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Professional Wrestling has been around for quite some time and for most, we were exposed to wrestling at a young age but sometimes people watched Pro Wrestling in their teenage or adult years before getting hooked & becoming a fan. To many it was the first time we turned on a Knokx Pro Training Photo 3television & we saw promotions like the WWF/WWE, NWA/WCW, AWA, UWF & even GLOW. To others, they were exposed to the Territories or Independent scene but what was it that made us glued to the TV or talked about it with friends & co-workers..the larger than life personalities, the evil managers who would cheat to help their guy/gal win, the ladies who showed that they can wrestle just as good as the men or the match itself seeing the stiff shots, impactful moves & the OMG moments? But one question that is always in the back of everyone’s mind, “How do I become a Professional Wrestler, Manager or Referee”?

No matter where you go throughout the world, where you find a promotion you’ll find a school that will train you & make your dream come true. And in Southern California not only are there a lot of promotions to showcase your talents but now there are plenty of schools to choose from to live out your dream of being part of the business. If you happen to live closer to a school, it will work out but those tend to drive great distances to go to a wrestling school to learn or enhance their skills. One thing about professional wrestling is that whether you’re starting out or you’re a veteran, is that you never stop learning your craft. Some students & wrestlers will commit to one school as their only training facility but others after their training is complete may go to another school to learn from another..the more you know, the more you grow.Santino bros training photo

But if you have a love & a passion to be in the wrestling business in one form or another, here are the links to some of the schools throughout Southern California. Mind you that each school is different in their length of training time, what programs they offer (Wrestling, Lucha libre style, Manager, Referee & Commentary training) & pricing. But one thing is certain, you’ll get the best training at that facility by people who’ve been the wrestling business for many years, some have wrestled in the old territories days, some wrestled for the WWE & some have been Southern California & Mexico based wrestlers for many years. But if you want to learn more about the schools in Southern California, here are the links, emails & phone numbers to get your info:

Santino Bros wrestling academy w/Joey “Kaos” Munoz

Knokx Pro w/The Black Pearl & WWE Legends Rikishi & Gangrel

EWF’s School of Hard Knocks w/Wrestling Legend Jesse Hernandez
www.sohktraining.comEWF Training Photo

CWFHollywood w/Tyler Davidson & Johnny Goodtime
For info:



Apex Pro (contact via facebook)

WPW Lucha Libre w/Martin Marin
1325 E. St Andrew pl. Santa ana, ca 92705

Vendetta Pro Wrestling w/Sunami, Kadin Anthony, Mike Menace

Brian Kendricks School of Pro Wrestling w/Former WWE/TNA star Brian KendrickKendricks Training Photo


You can achieve your dream if you simply….believe.