Jay Cal’s View #175

Citizen Business Bank Arena
Steve has recently been compiling the Top Ten Wrestling Venues in Southern California. And I have a late addition I’d like to suggest, however I feel it won’t make the list. Citizen Business Bank Arena, in Ontario California. The venue has hosted no less than four wrestling promotions since it opened its doors in October 2008. And although no formal announcement has been made, the Arena was at least considered to be the host of the All In 2018 event which was show being produced by the Elite members of the Bullet Club. The Arena was also home to a full scale invasion of the Bullet Club at a WWE RAW TV Taping.

Impact Wrestling was the first wrestling show to emanate from the building. It was a house show for Impact, but did feature matches with Hiroshi Tanahashi, Samoa Joe, Christian Cage, Kurt Angle, AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, Awesome Kong, and Team 3D. Impact Wrestling would return to the venue in 2012, featuring Winter, Mr. Anderson, Jeff Hardy, Kazrian, Bobby Roode, current NWA World Champion Nick Aldis, and the returns of Samoa Joe, Kurt Angle, and Christopher Daniels.

WWE has held 12 various events at the arena ranging from house shows to TV-Tapings. I was at the Smackdown taping on February 21st 2017 that saw Alexa Bliss win the Smackdown Woman’s Championship. The only wrestling championship to change hands at the Arena.

The arena was also host to one of the final Lucha Libre USA Cards The United We Stand Tour featured stars from the Lucha Libre TV show including Blue Demon Jr., Hurricane Helms, Lizmark Jr. Super Crazy, Psicosic, RJ Brewer, and even the minis.

Lastly the Heroes of Lucha Libre debuted their last October. They also ran in December of last year. The shows were said to have incredible production values, but fans were said to have been disappointed in the lack of effort in the ring.

Heroes of Lucha Libre is set to return?
Speaking of Heroes of Lucha Libre, Steve Fernandes of PWInsider reported that the company has applied for several trademarks including Mistico, Dragon Lee, Ocelot for use with TV and movie purposes. With that being said one of it’s hosts Keila Ponce-Buenrostro, mentioned on facebook that the Heroes of Lucha Libre “coming back real soon.”

Get Well Friar
Recently heard former EWF’s Friar Juan Roman had been hospitalized due to chest pains.  Roman held the Empire Wrestling Federation Heavyweight Title for 111 days in 2014.   He and Archimedes had a real fun run as the EWF Tag Team Champions through 2015 as well. The Friar had taken a sabbatical from wrestling due to a knee injury. I’d like to wish the good Friar a speedy recovery.

New Japan Returns
This weekend is New Japan’s return to Southern California.  I was fortunately able to attend one of the events back in 04, the Toukon 2 Events.  It was the first time I ever saw Shinsuke Nakamura. Unfortunately it was a “Worked Shoot” match with Ken Shamrock. That was also the night that Rocky Romero and Ricky Reyes faced Tommy Williams and Minoru Tanaka. Tanaka would pull double duty that night. Gurentai (Mazada & NOSAWA) would defeat Aaron Aguilera and Joey Ryan. The main event would be the first time the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship would be defended on US soil as Tanaka would don the mask of Heat and defeat the recently unretired Daniel Bryan (American Dragon).  Sunday’s show is set to be headlined by Jay White defending his IWGP United States Championship against Hangman Page.  Personally, I’d like to see someone from the United States hold the title, so I’m rooting for Page.  The match that brought me to the show is Rey Mysterio Jr. and Jushin “Thunder” Liger.  Although that match could be in jeopardy due to the injury that Mysterio sustained a few weeks ago.  No word on how healthy “Mr. 619” is, or if the match will even take place.  Lastly the Young Bucks face the Golden Lovers.  No other matches have been announced yet.  I’ll be there along with almost the entire staff of SoCalUncensored.  If you are there, say hi.

We’re going to China!
In the last Jay Cal’s View I wrote about the National Wrestling Alliance in Southern California.  The last NWA Champions to defend in Southern California in the last two decades are AJ Styles, Adam Pearce, Blue Demon Jr., Colt Cabana, Tim Storm, and reigning champion Nick Aldis.  I follow the NWA extensively at www.alliance-wrestling.com, if you’re curious as to what’s going on with the brand or what’s coming next outside of California, make sure you visit the site for all the news and information.  Although the NWA World Title has been defended almost every weekend since February, I think the biggest defense is coming up in just a few weeks in China.  This will be the first time the NWA World Title has ever been defended in China as Championship Wrestling from Hollywood will be going to China to present the a United Wrestling Network special.  As a bonus, I’ll be in attendance for the event.  I’m travelling to document the World Title match.  I’ll be documenting my trip.