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American Dragon Interview

American Dragon interview by Joshua Shibata & Mr. Hill At EPIC’s inaugural show, International Collision, Joshua Shibata & Mr. Hill had the opportunity to sit down and interview the APW 2001 King of the Indies winner and APW Head Trainer, American Dragon. American Dragon talked about training with Shawn Michaels, his WWF developmental contract, the […]

One Last Time

I guess it’s time to follow suit. Just like Adair Cole and Adam Marantz left their spots as journalists in this scene, I think it’s time for one more to throw in the towel, hang up the keyboard, and give one final goodbye to the scene. My reason for leaving is simple: I was a […]

Messiah interview

Messiah interview by Cal Manska & Lonnie Hill  Just recently, the rumors of the Messiah being fired from XPW for having a love affair with Lizzy Borden soon spread all over the Internet. He contacted Cal Manska and Kfir Hezroni from, telling them it was false, and giving them his number to do some sort of interview. Luckily, […]

El Gallinero interview

El Gaillenero interview by Jason McCord & Mr. Hill  In this interview, Mr. Hill and Jason McCord take turns asking the questions about the man behind the mask in El Gaillenero. He will talk about why he got into wrestling, and will give opinions on certain SoCal indy wrestlers. He will also talk about his relationship with Revolution Pro. […]

Supreme Disgust

“This pain in my stomach Won’t go away I assume this is punishment For the mistakes I’ve made In a world where my actions Speak louder than words I know more people than ever before One lesson I’ve learned from it all Fortune and fame are disguised as your friend Cause I’m lonelier now than […]


The summer has hit full swing. The sun is hotter, the girls are wearing less clothing, school is out, and wrestling…well, that remains to be seen. June is always the transition month, as the summer never really begins for me until my annual visit to the Warped Tour. I believe this works the same way […]

End of an Era

Before I go into my subject matter, I just want to thank everyone for supporting the site. We are already well past 2000 hits a day. Thanks for keeping it Uncensored, and make sure to keep checking the site out. The sky is the limit and the future is ours. Now, onto sadder times. In […]

Is Vince Retarded?

Is Vince McMahon retarded? I know, I know, Vince is God, Vince started everything, Hogan, Austin, all Vince’s idea. Yes, Vince indeed gets credit for being the guru of professional wrestling that he is. But is that once great wrestling mind gone? If you can’t tell already, I’m fuming about the heel turn of “Stone […]


I could sit here and write my first column about UPW’s new five day rule, or about how lame’s message board has become, or WWF buying WCW, but all these topics seem beat to death. As opposed to sitting here and giving some lame fucking analysis of a local indy show, or discussing how […]