[RECAP] Lucha Underground April 15th 2015

Hello all our So Cal fans, your’s truly Socaluncensored’s Mike Lucha Underground sept-oct 2014 flyer 2Draven is back for your weekly Lucha Underground recap. We start off with looking back at the past weeks as Dario Cueto puts Prince Puma in the trios tournament & needs to find partners as Hernandez appointed by Konnan & Johnny Mundo join the team. We also see the past matches between Aerostar & Drago.

We see Aerostar looking into the cosmos as Dario Cueto joins him on the rooftop. Cueto tries to motivate Aerostar as he is in the main event as the series finale comes to ahead this evening. As Sergio Arua plays to the temple, Matt Striker & Vampiro welcomes everyone as we head into the first match to determine the final team to enter the Trios Championship Triple Threat match as King Cuerno, Cage & Texano enter the ring to face Hernandez, Johnny Mundo & Lucha Underground Champion Prince Puma.

Striker talks about the possibility that this evening, Prince Puma has the opportunity to advance & become the only dual champion in Lucha Underground as well as talk about Mundo & Hernandez accomplishments in Pro Wresting. As Striker talks about Konnan’s career & what he’s done with Lucha Libre, Vampiro would watch his tongue against the man he has history with.

Both teams would trade back & forth action each overpowering & out wrestling each man on each respected team. Mundo & Puma would display some nice double team manuevers on Texano early on but the brute force from Texano, Cuerno & Cage would dominate Puma, Hernandez & Mundo but their resilience would not stop them. Vampiro would be surprise by Hernandez’s abilities as Striker asked him even though of his past with Konnan.

Hernandez would showcase his aerial ability as “SuperMex” would take flight on Cage & Texano followed by Puma & Mundo as Former WWE Star Davari looks on. We would see a fast pace set of moves from Mundo, Hernandez & Puma as the fans in the temple get excited but Cuerno, Texano & Cage would come from behind to stop the momentum of Puma, Mundo & Hernandez.

In the end, Texano would use his bull rope he brings to the ring to take out Prince Puma & King Cuerno would hit “The Thrill of the Hunt” finisher on Puma for the win & we have our final team advancing in the Trios Tournament.

Cage, Texano & King Cuerno def Prince Puma, Johnny Mundo & Hernandez

Dario Cueto would come out & is happy that Cueno, Cage & Texano are happy they advance. He wants to see a preview of next weeks championship match as he announces a triple threat match featuring one man from each trios team.

Cage vs The Mack vs Son of Havoc

Cage would stay in the ring ready to prepare for going into his 2nd match of the evening as The Mack & Son of Havoc get a great reception by the fans of the temple. Everyone would work over everyone in this match but S.O.H. & The Mack would double team working over Cage until they work on each other before Cage would return back into the match taking control.

Mack would show his strength on Cage but as he prepare to jump from the top rope, S.O.H. would hit a huracarrana on Mack as he fell on Cage. The fans would get excited to see all 3 men give it their all as Havoc continue hit move after move only to try a suicide dive on Cage only to be caught by him & suplexed outside.

In the end, S.O.H. went for a Shooting Star Press on Mack only to have Cage move him & Havoc hit the mat allowing Cage hitting “Weapon X” on Havoc for the win.

Cage def The Mack & Son of Havoc in a Triple Threat Match.

Dario Cueto runs into Drago in the restroom & talk about their first meeting & try to motivate him before he departs.

Pentagon Jr is in the ring & informs Melissa Santos that he dedicates his next victim to his master as he attacks the ring announcer. Vampiro not liking what he’s seeing was about to save her until Sexy Star came in to make the save for Ring Announcer Melissa Santos as both Sexy Star & Pentagon Jr exchange words.

Main Event Dargo vs Aerostar:

Dario Cueto would take over ring announcer duties since Melissa Santos isn’t able to return as he informs that the next match, the winner will receive on of Cueto’s favors as its the final match in the best of series between Drago & Aerostar.

Drago would take the early advantage on Aerostar as Cueto looks on. Aerostar would use his high flying maneuvers to weaken Drago. More aerial moves by Aerostar would continue to take its toll on Drago but Drago would hit some hard hitting moves to turn the tables on Aerostar but its not enough to keep Aerostar down.

Drago would pull a table from under the ring & sets it up on the outside as Dario Cueto has a smile from ear to ear. Just as Drago was about to use the table, Aerostar would place Drago on the table & perform a springboard dive on the outside onto Drago through the table to get the fans & Davari excited as now the temple is split between who they favor of the two luchadors.

In the end, Drago would execute a flipping reverse DDT to stagger Aerostar & perform a beautiful cradel pinfall to take the best of 5 series & get his favor from Dario Cueto.

Drago def Aerostar to win the Best of 5 series

Aerostar & Drago would display sportsmanship after the match as the fans chant “LUCHA” in respect for both luchadors. Dario Cueto says he was impressed with the series & Drago’s performance. He gives Drago a chance at the Lucha Underground Championship verses Prince Puma but Cueto delivers a twist in if Drago loses, he is gone from Lucha Underground as the show ends.

Another great episode from everyone at Lucha Underground as the stage is set for next week’s episode & the crowning of the 1st Lucha Underground Trios Champion as:

Big Ryck, The Mack & Killshot vs Son of Havoc, Angelico & Ivelisse vs Cage, Texano & King Cuerno.

Plus when will we see Drago get his opportunity at the Lucha Underground championship?

Overall, if you haven’t been following you’re missing a lot of great action from Lucha Underground as their matches & stories are amazing & enjoyable to watch.

My Matches of the night goes in order of the episode this day:

Hernandez, Mundo, Puma vs Texano, Cage & Cuerno
Cage vs Mack vs Son of Havoc
Drago vs Aerostar

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