Recap of AWS “Lethal Lottery 3” September 27th

Shot of the Night - 09-27-2014

September 27th AWS “Lethal Lottery 3” at American Legion post #335, South Gate. The presence of Sabu, plus other major names on the card helped draw a big, lively crowd.

1 – Raze p. Melissa Coates
Short but strong opener that saw Raze & “Mrs. Olympia” trade power moves and strikes. Speaking of power moves, Raze hit the Spear for the pin.

2 – Famous B won the Lightweight tltle from El Ridiculoso (w/ Datura)
Great match that saw both men trade spots. Somehow, Famous B was able to recover or blunt the STO finisher, and rolled it into the Flashing Lights for the title-clinching pin.

3 – Lethal Lottery Match 1. Sasha Darevko p. Willie Mack
Another good match that ended with Sasha putting Willie into the Schoolboy Cover, and managed to put his feet on the ropes, that Special Guest Referee Human Tornado didn’t see when deciding the pinfall.

4 – Lethal Lottery Match 2. Jeckles The Jester (w/ Sage Sin Supreme) p. Mikey O’Shea
There’s a reason why Jeckles was one of the handful of Central/Nor Cal talents that made the 2014 PWI 500. Great wrestling moves, and great wrestling persona was well on display here. Jeckles landed the Discus Elbow KO strike for the pin.

* Another Lethal Lottery draw was done for the tag team title match, with Rico Dynamite having Che Cabrera to sub for an injured Tito Escondido. The tag team that was drawn, was…..P-P-Ray.

Shot of the Night - 09-27-2014

Shot of the Night – 09-27-2014

5 – Rico Dynamite & Che Cabrera successfully defended the Tag team titles over PPRay.
It seemed like PPRay hardly missed a beat, and this was Ray’s 2nd match back from having surgery on his right knee. Obvious chaos in the match, but Referee Jeremy Marcus(sp?) didn’t see the title belt shot from Rico on PPA, as he was tending to Che. Instead, he saw the title belt shot from Ray on Rico, and called the DQ. That led Ray to call out Rico, and asked Bart for a steel cage match to end the 3-year feud between PPRay & Los Bandidos…which Bart booked.

6 – Hudson Envy successfully defended the Women’s title over Leah Von Dutch.
To her credit, the high-end indie veteran gave Hudson quite a run for her money. However, Hudson was able to defend the home turf, and hit the Air Raid Crash for the pin.

7 – Lethal Lottery Match 3. Mariachi Loco p. SoCal Crazy
Great lucha match where Mariachi got a reversal cover for the pin, then got ambushed and laid out by his UIPW Nemesis, Warthog.

SM – Lethal Lottery Tag Team Match. Lil Cholo & Tyler Bateman beat Hector Canales & Idris Jackson
Great mix of comedy & serious wrestling, which is pretty much par when Bateman & El Chido are involved. Idris showed some great moves himself, but ended up eating a Cholo Ace Crusher/Bateman Discus Lariat KO strike, and got pinned.

M – B-Boy successfully defended the Heavyweight title over Sabu
It may not have been a popular decision, but the short, effective match had that ECW vibe in it. A few steel chairs, a trash can, and a table were used. B-Boy ate one chair-assisted leg drop, but rolled out of the 2nd, and got in his submission finisher for the tapout. Both men shook hands afterwards.

Great card with a very lively crowd. Expect the “Wrestling Heads” duo to be in the front row for the 10/25 show, because one of them won the big raffle prize. Ozzy of “The Lucha Connection” was one of the few others who took home a DVD package. Otherwise, the wrestlers did a great job of working out the Lethal Lottery matches in such a short time. Raze is gaining momentum with her strong matches this month, and so is Jeckles. MOTN, to me, goes to the Tag team title match, followed by the main event, then the lethal lottery tag match.

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