WILD Championship review between Terra Calaway and Winter 12-11-11

Credit: UnlimitedRadio247.com

Last night I had the honor of bearing witness to two of the BEST female wrestlers on the planet. WILD (World Independent Ladies Division) Champion Winter taking on the WILD North American Champion Tera Callaway in a no DQ match!

Before I get into the match there are a few things that I need to get off my chest. After some very disrespectful comments being made directly to the women’s wrestling as a whole including Winter and Tera this match almost never happened. After WILD management sat down and discussed the situation and individually sat down both Tera as well as Winter the decision was made NOT TO cancel the match and to go on as scheduled. What people do not know is the person who was talking trash about the ladies was the same promoter that ASKED for the match to be on his card and at his venue!!

From there entrances to the final bell these Wild warriors stole the show and showed Southern California as well as Gary Yap directly why they are not “clothed porn stars” as he calls them. Both ladies went back and forth as Winter showed her dominance why she is the champion by making Tera pass out with doing a boston crab bent over a chair on Teras back!! This whole match had lots of action in and out of the ring and a few chair shots thrown in as well. Without question this was the BEST match of the night and WILD showed why they are a force to be recond with in the very near future!

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