Interview with the “American Rebel” Jake Rennels

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IMG_20151222_103721TW: When did you make up your mind that the wrestling business was something you wanted to get into and how did you get your first break?

AR: The first time I ever went to a WPW show had to be the time I made up my mind. Yes, I wanted to before but I never really thought that I would. I had taken time to think about going to the EWF’s school but that was just too far away and I didn’t have the cash at the time. But when I went to my first WPW show you could kind of say I saw the light. The Reds, Genio, Kyle Haystack were all there. And after seeing them and even Chris Daniels I knew what I wanted. The price and location were right and the style was just perfect.

TW: Who were you trained by?

AR: I was trained by my best friend and boss “El Genio.” Also known to some as Martin Martin. And since he was trained by the great Doctor Wagner Sr. its almost like I was trained by him in a sense.

TW: When did you make your pro debut and who did you face?

AR: I made my debut in early November of 98 after what I would say was 8 months of training every single day. And that is a lot compared to most of the workers out there today. But anyway…I wrestled in a gimmicked Halloween match. I tagged as Frankenstein along with the Hunchback (El Angel Del Mazatlan) to face Michael Myers and Dracula (Shannon and Shane Ballard). It had to be my worst match. Not because it was a bad match. But because I was wearing a rubber mask that had absolutely no air holes in it. By the time I got to the ring I was sweating to death.

TW: What wrestlers have influenced you?

AR: A lot of wrestlers have influenced me throughout the years. But the biggest influences would have to be Jake Roberts, Hijo Del Santo, Perro Aguayo & Ice King. All four of these guys are awesome heels and faces. They work well in any situation.

TW: How would you describe The American Rebel to those who have not seen you in the ring?

AR: I consider myself to be the real luchador when it comes to the American indy scene in SoCal. No matter how much a certain someone thinks he is. I know I am. I may not do a gang of ranas. But I am still the “Great White Lucha.”

TW: How did you come up with the idea for the heel stable WPR and do you wish it lasted longer?

AR: I didn’t come up with the idea for WPR. I didn’t even start WPR. I actually hadn’t even thought about wrestling when the WPR came into play. The Rebels were started by Matt Sinister. And as time went on the faces in it changed and I eventually became the lead horse. But as for wishing it would have lasted longer of course I do. It was a great thing. But hey you never know. I can’t be the “good guy” for the rest of my life. And once your a Rebel your always a Rebel.

AC: Most people are well aware of your past with comedic wrestler extraordinare, Dan Faviano. Now you two are predominant members of opposing factions, any thoughts on that? Or Dan Faviano in general?

AR: Danny is a good man and good friend whichever route he chooses to take in his life I will respect him for that. It is as simple as that.

TW: What was it like getting your first title match against Cholo?

AR: Its not so much getting the title shot that means much to me at least. Its more what I did to get it that means something. I won WPW’s 35 man over the top “Rey Del Ring” battle royal. That was the real honor. And it turned a lot of heads when it happened too. There where a lot of people who were not expecting it. But hey what can I say. It just happened. It was one of the greatest things I ever received.

TW: You feuded with Hardkore Kidd for a while, what are your thoughts on him?

AR: If you know me then you know how I feel. If you don’t then you can only read things into it. Aaron in my business opinion is just another worker that’s all nothing more nothing less. But in my personal opinion he is something much, much different.

TW: What kind of places have you traveled to while wrestling?

AR: Well thanks to Martin Marin and the rest of the WPW family I have had the privilege to work a great many places in my extremely short career. I have already been to Mexico which was a great honor because it was there that I met Ray Mendoza. The head of the CMMLL commission and father to the Villano brothers. I have also gotten to work throughout Southern & Northern California. Along with Arizona. I would say for have only been wrestling for ten months that’s pretty good.

TW: What was it like turning face for the first time and starting Team WPW-4-Life?

AR: Just another day really. It wasn’t until the big Perro Aguayo show that I felt what being a face was really like.

TW: What was it like being featured in mainstream publications such as the Sports Illustrated article as well as the cover piece for the Orange County Register?

AR: Honestly both where a real surprise to me. I had no idea that I was going to be in SI until a reporter called me at home just to make sure they had the facts right. I knew that they where at the show but I never thought that I would be a part of the article. Even when they interviewed me. Then when I found out that at least 70% of the article was about me I was amazed. But know I can say that many have heard the name of the Rebel.

TW: Who is your favorite opponent to work with?

AR: I have gotten to work with many great workers. I have been with the likes of the Haystacks, Cholo, Maldad, and even APW’s Boyce LeGrande and Vinny Massaro. But I would say my favorite opponent would have to be Rage aka Shane Ballard. I know when I am in the ring with him the match is almost guaranteed to be a memorable one.

AC: Finally, we here at SoCal Wrestling would like to thank you for granting this interview. It is truly appreciated. Anything you would like to say in closing?

AR: Thank you Adair, Adam & Tom for choosing me to do this. It is a huge honor. But in closing…WPW 4-Life its not just a gimmick…Its a way of life!  LUCHA F’N LIBRE POR VIDA!