[Results] SoCal Pro Gold Fever Feb 7th 2015

SoCal Pro Wrestlingwpid-socalpro-1.gif
Gold Fever
Saturday, February 7, 2015
Oceanside Boys & Girls Club
Oceanside, CA

Quick results:

Incendio Calavera and JRW def. Bruce Gwarstein and Veinom

1) King Colossus [with King’s Jester] def. Casanova Fantastico via submission to a Torture Rack.

2) SCP Golden State Championship: “The Athlete” Mike Camden def. “The Incredible” Anthony Idol (c) [with Everett Scott] by disqualification when Idol hit Camden below the belt in front of the referee. Anthony Idol retained the SCP Golden State Title since a championship cannot change hands on disqualification.

3) “Dirty” Doug Bosco def. Motros

4) Dark Usagi def. “American Nightmare” Ryan Walker

5) SCP Tag Team Championship: Ju Dizz & Joe Gamble def. Kitana Vera & SoCal Crazy (c) to become the new SCP Tag Team Champions after a masked wrestler interfered behind the referee’s back and pushed SoCal Crazy off the top rope thus allowing the team of Ju Dizz and Joe Gamble to score a pinfall on the loco luchador.

6) Ashley Grace def. Danny Limelight via submission to a Octopus hold. KItana Vera attacked Ashley Grace after the match and laid her out with a Cutter.

7) SCP Heavyweight Championship: “The Polish Tyrant” Andre Machievski def. “Mr. Megastar” Tommy Wilson (c) after Wilson used a chair and hit Machievski on the head to cause a disqualification. Tommy Wilson retained the SCP Heavyweight Championship since a championship cannot change hands on disqualification.

Chaos ensued after the match with Tommy Wilson, Andre Machievski, Anthony Idol, and Mike Camden being involved. It took a few minutes for SCP Commissioner Nick Lovin to restore order in the ring and he scheduled a tag team match between Tommy Wilson and Mike Camden against Andre Machievski and Anthony Idol. Stipulations in the match are if Tommy gets pinned, then he loses his SCP Heavyweight Title and if Anthony gets pinned, then he loses the Golden State Title.

8) Tag Team Match: SCP Heavyweight Champion Tommy Wilson and Mike Camden def. SCP Golden State Champion Anthony Idol and Andre Machievski by disqualification after Everett Scott dropped an elbow on the referee to break the three-count attempt on Machievski from Camden. Tommy Wilson and Anthony Idol retained their respective titles.

Saturday, February 7, was the night that Tommy Wilson finally got his revenge on Everett Scott and powerbombed the manager of Everett Scott International through two tables set up on the outside of the ring.
Next SoCal Pro event will be on Saturday, March 14, 2015, in Oceanside. A match signed so far is SCP Heavyweight Champion Tommy Wilson & Ashley Grace vs. SoCal Crazy & Kitana Vera