[RECAP] Touch Of Hardcore “Take II” on April 4th 2015

Touch of HardcoreTOH 4-4-15 flyer 2
“Take II”
The Music Hall
April 4th 2015
Anaheim, Ca

This is your roaming reporter, Socaluncensored’s Mike Draven here with you as I recap Touch of Hardcore’s “Take II” event from Saturday April 4th 2015 in Anaheim, Ca.

We were treated by a musical performance by the House Band “Chasing Legacy” prior to the event. Big Homie Double would come to the ring to thank everyone for attending the event & explained about what happened in December on why the original event was cancelled but was happy to have everyone here & was excited for the start of the event only to have it interrupted by Cap Comic Con & The Revelation (The Human Tornado, La Flecha Fugaz & “The Manster” Warhog).

Cap would say that they’re here to continue the path of righteousness in the world & ask for a match for Flecha to face El Ridiculoso. Ridiculoso who already schedule in a match that evening would officially be removed from the match to face Flecha Fugaz at the agreement from Double but only if Cap would agree at any time, he can put one of his men in a match, no questions asked which Cap Comic Con agreed & thus Double would announce that The Human Tornado will go one on one with Seville the Thrill which upset the entire Revelation group. Double would then introduce your ring announcer for the evening, “The Velvet Voice of So Cal” Michael O’Garro Jr.

Winner gets contract to face ANYONE on the TOH Roster match:
D’Marco Wilson def Mr. Impact with a C4 from the top rope to gain the victory. An upset Mr. Impact would continue to attack Wilson after the match using chairs around the ring eventually setting him up with a chair against his head & deliver a massive dropkick as Mr. Impact left an “Impact” on D’Marco Wilson & everyone in attendance in the opening match.

Triple Threat Falls Count Anywhere Match:TOH 4-4-15 1
“The Anti-Hero” Spectre def El Lobo & Jefferson Scott as Spectre hit a Death Valley Driver on El Lobo for the 3 count. House Band “Chasing Legacy” would play Spectre out of the Music Hall.

As the competitors were being introduced for the next Triple Threat Match, The Jon Allen would come out to give a proper introduction for his guy Jacob “The Riot” Diez as he would be entering this match he deemed “Small World” since the size of his opponents “Extraordinary” Eli Everfly & Damien Smith.

Triple Threat Match (One Fall):
Jacob “The Riot” Diez (w/The Jon Allen) def Damien Smith & “Extraordinary” Eli Everfly with his “Aye Diez Mejo” Finisher on Smith after executing a Double Death Valley Driver on both Everfly & Smith stacking them both on his shoulders in this hard fought match up.

Triple Threat Elimination Match:
“The Self Proclaim OMB Lupus Champion” Oso Loco def The Hellkid & “The Manster Warhog for the win. Oso Loco would eliminate The Hellkid after delivering a Flying Splash from the top rope on Hellkid sending him to the back leaving himself & Warhog. Warhog had set up a chair wedge in the corner & as TOH 4-4-15 4he was sending Oso into the chair, Oso Loco would reverse sending Warhog into the chair & rolling him up in a School boy pin to defeat him.

Tag Team Match:
The Heavy Hitters (Biggie Biggs & Tony Raze) def Angel & Freddy Hellmuth after Biggs did a Suicide Dive on all members on the outside, Raze would throw Angel back in & Biggs would pin him for the win. After the match, The Heavy Hitters wanted to make a statement & Raze would set up a wood palette in the corner & both men tossed Hellmuth into the palette. As the Heavy Hitters left, Freddy Hellmuth would tell the fans that this is not the last of them & challenged The Heavy Hitters to another match a Falls Count Anywhere, No Holds Barred & Fans bring the Weapons match as Big Homie Double would agree to the match for the next show slated on May 2nd.

Fatal 4 Way Elimination Match:
Ali Hussein def “Blackhart” Fern Owens, “Charming” Biagio Crescenzo & Rudy to be the overall winner of the match.
Eliminations as follows:
“Blackhart” Fern Owens was on the reciving end of all three men hitting high flying moves in succession..Rudy hit a flying elbow, Ali hits a flying knee & Biagio would deliver a frogsplash & pinned Owens to eliminate him from this match.

“Charming” Biagio Crescenzo would be eliminated by Rudy via his “Diet” Pepsi Plunge from the top rope sending the Charming one to the back.

But before he left, Crescenzo would hit a Flatliner as well as a Cobra Clutch driver on Rudy seemingly giving Ali the win. But as Ali Hussein was toying around with him, Rudy would continue to bring the fight to Hussein. In the end, Hussein would use the referee to his advantage, delivering a low blow to Rudy giving him a Superkick & finishing him off with a Jumping Single Knee for the victory.

La Flecha Fugaz (w/The Revelation) def El Ridiculoso as TOH 4-4-15 6Ridiculoso was about to deliver his Leaping Leg Drop from the top rope, Cap Comic Con would push him off the top allowing Flecha to hit a Falling Frontface Lungblower for the win. As the members of the Revelation would circle around El Ridiculoso for a brutal beatdown, his long time partner Biggie Biggs would come out to save the day & help Ridiculoso only to decide to turn on his partner & hit a gunslinger on Ridiculoso & thus joining the Revelations and everyone would attack a defenseless El Ridiculoso as fans look in disgust.

The Revelation decided not to leave & Cap Comic con would call out their next victim as Seville the Thrill would come out ready to fight The Human Tornado. Cap Comic Con would ask for his fallen sheep to return to his flock but Seville would say that he doesn’t need you to succeed & he’s an equal opportunity ass kicker & is going to give everyone an ass kicking as he was able to get everyone out of the ring only to get blindsided by Tornado to start their match.

The Human Tornado def Seville the Thrill via Armbar Submission for the victory in this hard fought technical match. Again, as a injured Seville was being circled by The Revelation, El Ridiculoso would return swinging a chair & sending everyone to the outside. He would then challenge The Revelation in a Tag Team Match as El Ridiculoso & Seville will face The Revelation.

Main Event Triple Threat Match:TOH 4-4-15 7
“The Urban Juggernalt” Sean Black def Bestia 666 & Luke Hawx..Hawx would hit a spinning kick on Bestia essentially knocking him out & Black saw this opportunity to Spear Hawx out of the ring & Black would pin Bestia for the win. After the match, Luke Hawx would thank the fans for attending since this is a rare appearance from the 16 year Veteran who got his chance to start his career here in So Cal & would go one to praise Bestia as one of the hardest working luchadors in the business today as the show ends.

Overall, this event was a solid show from start to finish..a long night but a fun night with 9 matches plus promos but in the end, Big Homie Double & Touch of Hardcore delivered a good show. This event will set up some great match ups for TOH next event slated for May 2nd but in Pro Wrestling..changes can happen.

Originally this event was scheduled to take place in December 2014 but due to personal circumstances, TOH had to cancel the event at the very last minute but with the extra couple of months, again the show was good, had good attendance & the facility was great.

On this event, TOH helped further the mystique of The Revelation & their dominance of So Cal. Cap Comic Con along with The Human Tornado, Warhog & Flecha Fugaz & now adding newest member Biggie Biggs to this growing army has become the faction that can’t be stopped. But what is it about Cap Comic Con that these men are willing to join his crusade? What was it that made Cap Comic Con changed in practically in a year going from someone who would attend events around So Cal wearing his traditional vest, mask & cowboy hat to this darker individual we see today? Is it some repressed memory coming out, not getting hugged a lot as a child who was punished for not eating his vegetables? What did he put in the “Proverbial Kool-Aid” to make these popular So Cal wrestlers turn on the fans? And why are they attacking other fan favorites like El Ridiculoso others not only in TOH but all over So Cal? I guess we’ll have to wait, see & where his reign of terror will go next.

As to my Matches of the night, a lot of great matches took place & these matches made an impact at this event:

Eli Everfly vs Damien Smith vs Jacob DiezTOH 4-4-15 3

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Diez vs Everfly in singles or in Tag Team against each other for some time & with each match they do bring out the best in each other. Both men would push themselves to the limits & adding the fresh face of the rookie Damien Smith/Tyler Smith adds a new level in what could possibly be a feud to watch all over So Cal.

Sean Black vs Luke Hawx vs Bestia 666

Luke Hawx has dominated pro wrestling for a long time put on stellar matches all around the U.S. and seeing him wrestle in person was a pleasure. Bestia, son of lucha libre legend & former WCW star Damien 666 is always a crowd favorite in any promotion, his style is just like his father & he’s very fun to watch in the ring. Sean Black is a wrestler coming into his own, good look, powerful & is a champion in the making. I’ve seen Black wrestle throught So Cal & he’s someone everyone needs to watch.

Spectre vs Jefferson Scott vs El Lobo

This was my 1st opportunity to see Jefferson Scott & El Lobo in the ring & was very impressed by both wrestlers. Lobo I’ve watched some of his matches via Youtube from some Lucha Libre promotions & he definitely brought the Lucha Libre mentality to this match. Spectre a fan favorite from both Alpha Omega Wrestling & the Former Millennium Pro Wrestling promotion came in to this event showing the So Cal fans that the “Anti-Hero” isn’t going nowhere as he looks to become a heavy fan favorite for TOH.

El Ridiculoso vs Flecha Fugaz

This match had great chemistry with two different styles of wrestling meaning Ridiculoso training with guys like Santino Bros & Brian Kendrick as Flecha Fugaz is an EWF & Jesse Hernandez guy. Both masked wrestler, both great style of mat wrestling with some fun hijinks on the side. I’m looking forward to see these two battle it out in the ring once again & now adding the rest of the members of The Revelation & Seville the Thrill into the mix, I can see this showdown as another great feud. Hopefully we’ll see another individual who had his trouble with the Revelation come into this promotion where we can see a 6 man battle down the road with El Ridiculoso, Seville the Thrill & maybe one day Mariachi Loco vs The Revelation.

As always I continue to say Thank You to you the fans of Southern California for your devotion to supporting Independent Professional Wrestling in So Cal. Please make sure to visit our Socaluncensored event calendar for all the future wrestling events taking place in the month of April. For all details on the upcoming events: http://socaluncensored.com/events/

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(On a side note, you notice a video is posted on this post as I was welcomed onto Dashawn2cents as we reviewed the event live from the show. This was my 1st attempt at a Video Recap & hope you all enjoy it. Forgive me as I looked extremely tired as I’ve gone only a few hours sleep throughout this weekend & now well rested I’m able to write my recap better. If you like this video, please comment on it on my twitter as I look to maybe continue doing video recaps along with written recaps here on Socaluncensored.com).

So until next time, this is Mike Draven & I’ll see you at Ringside!!