 5 match

Freakshow Wrestling returns to The Domain in Sun Valley on Saturday, June 13th for “Attack of the Giant Octopus” featuring Former WWE Star Cryme Time (Shad Gaspar & JTG) plus Former WWE/TNA Star Katarina Waters (Katie Lee/Winter). Once I hear from Sinn Bohdi on info, it will be posted on the Socaluncensored Event Calendar.

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