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2011 SoCal Year End Awards

Promotion of the Year Pro Wrestling Guerrilla -Runner-up: Insane Wrestling League Wrestler of the Year Kevin Steen -Runner-up: Scorpio Sky Most Outstanding Wrestler Scorpio Sky -Runner-up: Akira Tozawa Tag Team of the Year RockNES Monsters -Runner-up: The Young Bucks Rookie of the Year Duke -Runner-up: Angel Lopez Match of the Year Super Dragon/Kevin Steen vs. […]

July 2001 Rankings

Matches Rising Son over Super Dragon 14 July            Rev Pro                          20 (4) Super Dragon and Low-Ki draw 28 July            MPW                              19 (1) B-Boy over Rising Son and Excalibur 28 July            MPW                              17 Lost Boys over G.A.Y. 28 July            MPW                              7 Kaos over Supreme 07 July            XPW                                4 Messiah over Sabu […]

June 2001 Rankings

Matches Excalibur over Super Dragon 02 June          Rev Pro                          24 (4) Manilla Thrillaz over The Lost Boyz 26 June          UPW                               20 (1) Super Dragon over Rising Son 23 June          Rev Pro                          13 Evolution over Los Cubanitos 26 June          UPW                               8 Mike Modest & Donovan Morgan over The Ballard Bros. 26 June […]