NWA Hollywood Road Report June 10th

By Mayer Michaels McQueen

My first report on NWA Hollywood vs the world June 10, 2012.   Huntington Park, Ca easy place to find thanks google. It was an hot & humid environment in the gym It was about 175 people in attendance they had cameras taping also. Joey Ryan was @ the door checked my name off the list as I ordered the tixs online.  Matches started after 5pm usual almost (traditional 4 socal) late 4 indy event start Jo-Mo didnt arrive till 4.

Willie Mack vs Sinn Bodhi(Formerly known as Kizarny in WWE)
Bodhi is the first wrestler of the night out of the curtain to a loud response. Enters the ring grabs the mike to rile up the crowd and asks us not to call him by Kizarny, Which brings the crowd to give him loud Kizarny chants. Next So-Cal Favorite & NWA Hollywood star Willie Mack comes out 2 loud cheers from the pro mack crowd. Match starts quick with physicality kicks & punches from Kizarny & Willie firing back. The action spills out of the ring as they bring the brawl outside. Once they take it back inside Kizarny gains early control with stiff shots and a series of stiff kicks directly to the chest of willie mack. Mack makes a comeback with a series of maneuvers to set up Bodhi for a top rope elbow a la Macho man for a nearfall @ 2. Bodhi takes control back temporarily only to be caught during a top rope flying body press attempt and nailed with a Chocolate Thunder Bomb for the Win. Willie Mack wins via pinfall

Pretty Peter Avalon (PPA) & Shaun Ricker vs. Nick Madrid & Johnny Yuma
PPA & Ricker out first to a loud reaction. Ricker gets huh chants and is wearing his huh t-shirt. Gets the mic for his old school promo starting off with his famous “Let me tell ya something” line. Tell us that PPA is his partner for the night and hopes that he isn’t a “dummy”. Next Madrid & Yuma out to loud cheers. They get back in the ring and Ricker grabs the mic again to sing a remixed version of happy birthday to Johnny Yuma. The fans were solidly for Yuma & Madrid and give Ricker a hard time while Johnny Yuma gives him a hard time in the ring. PPA tags in and get control with a spinning suplex a la Goldust. Ricker & PPA work Madrid on the mat for a few minutes b4 Ricker nails him with a big superplex from the top rope. Ricker tags out 2 PPA the b-day boy gets the
hot tag in and cleans house with both Ricker and PPA with several high impact moves including an xfactor from the apron over the top rope for a 2 count. Yuma sends Ricker to the outside over the top while Madrid nails PPA with a big splash from the top for the win. Nick Madrid & Johnny Yuma wins via pinfall.

TNA Star Winter vs. Candace LaRae
Both ladies come out to good welcomes but the fans are more So Cal fans are supporting of LaRae. A weak lets go winter chants sars this match with solid matwork displayed by both ladies including armdrag takedowns by LaRae. Winter wins a test of strength by taking Candace to the ground and pounds her with forearm shots. Candace fights back but Winter baits her 2 the outside and slams LaRae’s head into the ringpost. Back in the ring Winter stretches her opponent out on the mat but Candace comes back with an octopus hold. After exchanging several forearm shots by both ladies and reversals of both ladies finishing move Candace LaRae uses her neckbreaker for win. Candace LaRae Wins via Pinfall.

Family Stone Challenge
Next Stu Stone comes out to introduce the family stone challenge. Erick Watts & Adam Pearce come out and Stu Stone offers up a $1000 challenge to anyone in the back. The challenge is accepted by Chris Masters and…….WILLIE MACK. Pearce starts off with mack and is being kept at bay with good matwork and offense by Mack. Willie goes to tag in Masters but Pearce wants no parts of him and tags out to Erik Watts. Watts goes on the offense against masters nailing him with a bigman’s spinebuster and mocking Stone Cold Steve Austin by using his “Oh hell yeah” catch phrase and hitting Masters with the Austin middle finges elbow drop off the ropes for a two count. Pearce in to beat down on Masters and even attempts to put him in the Masterlock. Watts & Pearce pound masters but he gets the hot tag to Mack who takes out watts with a big clothesline in the corner. Action all over as Masters finally gets his hands on Pearce and gets him in the Masterlock to the crowds delight but was broken up by Watts. Willie Mack gets rid of Pearce while Masters locks Erik Watts in the Masterlock for the win.
Chris Masters & Willie Mack win via submission.

30 minute intermission was needed as we all needed AIR.

Scorpio Sky(With Xtian Cole & Big Duke) vs Chavo Guererro Jr. Non title match
Scorpio Sky Xperience out first to loud boos. Chavo comes out to loudest reaction of the night. Xtain Cole grabs the mic to hype up scorpio sky. Chavo grabs the mic and calls Xtain Cole a Culero. Loud Culero chant. Starts off fast Chavo wins test of strength and hypes up the crowd with his viva la raza chant. Sky works him in the corner with shots but takes a breather outside after Chavo comes back with solid matwork & skill. Culero chants continue and while Scorpio Sky is outside getting water Chavo is inside with a BEER! When Sky finally gets back in he regains control and stops Chavo with a big backbreaker and a clothesline for a nearfall. Big Duke smashes Chavo with a big right hand from the outside. Sky continues his offense but Chavo comes back with a flying headscissors and a flying knee in the corner for a 2 count. Sky comes back for more and posts Chavo in thecorner to attempt a superplex but is blocked by Chavo and thrown off the second rope to the mat. Chavo attempts to go up for the Frog Splash Big Duke slams him off the top rope to cause the disqualification. Big Duke & Sky continue to beat on Chavo but Duke gets outsmarted and sent over the top rope to the floor and Chavo hits Sky with the 3 amigos suplexes and the frog splash. After wards Chavo gets back on the mike and gives his respect to Eddie Guererro. Chavo Guererro Wins Via Disqualification.

The Happening(Joey Ryan & Johnny Goodtime) vs. The Young Bucks(Formerly Generation Me)
The Happening out first to a loud mixed crowd reaction as were The Young Bucks when they entered to their famed entrance song by Hanson MMMBop! Very loud 87 percent chant for Ryan for his TNA work. The Happening starts the match fast & hard with Goodtime nailing Nick Jackson on the apron with a shot during the first few seconds after locking up with Matt Jackson. Nick tags in to nail Goodtime with the 10 punches in the corner before The Happening regroups outside of the ring. Goodtime & Ryan returns to the ring and the bucks trip them up to fall on each other in a way that should’ve had the crowd chanting 69 percent lol. The Happening comes back though when Goodtime hits a very good looking Yakuza kick. Ryan & Goodtime dominate Matt on the mat and knocked Nick to the floor. Ryan even mocked Nick Jackson by going to the bucks corner and asking for a tag. Despite the beatdown Goodtime gets frustrated at the resiliency of Matt Jackson after a nearfall. After a mistake Nick gets the tag in & cleans house with both Ryan & Goodtime. Bucks go for their finisher “More Bang for the Buck” on Goodtime but Joey Ryan stops it and nails both Young Bucks with a superkick. This is Wrestling chants are loud. Both teams trade offense but Johnny Goodtime gets isolated in the ring and receives a spiked tombstone by the Young Bucks for the win. Young Bucks win Via Pinfall.

Main Event John Morrison vs. Austin Draven(Formerly W of the Disorder)
First Austin Draven is out and he has a mysterious dark type musical intro that leads into……….Color Me Badd I Adore Mi Amor. I thought uuumm bop was bad. He walks confidently to the ring and lets the fans know that he doesn’t need them and he’s going to the WWE. Next out is John Morrison his crowd response was almost as loud as Chavo’s. Shakes hands around the ring with everyone and kisses a mystery woman. hmmm. Draven grabs the mike to run down the fans and Morrisson for leaving WWE. Morrison then grabs mike and says he left WWE because he LOVES wrestling. Morrisson called Draven a puto to the crowds delight. He also said his mom would respect him more if he stops using her shampoo. Then finally he said his dad would respect him more if he didn’t sit on the toilet when he pissed. After a good laugh they start off but Jo-Mo outclasses Draven on the mat and runs off the ropes and hits a running flying moonsault for an early 2 count. Draven’s Manager (I believe his name is RJ) also interferes in the match while the referee isn’t looking Jo-Mo chases RJ on outside to inside of the ring but meets the boot of Draven when he gets back in the ring then grounds Jo-Mo with kicks and a choke. Morrison comes back with a pin attempt on the mat as they exchange several pin attempts from the mat but Draven stops it with more of his ground & pound techniques. Jo-Mo reverses Draven’s finisher into a DDT. Both men battle back and fourth until Draven gets hit with a leg lariat then a shining wizard for a nearfall. Morrison went for the flying chuck kick but Draven catches him & straddles him over the ropes. While the ref is distracted by RJ Draven hits Jo-Mo with his clipboard and covers him for a 2 count. Finally Jo-Mo gets his hands on RJ outside the ring hits him with a combo of stiff punches and he holds RJ for the girl he kissed to hit him. AND SHE DOES SHE NAILED HIM. The Mystery Woman was former WWE Diva Melina. Jo-Mo gets back in missing Draven with the flying chuck but he hit the referee. Then Morrison hits Draven with his flip uranage finisher but there is no one to count. Draven gets up during confusion grabs chair to hit Jo-Mo but he misses & inadvertently hits himself with the chair. John Morrison drags him to the corner & hits Starship Pain for the win. John Morrisson wins via Pinfall.
After the match John Morrisson brings Melina & her dog into the ring to celebrate. Great card everything was finished about 8.

Photos from various NWA Hollywood and Pappy Pineda Promotions