Jay Cal View #104: The Rock Superstar vs. The New Age Punisher

AWS vs SBWAAWS tag team champions Rico Dynamite and Tito Escondido along with Mongol Santino, Famous B, Ruby Raze, Pinky, and Che’ Cabrera infiltrated the ring immediately following the conclusion of the AWS Heavyweight Championship Match featuring B-Boy vs. Johnny Goodtime which saw B-Boy successfully retain his title. With mere seconds to recoup from the hard hitting match with Goodtime, it would appear that B-Boy was in for some trouble. As the invading Santino’s invaded the ring, they were sent with one message… that Kaos wanted a shot at the AWS Heavyweight Championship and would go through B-Boy to get it. Professional Wrestling has changed so much in the past 14 years. Without contracts, it always seemed that many wrestling promotions kept their talent exclusive. You wouldn’t Christopher Daniels or Samoa Joe show up in XPW. Like wise, most of the XPW talent was exclusive to XPW, with very few exceptions… the Revolution Pro guys, the fly-ins, etc. But it was extremely rare to see guys who worked for one promotion to show up in another promotion. With the advent of MPW, AWS, and later EPIC, PWG, etc. more dream matches were happening. MPW started presenting “Dream Bouts,” which eventually spilled over every where. AWS would host many of these dream bouts. Sonjay Dutt vs. Super Dragon was one that people still talk about to this day. But it was still rare to see the “Rock Superstar” Kaos outside of XPW. And around this time B-Boy would start picking up East Coast dates in CZW, JAPW, IWA MS, while the Rock Superstar was the 18 month long reigning Television Champion for XPW. The two talents would never face off in the ring in Southern California. While in CZW, B-Boy enjoyed much success. The New Age Punisher won the CZW Iron Man Title by defeating Chris Hero, immediately following with the Xtreme Strong Style Tournament. This was at the same time Kaos explored the world of Combat Zone Wrestling. The two would face off in January 2005 at CZW’s GenZ: The Transfusion. B-Boy would retain the title. The Rock Superstar vs the New Age Punisher, two staples of Southern California Professional Wrestling in the past 12 years will face off July 25th from the American Legion Post 335 in South Gate. The two Southern California Veterans will square off as part of the joint event being promoted by Alternative Wrestling Show Promotions and the Santino Brother’s Wrestling Academy. Even with similar career trajectories, the two have never faced off in a Southern California ring. If you are on the fence about attending this joint event Friday Night, this match up alone should sway your mind. B-Boy vs. Kaos… The New Age Punisher vs. The Rock Superstar… the two wrestlers have never faced each other in Southern California. Bart is excited about hosting this unique inter-promotional match for the AWS Title, “Two of SoCal’s Top Talents in the past 12 years, finally collide in SoCal in an AWS Heavyweight Championship Match.” Bart continued with “This is a match the fans want to see,” explained Bart Kapitzke. “Ever since winning the AWS Heavyweight Championship in October [of last year], B-Boy has been knocking down all comers that have tried to take the title from him.” Since defeating Scorpio Sky in a Steel Cage at AWS Halloween Slaughterhouse 5, B-Boy has turned back the challenges of Ryan Taylor, Willie Mack, Ricky Mandel, Rocky Romero & Drake Younger, Lil Cholo, Tyler Bateman, and Johnny Goodtime. But this isn’t just one match, this is a night chalk full of goodness. Rocky Romero and Lil Cholo nearly stole the show the last time they faced each other and on Friday Night they take on 2 Bad Dudes… Tito and Rico, who have torn through the AWS Tag Team Division. Che Cabrera will defend the Santino Bros. Championship against The Brian Kendrick, this match has potential to steal the show. Famous B defends the Submission Title against SoCalUNCENSORED Rookie of the Year Eli Everly and Hudson defends the AWS Women’s Championship against Lufisto. This match has never happened in Southern California, but in two days, you will see Kaos challenge for B-Boy’s AWS Heavyweight Championship match, and that match alone will be worth price of admission.