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Underground Empire Wrestling Presents “Passage 2 Pain”in Los Angeles, ca

Underground Empire Wrestling returns to East LA at the UEW 3-21-15 FlyerUnderground Auditorium Saturday, March 21st, 2015 with “PASSAGE 2 PAIN”!!!

Matches announced:

*Underground Main Event: JD Horror vs BC Killer in a NO ROPE… BARBED WIRE… TAIPEI… DEATH MATCH!!!

* Underground Empire Wrestling Heavyweight Championship match: “The Metalhead Maniac” Sledge w/ Dino Winwood vs “The King of NO Rules” Gabriel Gallo

* Underground Empire Wrestling Eastern Pacific Championship match: “The Longest Reigning Champion of the Modern Era” Mike Rayne vs “The Urban Juggernaut” Sean Black

Plus More!!!!!!

Front Row $15

Gen Ad $12

UEW “F the World” in Los Angeles

Underground Empire Wrestling “UEW” will be having their 1st UEW 2-21-15 flyer 2show at their new UEW Arena on Saturday Feb 21st at 7p

UEW Tag Team Championship:
“Hip Hop” Harry Henderson & Christian Saint (c)
Urban Discipline (Max Ammo & Jimi Mayhem w/Diskord)

Triple Threat Match for the UEW Eastern Pacific Championship:
Mike Rayne (c) vs “Hatebreed” Ricky Barerra vs “The Urban Juggernaut” Sean Black

4 Corners Death Match:
“The Vandal” Andre Verdun vs BC Killer vs Insaniac vs JD Horror

Sage Sin Supreme Vs ????

Daniel Torch vs Kris Kadillak

You can purchase tixs at: http://www.uewwrestling.com/

UEW “Brutal Breed” in Sun Valley, Ca

Underground Empire Wrestling returns for the 1st show of 2015 UEW 1-31-15 flyeron Saturday, January 31st at 7p

Main Event
Chain Link Strap Match:
BC Killer vs JD Horror

UEW Tag Team Championship:
Christian Saint & Henry Henderson (c)
Urban Discipline (Jimi Mayhem & Max Ammo)

Daniel Torch vs Steven Andrews

Carnage vs Red Bat

“The Urban Juggernaut” Sean Black vs Johnny Saovi

Mikey O’Shea vs “Hatebreed” Ricky Barrera

Current UEW Heavyweight Champion Bobby Hart was given 60 days, as per a contract negotiated by Dino Winwood, to answer Sledge’s challenge. Saturday, January 31st, 2015 Bobby Hart must compete against Sledge or forfeit the title and hand it over to Winwood. Hart, sidelined with a knee injury will not be medically cleared on January 31st, but injuries have not stopped the champ in the past. Will Hart show up to go one-on-one with Sledge, or will he hand over the title and continue his rehab as the doctors wish??

More matches to be announced soon!

Can purchase tix online at: http://www.uewwrestling.com/

UEW “W3C” in Los Angeles, Ca

Underground Empire Wrestling returns on Saturday, NovemberUEW 11-22-14 flyer 3 22nd for the West Coast Cruiser Cup tournament event!

Entrants for the W3C Cup are:
The Human Tornado
“The Pumpkin Queen” Sage Sin Supreme
“Hatebreed” Ricky Barrera
Johnny Savoi
Daniel Torch
Bobby Rios
“The High Flying Sensation” Steven Andrews
“Charming” Biagio Crescenzo

UEW Eastern Pacific Championship:
Mike Rayne (c) vs JD Horror

You can purchase tixs now at: http://www.uewwrestling.com/

UEW “Fatal Frontlines” in Sun Valley, Ca

UEW returns to the VFW in Sun Valley, ca on Saturday, UEW 9-13-14 flyer 3September 13th for a night a Hardcore action!

Main Event Deathmatch:
CJay Kurz vs Supreme

UEW Eastern Pacific Championship:
Mike Rayne (c) vs “The Urban Juggernaut” Sean Black

Triple Threat Elimination Match:
Daniel Torch vs El Ridiculoso vs “Hatebreed” Ricky Barrera

Deathmatch Rematch:
Mr. California vs “The Vandel” Andre Verdun

Who will Dino Winwood bring in to try to dethrone UEW Champion Bobby Hart?
More matches to be announced soon!

UEW “March of the Damned” in Sun Valley, Ca

Underground Empire Wrestling (UEW) presents: “MARCH OFUEW 8-2-14 flyer THE DAMNED” in Sun Valley, CA on August 2nd!!!

The UEW Tag Team tournament begins!

UEW Eastern Pacific Championship:
Mike Rayne (c) vs Jacob “The Riot” Diez

Hoss Hogg vs Daniel Torch

Christina Von Eerie vs NY Knockout

“Hatebreed” Ricky Barrera vs “The New Age Punisher” B-Boy

Christian Saint will answer for his actions at Empire Rising when the fan he attacked “HipHop” Harry Henderson is granted a one on one match in which UEW will not be held liable for anything that happens to either competitor!!!

“The Axe Murderer” Bobby Hart issues an open challenge for his UEW Heavyweight Championship which is not limited to the UEW roster!!!

The Supreme Family being threaten??

Plus More!

Tickets on sale now at www.uewwrestling.com and will be available at the door!!! #TheThreatIsReal

UEW “Empire Rising” in Sun Valley, Ca

So Cal fans, get ready for Underground Empire Wrestling UEW 7-12-14 flyer 2“Empire Rising” on Saturday, July 12th
Underground Empire Wrestling (UEW) presents “EMPIRE RISING” in Los Angeles, CA. The show will feature a grudge match in which UEW’s ‘Human Horror Film’ SUPREME takes on Bestia 666 (son of Damién 666) from Tijuana, Mexico! Bobby Hart will defend the UEW Heavyweight championship title, along with many more technical, high-flying, and hard-core wrestling matches that has made UEW wrestling without boundaries! For more information visit us on the internet at either UEWwrestling.com or on Facebook at Facebook.com/UndergroundEmpireWrestling