Lucha Underground Season 4, Episode 13: The Circle of Life Review

2015 Promotion of the Year

Pentagon Dark issues a challenge, someone gets sacrificed, low-budget fight scenes, and more.

Lucha Underground Season 4, Episode 13: The Circle of Life

We begin the episode with a video recapping past events in previous episodes.

After the video, we go to a candlelit room where Catrina informs Mil Muertes that she is done with him. She began to leave the room after giving him a gift before Melissa Santos showed up. The two would then fight around a warehouse. Catrina had the upper hand at one point before Melissa threw her into a window. Melissa would get the better of Catrina, who tried to escape into an attic.

Melissa caught up to Catrina, and the two ended up landing head kicks on each other at the same time, leading to a double knockdown. The battle continued before Catrina applied an armbar on Melissa. They would then brawl onto a fire escape and up onto a roof. Catrina would fall and held onto a rail as Melissa watched. Mil Muertes showed up and saved Catrina for a moment before returning her gift. He then let go of Catrina, who fell off the roof to her possible death.

After the fall, Melissa walked up to her body as Aerostar arrived. He said he needed her help, and asked her for her half of the amulet. We then have a flashback to 10 weeks earlier where Catrina took Fenix’s life-force. After Catrina left, Aerostar showed up via time travel and brought Fenix back to life. After that, Aerostar time travels back to the present day with Fenix as Melissa waited for him. She begins to hug him, and Aerostar informs Melissa that it will take him a while to be back to normal. The scene ends with a close up of Fenix’s eye shapeshifting.

After a commercial break, we head to the Ice Temple where Matt Striker and Vampiro welcomed the audience to the show. Striker said he didn’t believe the scheduled match with Johnny Mundo and Pentagon Dark would happen. Vampiro then said he heard Johnny Mundo may never compete again after the attack by Matanza Cueto. Melissa Santos made her ring announcing return in this segment.

Before the first match began, Joey Wrestling was inside the ring. Antonio Cueto appeared at the top of the entrance way and informed him that he will get a chance for revenge in his first Lucha Underground match. Cueto said he wished the paparazzi were there, and that Joey would be in a Sacrifice to the Gods match.

Sacrifice to the Gods Match: Joey Wrestling vs. Matanza Cueto

Matanza would get the upper hand early on in the match. Joey would attempt to mount several comebacks and eventually hit a Death Valley Driver on Matanza. During his comeback, Joey hit a Pedigree on Matanza, leading to Matanza getting up right after and mounting a comeback. After a few moments, Matanza got the win over Joey, who was sacrificed to the Gods.

Killshot vs. Big Bad Steve w/ Beautiful Brenda

Killshot would focus on the leg of Big Bad Steve, who had his ankle broken by Jack Strong early in the season. Son of Havoc showed up during the match with a drink and popcorn to watch the action. This would cause Killshot to be distracted for a bit. Killshot continued to slowly work over Big Bad Steve. Killshot would deliver several strikes to Steve before Big Bad Steve countered a strike attempt with a belly-to-back suplex. Big Bad Steve would go for a move from the Fireman’s Carry position before Strickland countered with a double stomp.

Son of Havoc would cheer on Big Bad Steve during the match, who got some offense in on Killshot for a bit. After being on offense for a while, Big Bad Steve would attempt a Superplex on Killshot. Killshot would counter that and mounted a comeback before hitting a top rope double stomp on Big Bad Steve for the win.

After the match, Killshot confronted Son of Havoc, who was sitting in the crowd. Killshot would knock the popcorn out of his hand, leading to a brawl between the two. Son of Havoc would unmask Killshot and celebrated in the ring with Killshot’s mask in hand as Killshot ran off to the back trying to cover his face.

After a commercial break, Melissa Santos introduces the next match as a Lucha Underground Championship match. Pentagon Dark got on the mic and talked about how he wanted to break Johnny Mundo’s arm, but said the doctor wouldn’t let Johnny face Pentagon Dark. He then made an open challenge to anyone in the back who wants to face him. Hernandez would appear and answered his challenge.

Lucha Underground Championship Match: Pentagon Dark (c) vs. Hernandez

After a commercial, the match begins. Pentagon Dark would get an early advantage with early offense, including several running step-up ranas and leg kicks. Hernandez would make a comeback after hitting a slingshot shoulder tackle from the apron, followed by a huge running plancha onto Pentagon Dark outside of the ring. He would show a lot of cockiness and attitude while on offense before Pentagon Dark made a comeback. Things would even out in the closing moments of the match before Pentagon Dark got the win.

Following the match, Pentagon Dark tried to break the arm of Hernandez before King Cuerno made the save. Cuerno would attack Pentagon Dark before hitting his finisher onto the belt in the middle of the ring. The episode would end with King Cuerno walking out of the venue.

Final Thoughts

Let me put it bluntly: this episode sucked. The opening fight scene with Melissa and Catrina looked so low-budget. The visual effects also looked terrible. I will say that the fight choreography wasn’t bad and that this scene would’ve been better if the production didn’t look so cheap.

The match scenes were also pretty underwhelming. As a wrestler, I really enjoy watching Jeff Cobb perform, and his squash matches as Matanza are usually entertaining. That said, things can get pretty stale with his character on Lucha Underground. I get this match was to advance a plot with Matanza and Johnny Mundo, but it would’ve been better had Joey Wrestling got a little more offense. Killshot vs. Big Bad Steve was pretty boring for the most part, and I wasn’t into the main event.

Like I said, this episode sucked.

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