[RECAP] FREAKSHOW WRESTLING on January 11th 2015

Freakshow WrestlingFreakshow Wrestling 1-10-15 flyer
The Domain
January 11th 2015
Sun Valley, Ca

The show started with a video of an animitronic demon baby terrorizing people on the streets..very funny. Former WWE/TNA Star Sinn Bohdi comes out to welcome everyone to show & to thank them because due to weather this event was moved at the very last minute but he promised a very fun night. After that a cavalcade of performers including your commentating team of Popo Chan & Sister Mary would walk around the ring to kick off the festivities.

Landmine of Mouse Traps Barefoot match:
WWE Legend “The Vampire Warrior” Gangrel (w/Former WWE/TNA star Shelly Martinez) def One Leroy Wolf Pack (w/Baby Carlos) via Impaler DDT on Leroy over Mouse traps

Former WWE/TNA star Katrina Waters (Katie Lea/Winter) came out to give one lucky fan a special burlesque dance. As she danced, Ronald Osbourne & Scorch the Clown came out to end this only to have Katrina wanting a dance from Scorch. As Scorch was dancing, Katrina would hit Scorch with a pillow inciting a pillow fight & ultimately chasing everyone to the back.

Tag Team Match:
Prior to the match, a police officer came into the ring trying to stop the match from starting but Sinn appointed him the special referee for this match. Sinn Bohdi & his Dancing Bear vs Loco B. Ware & Vomittus ended in a no contest after Sinn attacking the dancing bear for not doing his job only to have the Bear do a Spinning Sidewalk Slam on Sinn. Loco, Vomittus & the bear danced after the match in the ring after Vomittus would chokeslam the cop.

Triple Threat Match:
GWAR’s Techno Destructo def Andrea the Giant & Former WWE/TNA Star Brian Kendrick via pinfall. An upset Andrea would chokeslam Techno after the match.

Nightmare After Christmas Dog Collar Match:
(Must touch all four corners to win)
Sage Sin Supreme def The Ghost of Whitney Houston. Afterwards, a mysterious wrestler known at Reptillia attacked Sage leaving her wondering who was that.

Mime vs Mime Match:
(Special Guest Referee: Manny Peeples)
Mime Freak vs Mime Kind went to a double count out

Andy Kaufman Intergender match:
Former TNA star & Hollywood’s Own Joey Ryan came out & channel his inner Andy Kaufman telling all the female fans what they’re good at. He would then challenge any female in the crowd to a match. He picked his challenger & to be fair not only did he choose her friend/date to be the referee, he would say if she can bodyslam him, she’ll win the match. Unfortunately for this young lady, the ref got poked in the eyes by accident & didn’t see her bodyslam Joey Ryan. Ryan would hit his “Walk Off” Superkick on her to get the win & still be proclaimed as the champion of women.

The fans in attendance would be treated to a performance by the Swing Shift Sideshow from Las Vegas at they performed Sword Swallowing, lifting weights & other feats in front of the crowd.

Main Event:
Santa Claus (SoCal’s Own Mikey O’Shea) (w/Elves) vs Jesus Christ (Former WWE Star & Lucha Underground’s John “Morrison” Mundo) (w/Apostles, Virgin Mary & Mary Magdalene (Former TNA star Becky “Cookie” Bayless) went to a no contest as everyone got involved fight eachother, fighting themselves & ultimately, Mary Magdaline getting a Stunner from Jesus and a Video from Jake “The Snake” Roberts would come on saying he left a gift for Jesus & it was Jake’s Python as the snake was placed on top of Mary Madline.

Freakshow Wrestling is definitely an alternative type of wrestling show & not like your normal promotions anywhere. The best way to compare Freakshow Wrestling is its Lucha Va Voom meets the circus. All the wrestlers would portray over the top characters you wouldn’t see anywhere else (ex: Jesus vs Santa, Ghost of Whitney, etc) but in the end everyone had fun, it was comedic but the place was packed with some standing room.

There were some things done that made you cringe in a good way (ex: Sinn hitting Loco B. Ware’s lower region with a cinder block & sledge hammer, Gangrel hitting his DDT finisher on a bed of mouse traps). And seeing Swing Shift Sideshow was something to be seen if you’ve never had seen a Circus Sideshow as they perform Sword Swallowing, Piercing themselves with needles, sticking tubes & metal through their nose & out there mouth, etc.

To conclude it was an Entertaining event & this show I would recommend for mature audiences. As to the Match of the Night, my nod goes to:

Sage Sin Supreme vs The Ghost of Whitney Houston (Knokx Pro’s Holiday Holidead)
This match also got the attention from TMZ:

Freakshow Wrestling will return on Saturday, Febuary 28th back at the Knokx Pro Domain in Sun Valley. Keep an eye on the Socaluncensored event calender for details on Freakshow wrestling.

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