October 2001 Rankings

After finishing second the last several months, B-Boy has been named October’s wrestler of the month. B-Boy defeating Funky Billy Kim at October 17th’s UPW show was named match of the month, and UPW was named promotion of the month. 

August 2001 Rankings

Ricky Reyes has been named August’s wrestler of the month. Disco Machine and Mr. Excitement defeating Los Cubanitos at August 18th’s Rev Pro show was named match of the month. 

July 2001 Rankings

Matches Rising Son over Super Dragon 14 July            Rev Pro                          20 (4) Super Dragon and Low-Ki draw 28 July            MPW                              19 (1) B-Boy over Rising Son and Excalibur 28 July            MPW                              17 Lost Boys over G.A.Y….

June 2001 Rankings

Matches Excalibur over Super Dragon 02 June          Rev Pro                          24 (4) Manilla Thrillaz over The Lost Boyz 26 June          UPW                               20 (1) Super Dragon over Rising Son 23 June          Rev Pro                          13 Evolution over Los Cubanitos…

May 2001 Rankings

Matches Super Dragon over Rising Son – 19 May – MPW Super Dragon & Excalibur over Rising Son & Ultra Taro Jr. – 26 May – XPW Kid Kaos over White Trash Johnny Webb – 26 May  – XPW Dynamite…

April 2001 Rankings

Super Dragon defeating Excalibur at April 27th’s Rev Pro show has been named match of the month and Super Dragon was April’s wrestler of the month. Also, Rev Pro was named promotion of the month. 

March 2001 Rankings

“The Future” Frankie Kazarian was named wrestler of the month for March and his match with Adam Pearce and Christopher Daniels from March 10th’s MPW show has been selected as match of the month. XPW was named promotion of the…