Is Vince Retarded?

Is Vince McMahon retarded?

I know, I know, Vince is God, Vince started everything, Hogan, Austin, all Vince’s idea. Yes, Vince indeed gets credit for being the guru of professional wrestling that he is.

But is that once great wrestling mind gone? If you can’t tell already, I’m fuming about the heel turn of “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. For one thing, I now have to spend the next few months watching the Rock be the number one guy. I’m sorry, but the Rock never was, and never will be, the number one guy. Triple H carried him while Austin was gone, who’s going to carry him now? The Rock doesn’t have the in-ring ability to be number one. If you’ve heard his promos lately, you’d realize he’s not the best at writing lines behind the stick either (great delivery, repetitive lines). This, however, is not the worst of it.

Could the worst be the sloppy way they turned him? Instead of the turn being surprising, it was drawn out. The best way to turn Austin would have been the sudden and shocking way. Instead, everything was made too damned predictable. Why not have Vince smack the Rock with a chair, and have a baffled Austin pin Rocky, only for that false look of confusion to turn to laughter after he wins the belt? That’s using the element of surprise. However, not even THAT is the worst of it.

The worst part about this whole thing is that WWF has taken six years of work they’ve put into “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and put it in the trash. Who can forget Wrestlemania 13, when Austin was locked in the sharpshooter for almost five minutes, blood gushing from his forehead, and never tapped out. At RAW on Monday, Austin tapped out to a sharpshooter from the Rock. How weak does that make Austin look? The Stone Cold Stunner was considered the strongest move in wrestling. After having the shit smacked out of him with chairs, the Rock still managed to kick out of the stunner at Wrestlemania. By doing that, the WWF has killed the move. In two days, Austin has gone from a bad ass who never gives up to a bitch who needs help to win.

One thing I’ve always known is that the best heels don’t need help to win. It pisses people off to see their heroes being knocked off by a guy they despise. Look at what pinning Mick Foley did for Triple H. That way, when someone beat Triple H, it meant something. “Stone Cold” was the strongest face in the game. Why not make him the strongest heel in the game? That way, when someone like the Rock does pin him, it will be worth a shit. Don’t you remember the old Transformers? Megatron wasn’t just a pussy bad guy, he was a legitimate bad ass who stomped all over the Transformers. The only Transformer who could beat him was Optimus Prime. Shouldn’t the same rules apply to wrestling? (and if you’ve ever seen the Transformers movie, Megatron actually kills Optimus Prime. He gets his ass killed later though, but it’s more special because he is seemingly unbeatable).

Six fucking years of buildup destroyed in two days. I’ve seen Vince McMahon come up with some stupid shit, but not even the Red Rooster is as bad as the new bitch version of “Stone Cold” Steve Austin.