Chaos Column: Recap of EWF’s “Jingle Slam” Dec. 9th 2011

Shot of the Night 12/09/2011 Gatson & Wilson

BTWNCHAOSNORDER’S gives a recap of 12/9/2011 Empire Wrestling Federation “Jingle Slam 2” at the Knights of Columbus Hall, Covina, CA (The night before Pro Wrestling Guerrilla’s “FEAR”)  A strong holiday crowd was on hand for the final Covina show of the year, and the entire card featured, as EWF Deputy Commissioner & former WWE Referee Marty Elias put it, an “Old School Survivor Series” style 10-man tag team elimination matches. The remaining survivors would then go into the main event’s “Ultimate Survivor” match where the survivors of that one would earn title shots. Much like Last Sunday’s NWA Hollywood taping, there was also a toy drive.

Elimination Match 1: Tommy Wilson, Nick Lovin, Freddy Bravo, Stryder, & Crystal M. vs. The Mexican Warrior, Jarek Matthews, Vintage Dragon, Cyanide, & Nikki Hollywood

Crystal elim. by Nikki Hollywood w/ a Cartwheel Splash

Mexican Warrior e. by Stryder w/ a rollup

Jarek Matthews e. by Freddy Bravo w/ a Victory Roll

Nikki Hollywood e. by Tommy Wilson w/ a Tiger Bomb

Stryder e. by Vintage Dragon w/ a Crucifix Slam

Vintage Dragon e. by Freddy Bravo w/ the Shining Wizard

Nick Lovin e. by Cyanide w/ a Northern Lights Suplex

Cyanide e. by Tommy Wilson & Freddy Bravo w/ Tommy Wilson’s “MegaKick” Superkick

Survivors: Tommy Wilson & Freddy Bravo

Elimination Match 2: Dave The Bruiser, Ein Idol, Killa Gorilla, Maddix, & “Mr. Wonderful” Rock Riddle v. Vizzion, Joshua Dunbar, D.K. Murphy, Sam Chowder, & Transformer Boy

Transformer Boy e. by Dave The Bruiser w/ a Fireman’s Carry Slam

Sam Chowder e. by Dave The Bruiser w/ an Overhead Bodyslam

Maddix e. by Vizzion w/ a Backbreaker from the top rope

D.K. Murphy e. by Ein Idol w/ a Rock Bottom variation

Killa Gorilla e. by Joshua Dunbar w/ a version of the Last Ride Powerbomb

Joshua Dunbar e. by Rock Riddle w/ a Low Blow, followed by a rollup

Rock Riddle e. by Vizzion w/ a rollup

Vizzion e. by Dave The Bruiser w/ a Spear

Survivors: Dave The Bruiser & Ein Idol

Elimination Match 3: Ryan Taylor, Mondo Vega, Terex, Mighty Mike Mountain, & Eddie Mattson v. EWF Heavyweight Champion Johnny Starr, EWF American Champion Mike Maze, Brandon Gatson, SoCal Crazy, & Valiant

Valiant e. by Terex w/ a Spinebuster, followed by a Running Splash

Both Ryan Taylor & Mondo were e. simultaneously by Johnny Starr & Brandon Gatson

Mighty Mike Mountain e. by SoCal Crazy w/ a Starr & Maze Double Vertical Suplex, & SoCal Crazy hitting a Top Rope Crossbody

Eddie Mattson e. by SoCal Crazy after Mike Maze hit a KO Punch on Mattson

Terex e. by Mike Maze w/ the Top Rope Elbow Drop, off of Brandon Gatson’s Superkick

Survivors: Face team sans Valiant

Elimination Match 4: La Familia (EWF Tag Team Champions Rico Dynamite & Robbie Phoenix, Damien Arsenick, Tito Escondido, & Pinky Santino) v. Scorpio Sky, Willie Mack, & The A-List (Jeremy Jaeger, Roger Ruiz, & Liger Rivera)

Liger Rivera e. by Rico Dynamite w/ a Mule Kick, followed by a German Suplex

Pinky Santino e. by Jeremy Jaeger w/ the LeBell Lock submssion, but then got Jaeger counted out w/ intimidation tactics

Tito Escondido e. by Roger Ruiz w/ an Ace Crusher to counter a high spot attempt by Tito

Willie Mack e. by Robbie Phoenix w/ a Tornado DDT after walking the top rope, Undertaker-style

Roger Ruiz DQ’d for an alleged use of the chain to KO Damien Arsenick, ruled by Referee Christopher Lee

Scorpio Sky e. by Rico Dynamite w/ a team finisher from Robbie Phoenix & Damien Arsenick

Survivors: Rico Dynamite, Robbie Phoenix, & Damien Arsenick

M – Ultimate Surviror Match: Tommy Wilson, Freddy Bravo, Dave The Bruiser, Ein Idol, Rico Dynamite, Robbie Phoenix, & Damien Arsenick v. Johnny Starr, Mike Maze, SoCal Crazy, & Brandon Gatson

Dave The Bruiser e. by Mike Maze w/ a rollup

Ein Idol e. by Brandon Gatson w/ the Armbreaker submission

Robbie Phoenix e. by Johnny Starr w/ an Inside Cradle rollup

Rico Dynamite e. by SoCal Crazy w/ a rollup

SoCal Crazy e. by Tommy Wilson w/ the MegaKick

Freddy Bravo e. by Brandon Gatson w/ a Burning Hammer hold into a Neckbreaker

Damien Arsenick e. by Mike Maze w/ the Top Rope Elbow Drop

Mike Maze e. by Tommy Wilson w/ a rollup & a handful of tights, “revealing a full moon”

Johnny Starr was about to hit something bit on Tommy Wilson after, but got Superkicked..BY BRANDON GATSON! Brandon let Tommy Wilson get the pin to eliminate Johnny Starr, then walked out of the ring for some reason the fans don’t know about…yet.

Shot of the Night 12/09/2011 Gatson & Wilson

Sole Ultimate Survivor: “The Mega-King” Tommy Wilson

So it looks like Tommy Wilson could soon be adding the EWF Heavyweight Championship to his SCP Heavyweight title, and he could do it as early as the 1/6/2012 show in Covina. The feud between La Familia & The A-List could surely heat up, and what could happen between Tommy Wilson, Brandon Gatson, & Johnny Starr, is anyone’s guess. It does look like the EWF has something going as we move into 2012.