This is Mike Draven & this your weekly Lucha Underground Lucha Underground Logo 2recap on Wednesday March 4th 2015 on the El Rey Network.

We see Alberto El Patron in Dario Cueto’s office as tonight’s episode will see the wrestling debut of him. As Dario Cueto’s offering others to face Alberto, El Patron demands that he faces Texano in the ring which Cueto finally agrees. So tonight is a special night at the temple for Lucha Underground.

Commentators Matt Striker & Vampiro welcome everyone to the show as the house band Amandititita is playing to those to the temple & they hype up Alberto’s debut & the following contest as Mil Muetes (minus Catrina) faces Fenix.

The match would start off on the outside as Muetes would receive a hurracarana from Fenix from springboarding off the rails of the staircase. As the action makes its way to the ring, Muetes shows his dominance against the fast paced Fenix. Catrina would make her presence known carrying the sacred stone from Mil Muetes as the fans of the temple chant her name in appreciation.

Mil Muetes def Fenix with a Flatliner finisher as he looks upon Catrina as he delivers the maneuver. Muetes would demand Catrina to enter the ring to give Fenix Catrina’s Lick of Death but she would refuse & he would drag her into the ring as Fenix would come to the save, hitting him with Muetes stone & a double spinning kick. Catrina would then deliver the “Lick of Death” to Mil Muetes & gives Fenix a kiss for her gratitude.

In true Robert Rodriguez style videos, we see a promo video by Konnan as he’s looking for revenge before we go back to Dario Cueto’s office as Ivelisse is looking to be the #1 contender. Cueto would say that since Son of Havoc interfered in her previous match against Angelico, next week Ivelisse goes 1 on 1 again with Angelico with Son of Havoc as special referee.

We see Prince Puma training in the back as Alberto El Patron talks about Puma need to stay focus on The Machine called Cage & if he’s successful in retaining the championship, Alberto will be coming for the title.

Winner faces The Crew Match:
Fan Favorite Sexy Star goes one on one with Big Ryck as this is a total mismatch match but Sexy Star determination won’t stop her. Big Ryck gives her numerous times to stop & just leave the match but she doesn’t acknowledge it. Big Ryck would set up his Yuranagie finisher but in the end, he would just pin her down for the victory as the Crew would come out & beat down both Big Ryck & Sexy Star. Ryck was able to hold off The Crew as we know he will have his shot at them soon.

Main Event: Alberto El Patron vs Texano
Before the match would start, we would see a video package from Alberto El Patron as he would talk about his career in the wrestling business. Being the son of Lucha Libre Legend Dos Caras, nephew to WWE Hall of Famer Mil Masacaras he would talk about dominating everywhere from Mexico to North America & why he’s here in Lucha Underground.

Vampiro would mention that both Texano & Alberto practically grew up together as their fathers have faced each other over the years & they knew one day they would have to face each other.

Both men would go back & fourth with each other, showing who’s more dominant but both men would work each other in this battle both in & out of the ring. It seems in the match that both men would have a counter for everything they threw at each other.

As Alberto signaled for his “Destiny” Armbreaker, Texano would counter with a Sit Out Powerbomb for a 2 count as Texano was surprised it wasn’t a 3 count. A superkick from Alberto would only get a 2 count but Texano went to use his bullrope only to be counter by a Tornado DDT by Alberto. Alberto would end up taking the Bullrope from Texano & whip him with it multiple times as Texano would get the victory by disqualification.

We return to Dario Cueto’s office as he is talking to King Cueno about next week, he goes one on one with Johnny Mundo inside a Steel Cage as we end the show for the week.

Again each week Lucha Underground delivers a great show with some Robert Rodriguez flare in each episode. The storylines are compelling & the matches are fantastic. I was in attendance for this episode & I was pleased this evening & next week’s Steel Cage match you don’t want to miss. Not giving away the results but very action packed match between Johnny Mundo & King Cuerno.

My Matches of the night goes like this:
Alberto El Patron vs Texano
Mil Muetes vs Fenix
Sexy Star vs Big Ryck

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