Chaos Column: Recap of PWG’s “FEAR” Dec. 10th

Shot of the Night 12/10/2011 Psycho Driver!

BTWNCHAOSNORDER’S gives a recap of 12/1/2011 Pro Wrestling Guerrilla’s “FEAR” at the American Legion Post # 308, Reseda CA.  If there ever was an ultimate Christmas present for fans of indie wrestling in the American West Coast, this would be it. A capacity crowd crammed into American Legion Post #308 for the PWG season finale, and despite difficulties with the sound system, everyone got their money’s worth. In fact, Excalibur tried to whip the sound crew into shape, making sure they got the entrance music right.  8 matches, approx. 4 hrs.

Ring announcer: Angelo Trinidad.

Referees: Rick Knox, Sparky Ballard, & Justin Borden

Excalibur’s guests at the commentary table: Kevin Steen, Joey Ryan, & Chris Hero

1 – T.J. Perkins v. “The Pretty Boy Pitbull” Kenny King never really got off the ground because Ryan Taylor & Brian Cage-Taylor of The Fightin’ Taylor Boys interrupted the match in the wake of Los Luchas not making it to the show because of a family emergency, then went on to put a beat down on T.J. & Kenny.

1A – The Fightin’ Taylor Boys def. T.J. Perkins & Kenny King. Hard-hitting opener ended when Brian Cage-Taylor “finished getting his stuff in” by pinning Kenny King w/ a team Canadian Destroyer. That is, Brian Cage-Taylor provided the leverage for Ryan Taylor to hit the Canadian Destroyer.

2 – Roderick Strong p. Amazing Red w/ a powerbomb. Amazing Red was able to get in his classic high-flying moves, including the Running Moonsault, but was outdone by Roddy’s chops and backbreaking moves.

3 – 8-wrestler tag team action–“Team Sleaze” (Dynasty duo of Joey Ryan & Scorpio Sky, “Pretty” Peter Avalon, & Ray Rosas–as all wore classic Joey Ryan trunks) vs. Candice LeRae, Chris Kadillak, Famous B, & B-Boy. Wild mix of comedy, crazy wrestling action, & a dash of “mature” content ended w/ The Dynasty getting the win by pinning Candice LeRae w/ their “End Stage” Superkick / Ace of Spades finisher combo.

4 – Willie Mack p. Chris Hero … clean w/ a version of the Tombstone Piledriver. Great, hard-hitting match that saw Hero mic up about not be sure if he would be able to come back or not, mentioning at least his mother that live in Dayton, OH.

5 – The RockNES Monsters (“Rock & Roll Rebel Soul” Johnny Yuma & Johnny Goodtime) def. Future Shock (Adam Cole & Kyle O’Reilly). Johnny Goodtime p. Adam Cole w/ the Frog splash, off of Yuma’s “Sex Factor” DDT w/ the feet. Good match, but it may’ve been the weakest match on the card in the eyes of many.

6 – After intermission, The American Wolves (ROH Champion Davey Richards & his “Final Battle 2011” opponent, Eddie Edwards) def. The Super Smash Brothers (Player Uno & Player Dos/Stupefied). Hard-hitting, see-saw action ended w/ Eddie Edwards making Player Uno tapout to his Modified Boston Crab submission with his right foot stomping his masked head in.. DR & EE may’ve put the duo over, but as their expression & talk showed as they went to the back, things are likely to get serious come ROH “Final Battle 2011”, when the two square off for the ROH World Championship.

SM – Non-title dream match. PWG World Heavyweight Champion El Generico p. Dick Togo w/ the Top Turnbuckle Brainbuster. High-octane action that saw dueling chants from the capacity crowd, complete w/ “We love them both!” chants in between.

M – Non-title Guerrilla Warfare Match between Super Dragon & “Mr. Wrestling” Kevin Steen, & PWG World Tag Team Champions The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson). 2 tables, 1 trash can, and a bunch of steel & plastic chairs were used in the high-octane, see-saw match that went all over the venue. Super Dragon hit his vintage Curb Stomp on one of the Jackson’s, smashing his head onto the crotch of his brother. Nick Jackson hit a Top Rope Splash to put Super Dragon through 1 of the tables on the floor midway through the match, but it was both Jacksons who took the worst of the highest spots of the match. While Kevin Steen kept Nick Jackson occupied in the ring, it was Super Dragon who put Matt Jackson through the 2nd table on the floor…WITH A PSYCHO DRIVER! With 1 chair used to prop Nick Jackon’s head on it, Super Dragon hit a Top Rope Double-Stomp on the said head, then it was capped with another Top Rope Double-Stomp to amplify the devastating Package Piledriver from Kevin Steen on Nick Jackson. With Kevin Steen getting the winning pinfall on Nick Jackson, that was how my match of the year, & show of the year, ended, at approximately 12:30am PST Sunday Morning.

Shot of the Night 12/10/2011 Psycho Driver!


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