PWG Presents ”Holy Diver Down” On February 24, 2007!

By Silverback, PWG Staff Writer

Loma Linda, CA – While 2007 has already seen Human Tornado ascend to the top of the Pro Wrestling Guerrilla ( food chain, it has also seen a precipitous decline in the career of another PWG wrestler, Super Dragon. Dragon, who has been on a losing streak since late 2006, has had things turn for the worst when early on in his match at “Guitarmageddon II: Armoryageddon” this past weekend he suffered a broken ankle. Bouquets and Build-A-Bears have already been dispatched to Super Dragon Office, but this certainly threw a wrench in the plans of PWG Commissioner Dino Winwood, who had planned on a marquee match up for “Holy Diver Down” on February 24, 2007 at the Van Nuys Armory: Super Dragon vs. “The Man That Gravity Forgot” PAC. (For those fans who weren’t at All Star Weekend IV, PAC is the English aerial artist, not the Pacific Athletic Conference. Go Acorns. Or whatever Stanford’s mascot is.) Since Super Dragon’s string of bad luck prevented him from facing the high flyer from across the pond, this left the Commissioner with a tough decision; Who will face PAC on February 24?With the majority of the PWG roster already penciled in for matches on February 24, Commissioner Winwood was faced with unenviable task shuffling the entire card until Kevin Steen placed an international cellular telephone call. Steen, who was already slated to take on The Dynasty in a six-man tag team match at “Holy Diver Down,” told Dino he had the solution to all his problems: Mr. Wrestling. Steen suggested that he take on PAC on February 24, since he’d be giving the Commissioner a marquee match up for “Holy Diver Down,” and a chance to face a man who may the best high flyer in professional wrestling today. But who would take Steen’s place in the match with The Dynasty? Knowing that Commissioner Winwood still has an axe to grind with The Dynasty, Steen suggested a man who has been on a seemingly unstoppable roll as of late, Ronin. Dino took into account Ronin’s impressive 7-0 win-loss record since the 2006 Battle of Los Angeles, and the fact that head defeated The Dynasty’s Scott Lost this past weekend at “Guitarmageddon II: Armoryageddon,” and then decided that the RBTT2007BOLAT (Ronin’s Battle to the 2007 Battle of Los Angeles Tour) would be put on hold momentarily so that the Monster of Monrovia could contribute to the further destruction of The Dynasty.

What else will be taking place at “Holy Diver Down” on Saturday, February 24, 2007 at the Van Nuys Armory in Van Nuys, CA? Glad you asked! “Holy Diver Down” will feature:

Special Attraction Match
“The Man That Gravity Forgot” PAC vs. “Mr. Wrestling” Kevin Steen

PWG World Tag Team Championship Match
Cape Fear (El Generico & Quicksilver) (c) vs. The Motor City Machine Guns (Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley)

— In October of last year at “Self-Titled,” these two teams met in a match that many fans considered to be one of the best tag team matches of 2006, a match which saw the team of Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley come away with a victory. Fast forward a few months to February, 2007 and Cape Fear, the team that was defeated in October, are PWG World Tag Team Champions. Now, if you were part of the the oft touted, rarely defended ZERO1-MAX International Lightweight Tag Champions, wouldn’t you think that since you’ve already defeated these guys once, you could easily beat them again, win another set of titles, and never defend those either? Well, that’s exactly what went through the heads of Sabin & Shelley, who requested a shot at the PWG World Tag Team Titles, citing their previous victory over the champions as merit enough for a chance at the belt. Some may think El Generico & Quicksilver would not want to put their titles on the line against a team that has already bested them once, but those that think that way aren’t PWG World Tag Team Champions, are they? With an opportunity to avenge a past loss, as well as continuing to forge their reputation as fighting champions, Cape Fear accepted the match, and must now prove that they have grown as a tag team since “Self-Titled.”

Six-Man Tag Team Battle
The Dynasty (“Photogenic” Chris Bosh, “The Professional” Scott Lost, & Joey Ryan) vs. Ronin, Taliban Talwar, & PWG World Champion Human Tornado

— At PWG’s third anniversary show, “Threemendous,” former PWG World Champion Joey Ryan attacked Top Gun Talwar immediately after his match, injuring him so severely that he took the 42-hour Medivac Helicopter journey to India where he was the recipient of a baboon heart transplant. Bed ridden for months, when Talwar was finally discharged from the hospital he was determined to stretch his legs, and began to walk. Much like the legend of American literature Forrest Gump, Talwar walked with little regard to where his feet were taking him, and after some time found himself in a decidedly hilly area of Pakistan populated by men with a great propensity for Kalashnikov rifles. After a little explaining and quite a few “God Dammits,” Talwar was able to convince these men that he was not, in fact, a spy of the American government, but simply a man without direction his life. After his experimental heart surgery, Talwar thought for sure his wrestling days were behind him, and that his future lied somewhere in Indochina. However, that was not the case, since Talwar found himself in the midst of a tribal struggle between men who were on the run from self-appointed Pakistani leader Pervez “Perv” Musharraf. Talwar was forced to rely on his grappling skill to first defend himself, then to ultimately take control and unite the tribes of Eastern Pakistan. After teaching the members of his adopted tribe the art of the Chipotle and Diving Shoulder Tackle, along with a quick and easy way to stay awake and super alert for 28 hours straight, Talwar decided it was time to return to America to first settle some old scores, then to rally support for the opposition of Musharraf. Adopting the name of the united tribes of Pakistan, Taliban Talwar returns to PWG to act upon the fatwa requiring the eradication of Joey Ryan and The Dynasty from PWG.

While not quite as globe trotting, the history of Human Tornado and Joey Ryan also goes back to “Threemendous,” where Tornado interjected himself in Joey Ryan’s steel cage match, and despite winning the match, Joey never forgot Tornado’s interference. In the following months, Tornado and Ryan’s rivalry reached a fevered pitch, ultimately ending in the brutal Guerrilla Warfare match at “Based On A True Story” which saw Tornado crowned the first new Pro Wrestling Guerrilla World Champion in over a year. Joey Ryan, unused to the PWG World Title resting in the hands of another man, enlisted the help of The Dynasty stable-mates Chris Bosh and Scott Lost to interfere in Tornado’s title match at “Guitarmageddon II: Armoryageddon,” allowing Tornado to retain the title and immediately defend it against Joey Ryan, who called in his “Any Time, Any Where” title rematch clause. Even though Tornado was once again victorious in the encounter, the champ remarked he would never tire of “kicking Joey’s ass,” so PWG Commissioner Dino Winwood has given him another opportunity at “Holy Diver Down,” where Human Tornado, along with Taliban Talwar and “The Monster of Monrovia” Ronin, will do battle with Joey Ryan, Chris Bosh, and Scott Lost, The Dynasty.

Chapeau Challenge Match
Karl “Machine Gun” Anderson vs. “The Future” Frankie Kazarian

Homecoming Match – Teacher vs. Student
TJ Perkins vs. “Havana Pitbull” Ricky Reyes

Best 2-out-of-3 Series Finale
Disco Machine vs. Bino Gambino

Plus PWG Commissioner Dino Winwood will be on hand to oversee the action!

For fans who went hungry during “Guitarmageddon II: Armoryageddon” this past weekend, you will be happy to know that Mama Talwar’s Concession Stand will be serving up delectable delicacies on Saturday, February 24, 2007 at “Holy Diver Down!”

Pro Wrestling Guerrilla’s “Holy Diver Down” takes place at the Van Nuys Armory on Saturday, February 24, 2007 at 8:00PM. The Van Nuys Armory is located at 17330 Victory Blvd., Van Nuys, CA 91496. Tickets are $20 each, and will be available at the door. For more information, please visit