“We the people, the occupiers of atoms collected by thoughts
of eternal benevolence, hereby reject any law or authority that
utilizes borders”

– Corporate Avenger

    Uncensored. You hear that word so much, but is it ever really true? MTV Uncensored covered boobies with black outs and bleeped bad words. DDP could say “shit” on WCW Live all he wanted to.  When someone said it in the chat room, they were booted. I’m sick of censoring the uncensored. Steve is sick of not having a place to chat with SoCal fans. So, myself, the voice, and Steve, the talent, put our heads together.

   SocalUncensored.com is our love child (OK OK OK, so it isn’t our love child, but it’s probably the bastard son of some chick we double-teamed). A totally uncensored web site, all the way around. Your opinions, as well as ours, will be HEARD! No moving posts to a special board, no bullshit censoring in our chat room, and no endless shilling of ourselves as heroes. We are here for YOU, the Socal fan. If it has to do with wrestling and California, prepare to see it here. WWF, WCW, ECW or indy, this WILL be the place to talk about it freely.

Free expression: it’s not a privilege, its a fucking right. You don’t have to kiss ass to avoid being censored. All we ask is you don’t act like an asshole, or you will be treated like an asshole. As for the workers reading this, don’t worry. I am not Dave Meltzer. This is not a dirt sheet. If I caught Samoa Joe in the back of his car banging three chicks and a donkey at the same time, you would not hear about it on this site. If Sabu signs a WWF deal, and wants it kept quiet, it will NOT be here.

This is not a place to expose the business.  The other sites do enough of it already. By the way, don’t be a pussy. Stand behind what you say. If you are a worker and you want to tell-all on our message board or chat room, have the balls to say who you are. We may or may not agree with you, but you have the right to say it. That goes for fans too.

Welcome to SocalUncensored.com. We are not a news site. We do not put ourselves over as better than anyone else. We are not Socal-Wrestling.com or CAwrestling.com (no diss to either site. They’re great sites. I’m just saying this is something totally different). SocalUncensored.com is here for you, the fans, the workers and the lovers of wrestling in Southern California and around the world.

Ya jack?

Mr Hill, the voice of SocalUncensored.com