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Sebastian Cruz

“The Coqui Kid” Sebastian Cruz

“The Coqui Kid” Sebastian Cruz Other Nicknames: “The Puerto Rican Prodigy” Slogan: “¡WEPA!” Notable Championships: Bodyslam Wrestling Organization World Champion Liberty Wrestling Organization National Champion, WXW C4 Hybrid Champion AIWF (Allied Independent Wrestling Federation) World Tag Team Champion Training: Wild Samoans in both branches with Afa the Wild Samoan in Florida and his son Samu […]

Modern Day Hero Kevin Douglas

“Modern Day Hero” Kevin Douglas

“The Modern Day Hero” Kevin Douglas Other Nicknames: “Pound for Pound Best in the World” Slogan: I do what I do “FOR THE PEOPLE!!” Notable Championships: NWA World Jr. Heavyweight Champion (10/8/2011- 10/13/2012 98th Champion; 10th Longest Reign All Time) Training: The Doggpound Pro Wrestling School with: Rodney Mack (WWE), Jazz (WWE Womens Champion x […]